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The Vampire Armand (I miss you, Louie. )

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Name: Amadeo de Romanus

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I am a person of revolution that can't leave this site if it were to be the death of him. I am Immortal, surely this is a lesson I have learned? We are all very much alone in Immortality, very very much alone. I am sorry if I have hurt you all. But I cannot help everyone and everything, I may be a 'vampire' However....I do have feelings and my actions are result of them...I suppose..I am asking for forgiveness? I don't think so. I did everything on my own. I did it purposely, I meant to leave, and am now finding that I can't. You have all become a bit of a second family to me, but what I will not do is get so invovled with you as I did.

 I am Armand, the child vampire, the creation of my wonderful Red Velvet Marius de Romanus. Renassaince is that of my existance, and forever will be. I am a heartless little thing at times, sometimes caring for noone but myself. Make me yours, play with me while I am still here and bound by you all. Fair warning, I am fragile and will break when dropped. I can be rude and often times sarcastic, and alot of the times I say things I do not mean....especialy to those I love. I often wonder if perhaps I do mean them?

 As for a physical descritption...I am a bit short unfortunately, about five foot seven. I have wavy curled auburn hair that reaches a bit past my shoulders,unless I have cut it or the evening. I have light red-brown eyes and yes of course, pale skin. I am not small in weight...nor am I large, I am a middle weight. I suppose that is all you need to know yes?Until later a time when I can think of other things for posting, I bid you a goodnight.
 The Vampire Armand~

[I am not here to sit here and try to make you children believe in me, but this is who I am. This is what I am. I was once Andrei (my given mortal name) I am Amadeo de Romanus, and to this day known to most as Armand. I am an Immortal, a vampire, whatever the known word for my kind is these days. I am merely myself. If the world doesn't like it then the world doesn't have to like it. All I ask is that if you are one of the many who do not believe in me, please, KINDLY KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES. I do not have time to block you children that come up to me telling me that I am either not an immortal or that I am not who I say I am. I am tired of it. And you will be reported. It is horribly bad character for you to lash out at me because either you do not understand, do not believe, or perhaps are even wishing you are what I am. I won't tolerate it. I will treat you with respect, I expect you to do the same to me.]

[A new note of late I feel that needs to be expressed is that I will not talk to you if you are under the age of sixteen. The reason being that you children simply are not mature enough to handle a well spoken conversation, and generally use mental dissabilities as an excuse for immaturity. I have had it with trying to understand you under that age, and really I should set the limit higher. So, with that being said, do NOT message me if you are under sixteen and can not carry on a good conversation. This also goes for grammar, do not say 'what's up' or any of those rediculous slang terms that you modern dears use. I will not stand for it, and will gladly block you. Thank you for your time.]

The following selections are works I have done with others, in order by Author. Think of it as a library. [And let me make something very clear, none of these are yet edited, they are here for reading and there's a strong chance they will never be eidted. Either like it or not. Don't point the errors out, it will only cause trouble. They are known.]


[~noctis lingua~]

Woodland Trouble

Whitehollow Acadamy For Boys

Fettered Freedom

Falling Intentions




plastic soul

redfield curiosity and apothecary

tea and silk

the wizard's captive


Playing With Knives


Capere 2

lust and Missions

red addiction


Dangerous Admiration 

Don't Kiss and Tell 

Imprisoned Hearts

Family Ties

[Felix Minot]

Story Page

The Unnamed Feeling



Of Fire and Feathers

stray emotion


[Monochromatic Sight]

Conflict and prejudice
[The Stories I Have Done By Myself]

Amori Alistaireque

Bad Habit

Take the Reign
Merry Christmas, Master

New Year's Day

cadere girare

repitition of a dream

[Anyone wanting to roleplay with me, for any story I am letting you know now that my work is only genred around male on male eroticy (known better to you younger children as 'yaoi'- the Japanese term for such a thing), and at the least Mature rating and up. Nothing less. And please at least try to have a character set up so I know what to do with my own characters. And special note: I haven't yet edited hardly any of these writings So mistakes are quite the bit.I have also been requested by][Rashemi - Vorien - Augier][to let you all know that if you are wanting to have a roleplay him in it (which rarely happens) that you ask him because he feels that I would say yes without his consent. And another note][Ami_Amore][is often used in my roleplays, if you need using him then it should be requested not only from me but from he himself. Yes, I do tend to use my companions in my roleplays. Another thing, yes, everything here is copyrighted to me except for any Final Fantasy characters or places etc in which I might use at a request from one of you, and I would rather none of you be in trouble, so be nice and don't steal my loving dears in my writings, especially if they are my loving friends.]

[Special note: I am looking always for more roleplayers and writers. My favorite things thus far of late to write are anything you can come up with that is original. Do feel free to send me a request have you one. I will also have it known that I am obviously open enough to write on incest, and just as I write such things as Harry Potter, and Final Fantasy fictions they are normally at requests of others, and not a showing of lower level of intelligence or emersion in to the mortal culture. I will write with you on almost anything as long as it is nothing involving male on female intimacy,nor woman on woman; I am a man who loves other men, and forgive me, but as my orientation disturbs most, so does yours; but don't let that discourage you, I have nothing wrong with the straight community, I myself used to be bi-sexual at one point. Alas, that changed. Now, with that said I may finally be finished editing this page. I encourage you to send me a message, even more so if you wish to write with me.]

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Age: 156Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 6

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 45°19.422'N 11°26.748'E

Place of living: Italy

Town: Venice

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Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

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classicalheavy metal

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animalscrime storiesfantasy
poetrypoliticsrole playing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: same sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 168

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