76812) Believers Managment Badges: (Poll is inactive)

Number of voters: 24
* a) <img:http://www.elftown.com/stuff/managment.gif?y=0&x=200> Done By:[Mom]
Number of votes: 4 (17%)
* b) <img:http://www.elftown.com/stuff/BelieversInElftown-Management_v1.png> Done By: [Artsieladie]
Number of votes: 5 (21%)
* c) <img:http://www.elftown.com/stuff/BelieversInElftown-Management_v2.png> Done By: [Artsieladie]
Number of votes: 14 (58%)
* d) <img:stuff/z/186536/I%2520believe%2520Badge%2520Contest%2520Entry/i1227608142_5.gif> Done By:[LynnAnneBrown]
Number of votes: 1 (4%)

2008-12-28 [Love and Chaos]: Winner: Entry C. Done by Artsie Lady

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