77124) Which class would you pick?

Number of voters: 119
* a) ppAssassin
Number of votes: 25 (21%)
* b) ppArcanist
Number of votes: 10 (8%)
* c) ppBerserker
Number of votes: 5 (4%)
* d) ppDefender
Number of votes: 9 (8%)
* e) ppKensai
Number of votes: 11 (9%)
* f) ppKnight
Number of votes: 8 (7%)
* g) ppShaman
Number of votes: 22 (18%)
* h) ppRanger
Number of votes: 29 (24%)

2009-11-27 [Evolution X]: Since my characters change from time to time, rather rapidly, it is hard for me to pin down which one I like most... but I would like to play a berserker.

2009-11-27 [Andrei]: after i get about 100 votes in (maybe in like 30 years i dunno :P) i'm gonna write up my impressions about this whole affair :P poor kensai, not being chosen at all :D but so far, i'm quite content with the voting- seems evenly distributed enough to make sense

2009-11-27 [Evolution X]: I honestly just like the idea of running forward and battering something to death with my forehead. I have a feeling I wouldn't... aim so much as clear a path.

2009-11-27 [Andrei]: well i'm gonna try to get that exact feeling into it- basically by increasing your cahracter's speed while enraged- maybe even some choice animations, maybe some red tinting, tunnel vision- for the visual effect... but that's way down the line

2009-11-28 [Yncke]: Arcanist. Because the world needs more engineers. *grin* (And at the same time, I am lousy at playing casters so there'd better be some building to be done in your game. ;)

2009-11-28 [organicparadox]: ranger for me.

2009-11-28 [Andrei]: @yncke while making the arcanist i had to take extra special care not to give him any melee weapon capacity, he would have leaned too much on the jedi side that way ;) wouldn't wanna steal lucas's bread now- he's making it much too easy as of late

2009-11-30 [trinityfairy]: Shaman :)

2009-11-30 [~*~Dread Pirate Bonnie~*~]: Caster all the way! WOO DPS! FTW!

2009-11-30 [AccountKiller]: Kensai will be good enough, they are a utility role, able to fight and defend with blade, and in some cases cast spells if you're trained properly. But it takes a special kind of Role player to use it.

2009-12-04 [Accio]: choice: *other*

2009-12-04 [Evolution X]: strange, even though the ranger has 20 votes, it's got the least acutal stats

2009-12-04 [BarleySinger]: I try to expand my own boundaries by playing people who are nothing at all like me. I also do the same (occasionally) with pre-generated characters for people who I KNOW would do well with a given character type but who would NEVER pick it.

2009-12-05 [Andrei]: @evolution X- FINISHED THE RANGERR!!! WOOO
gona go to a corner and die now, it took like 4 hours to do, mainly cos of wiki bugs, backspace and a random power fail o.0

2009-12-09 [King Conan]: class? there is a world of conflict right outside your front door - go fight fo real. . . Im drunk.

2009-12-09 [Andrei]: fighting for real won't involve battle-axes and shields, rather the interests of fat bald ppl in suits and being blown to pieces by aircraft i wouldn't be able to see. go fight for real if you want, i'm designing a game here ;P

2009-12-17 [Andrei]: well 100-ish votes are voted :0 thank you everyone who read/scanned/skimmed/assumed my class concepts and spent some of their time :) 

2009-12-19 [Accio]: <- 100

2009-12-25 [Andrei]: gg acio on numero 100 ^^

2009-12-29 [Accio]: [[:

2010-01-22 [organicparadox]: Thanks for sharing your creative ideas and engaging the community. Its hard for me to do that, and encouraging when i see others do it and succeed. great ideas, class balance, and still nice twists on classic archetypes. much love

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