71816) ...the door to the ranch had broken off it's hinges when the person trying to exit had slammed it opened. It was the girl's uncle. He had come to visit. The girl scrambled over the fence and stood by Durango's flank. She didn't like her uncle. He glared at her and stormed over. "What're you doing out here?" he yelled at her, his slurred voice inditcating that he was drunk. "Just talking to Durango..." she said, hoping he would go away. He glared at her than squinted at the horse. He stepped closer and rested his hand on the fence, opening his mouth to speak "That..."

Number of voters: 11
* a) "...d@mn horse," he slurred. "Why John ever bought you that thing..." The girl backed off, Durango with her. her arms were wrapped tightly around the horse's neck. John was her father. "Daddy bought Durango for my birthday. He's not a thing, he's a horse!" she said defensively, her love for Durango making her braver. "I take care of him. it teaches me responsibility." Her uncle glared at her.
Number of votes: 2 (18%)
* b) "...thing should be shot. Whatever possessed John to buy him is beyond me. He spoils you. If you were my kid..." he trailed off, swaying slightly as he gripped the fence rail. "Du..Durango teaches me responsibility," she said, backing away from him so that her hand was resting on Durango's side. Her uncle looked up with a glare. "I'd teach you responsibility...but not by buying you a horse."
Number of votes: 3 (27%)
* c) "...stupid thing is all you ever notice," he said complainingly, leaning against the fence, arms folded on the top bar. "You're eighteen now. You shouldn't be spending all your time with that stupid horse. You should be interested in boys, not that raggedy thing." She didn't like the way he was looking at her. There was a large age difference between her father and her uncle, placing him about five years older than her. And she didn't like the way he was treating her on his recent visits. She shrugged. "I don't like boys. I like horses."
Number of votes: 6 (55%)

2010-02-20 [Lady Arrianya]: all three of them are good

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