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Ishje (l)

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Name: aisha



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I am 22 years old and I live somewhere in the Netherlands
I am crazy of Japanese rock music,
and I also like to sew.
also reading is something I like...
besides that I like to go out with friends,
wich I really do to little 0.o
I have got one sister [manalishi],
she is annoying but somtimes she is also sweet ^^
so our realationship is like it has to be :P
I go to school one day,
and the other 4 day's I work.
I am learning to make the furniture of ships.
witch are mostly made of wood.
I work for a company who makes ships for really ritch people.
so the stuff I will learn to make in the future is beautiful.
however it will take a few years bevore I am skilled enough to make a whole bedroom of a ship :p
I also love to take picktures, and I love to pose for picktures. wich you can see in my house, I guess.
mostly I do this with [Augy] whe make a nice place and then whe go and take about 500 pics at one evening ^^
or whe go outside and look for nice spots.
I also like anime and manga, and I read a lot about Japan (saving money to go to Japan).
cooking is also a hobby to me, and I have become really good at that.
not only duch food but also Greek, Italian ,
Chinees and Japanese food *hugs her Japanese recepy book* I also have a house on vampirefreaks. I am called "arwen" there. if you are on vampirefreaks check it out ;)


You know the games I play
And the words I say
When I want my own way
You know the lies I tell
When you've gone through hell
And I say I can't stay
You know how hard it can be
To keep believing in me
When everything and everyone
Becomes my enemy and when
There's nothing more you can do
I'm gonna blame it on you
It's not the way I want to be
I only hope that in the end you will see
It's the Opheliac in me,
it's the Opheliac in me.

things I like ^^

listening to music
spend time with friends
working (yea I like that)
spend time on the internet
go on vacation
waching movie's
the beach
the sea
boats or evrything else that is floating

things I dislike

abuse of religion
being sick
being lonley to long
being drunk
a headake
the backstreet boy's and that kind of bands


my music:

~ Gackt
~ Malice Mizer
~ Moi dix Mois
~ Vidoll
~ D'espairsRay
~ Miyavi
~ 12012
~ Alice Nine
~ The White Stripes
~ Nightwish
~ Suicide Commando
~ Floggy Molly
~ Dropkick Murphey's
~ Theatres des Vampires
~ Combichrist
~ VNV-Nation
~ Rammstein
~ The Prodigy
~ Grendel
~ Emelie Authumn
~ Amy Winehouse



~ Lord of the Rings
~ Pirates of the Caribean
~ Ice Age 1&2
~ Underworld
~ Interview with the Vampire
~ Memoirs of a Geisha
~ Final Fantasy, the spirits within
~ La vie en rose
~ The promise



~ Chobits
~ Fruits Basket
~ Rayearth
~ Mai Hime
~ Onegai Teacher
~ Onegai Twins
~ Vampire princess Miyu
~ Howls Moving Castle
~ Spirited away
~ my neighbour totoro
~ Princess Mononoke
~ nausicaa & valley of wind
~ Grave of the fireflies



~ Interview with the Vampire
~ The vampire Lestat
~ Queen of the Damned
~ The tale of the body thief
~ Memnoch the Devil
~ Chronicles of Narnia
~ Rebecca
~ Memoirs of a Geisha
~ Lord of the Rings
~ Geisha of Gion


a story I wrote, it is translated in english nd I am not that good in english. so there might be some mistakes:

I heard his words over and over in my head, “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen”
I knew it had to happen now, I had to start kissing him, but I didn’t, I heard the words again and I did not understand a thing about what was happening, I did not have to doubt about the words of this mortal, that was wrong. While I was asking myself what was happening I looked at him, the way he stood there so relaxed, his blond hair was reaching his eyes, blue eye’s like I have never seen before. I understood I could not bite this person, and instead of kissing him I gave him a big hug.
He seemed surprised by this move but he recovered fast and he grabbed me, “You're cold” whispered he in my ear. I did not answer but I looked from over his shoulder to my own hands and suddenly I hated the creature I had become. But I tried to forget the thought of that and started listening to the way he was breathing and the sound of his heart rhythm, just like I could hear every heart banging in my head. And that was how we stood there at the left tower of the Notre Dame in Paris.
And for a second I thought it was perfect, but my happiness did not last long because when I looked over his shoulder across the roofs of Paris I saw a big white thing climbing higher and higher in the sky, the moon!!! It was full moon. It took a second before I realized what that meant, the boy had make me weaker and the fact I did not have blood did not make me feel any better. Suddenly I heard the cry of a werewolf in the distance and everything that happened a few years ago came into my mind, in a few seconds I remembered the night that Irma and Nikolas where killed, in the old battle between werewolf and vampire.
Suddenly I was pulled back out of my flashback by the sound of my crow. I saw him fly towards me across the shoulder of the guy, which I was still holding. It took a long time before I realized that the shoulder was chancing, it became bigger and there started to grow hair.
Suddenly I was afraid and I pushed the guy away from me, his face was chancing to, there was more hair and he started to get a pointed snout.
His whole body was chancing except for his eyes, which where just as bleu as before.
I could see the moon shining in his eyes, and it seemed like all sound was turned off, I suddenly realized I was in great danger. The sound of Raven who was still flying around us made that I suddenly woke up, and I grabbed the pistol hanging on my belt. And however I knew a pistol like this would not stop a werewolf I still could feel inside of me that I would survive this night. I could see his transformation was almost ready, and he was looking at me with his blue eyes, it almost seemed like he felt sorry, but I wasn’t shore if he still had some feelings at that stage. I aid the pistol at his head and took a step backwards, I could see the muscles underneath his fur and he looked at the moon and started to cry, far away I could hear another werewolf answer him. inside I cursed myself because I was that stupid to went outside this night ,and right after that I cursed the big wolf standing in front of me, I did not want to kill him when he was still human, I wanted to give him a chance, but before I could even give him that chance he became a creature that I hated the most, and after that I also cursed my own kind because I did not want to be part of the vampires at this moment.
The wolf started to walk around while he did not stop watching me, I knew he would kill me if he could, his words of love did not had value anymore, the boy was gone, and the wolf had came to take his place. If I would kill the wolf I would kill the boy, and if I would kill the boy I would kill the wolf. Slowly he walked towards me, and I stepped backwards until I reached the edge of the tower, I jumped upon the balustrade. It was a few day’s ago when I learned from Vladimir how to fly. But still I did not like the idea of flying at all. Once I knew how to fly I decided to fly only if there was no other way out. however I did realize that there was no other way out I did not jump, just because I was afraid the tower was to high for me.
Now I realized I could not do anything else, but still I did not jump.
It was to high and I did not know for shure if I would make it.
But the wolf came closer fast, and I run away from him across the edge of the tower.
If only I could get to the door behind the wolf I would make it downstairs. But the wolf was still between me and the door. I looked at the door behind him but the wolf did not seem to notice what I wanted to do. The water came out of his mouth and his blood red eyes came even closer, suddenly he jumped towards me. I almost felt backwards but I knew to stand up at the last moment. I remember the knife I had hidden in my boots. And the lesson of Vladimir to take more weapons at the same time with me always.
I told myself to thank Vladimir for all his lessons when I got out of this.
Again the wolf jumped towards me but I managed to get the knife in time and I stabbed him with it, I did not hit him good enough. But he did had a scratch. He looked at it for a second and became angrier than he already was. Again whe where at the edge of the tower, and he came running towards me again. But this time I used all my power. With a big scream I pushed the knife in his fur. I heard a surprised growl and soon it went into a big scream of a wolf in death fear. It seemed to take centuries but it where only seconds. I felt down to the floor wile I was bleeding. I did not seem to notice that my arm was wounded.
The white moonlight came on my red hair and my pale skin. My hands where shaking.
Suddenly I seem to woke up, in the distance I heard wolfs cry. And I knew they would be here soon. Quickly I stood up, and I felt like I would fall down again, but I hold myself to the tower and I stayed on my legs. I started to walk to the door and halfway I could run.
As fast I could I run down the stairs of the Notre Dame. Trough the church, the sunlight came trough the big windows and all kind of colours seemed to fall down on the floor. And I opened the wooden doors. And there I was on the square again. I wanted to run away but something held me back. Then I took a look to the right side, and I saw a boy lying there.
His hair was blond and he had his eye’s closed. However I did knew that his eyes actually where bleu. I went to him and went across his face with my fingers. A little bit of blood came out of his mouth. I saw the knife in his body, and took it out with my hands.
For a brief moment I felt the pain you could have If you would be a Human.
But short after that my real vampire feelings returned. He was a wherewolf.
He was nothing. I stood up and walked away. Not far away I heard the wolfs crying…


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Age: 29Year of birth: 1984Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 4

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 52°46.182'N 6°51.492'E

Place of living: Netherlands

Town: Den Helder

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
information seeking

gothheavy metalprogressive metal

Other interests

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

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