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horseman of the apocalipse (England is interesting. )

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my squad and I.

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Ok guys im going to try and update this mess. My name is Arcy. Im married to a wonderful woman, have been since April 22 2008. Im a Specialist in the US Army with a little over three years in. I spent one tour in Kuwait for those about to ask. And No, I didnt kill anyone. I just got to my newest dut station not too long ago at Menwith Hill RAF base in Harrogate, England.

Heres some of my older poetry, Im going to try and put some new stuff up soon.

Loves Pain

As the fires of Hell burn around me,
torture and pain is all I know.
Pain worse than death is all I see,
feeling the agony inside me grow.

O God! The flames burn my flesh away,
as a tortured howl tears from my heart.
The Demons! Their whips my flesh flay,
as the last sheds of humanity are torn apart.

Hells fires singe flesh once held proud,
my pain glee for those who create.
This pain this agony caused by love loud,
Tis a trial of fire a trial to cause hate.

Yet even in pain love is felt in wretches hell,
beauty is through the pain the love i still feel.
My broken burned body turns to a shell,
as even in loves pain does my soul reel.
       --Arcy T. Krey

Pain and fear eminate from beings undead
as mortal bodies fall dying flames red.
Hell is unleashed among the shards of life,
wraith the fealing twords pleasure lithe,
as souls in agony rage and writhe.
Poor wretches souls for all bared to see,
as a howl of anguish rents through the air,
tis the scream of a maiden once beheld fair.
And yet to those stricken souls to whom torture is delt,
the worst pain is not of on backs the flaying whip felt.
For within the soul mere mortal pain is not the worst known,
the worst of the pain echos among hearts of those beings alone.
          -Arcy T. Krey

Mistake, Determinaton, Forgivness, Atonement

A feeling like Ive pierced my heart;
a feeling as if my soul was torn apart.
The knowledge of causing the pain of another;
even more pain for twas my one true lover.

I beg for the chance to atone;
and the answer hurts more than broken bone.
Lost was what was a jewel,
becuase of my actions, acts of a fool.

So I unfurl my standard and stay;
comitted to lover until my last day.
Knowledge of what was lost is great;
but atone I will, eraly in life or late.

Loyal to the one Ive hurt am I,
and so shall I be till falls the sun from the sky.
Always will I be here to wait and to care;
and here will I be even in eaths snare.
             -Arcy T. Krey

A plea to the Executioner

To the one who slays blood and flesh,
the bringer of the dark cloud death,
let thy scythe upon me swift fall,
that is the only request of death I call.
Let not long unneeded pain endure,
slay the shell so I am soul pure.
Let into mortal body thy blade slide swift,
so that among the clouds my passion can drift.
Let me look up to the stars in the sky,
to remember my seraph when I die.
              -Arcy T. Krey

Love To An Angel

I see an angel up on high,
winged seraph of mine eye.
Beauty tis named of mortal shell,
yet tis thy sou that makes toll loves bell.

Her pain causes my soul to shed tear,
as joined souls , I feel the pain of my dear.
Restore, I swear, will I her soul light,
Love her more do I that stars of night.

Demon, away! Your evil I slay,
away from my angel your evil game play.
Protect and love her I do more than seas brine,
and love her I shall till the sun does not shine.
            -Arcy T. Krey
(This is dedicated to my winged seraph, who twice rescued me from my own hell, I will always love her.)

Driving Mortal Shells; Through Devils Bells

A desperate hope,
a blid grope.

A fierce determination,
with one explanation.

What drives whole?
What pushes soul?

Love of seraph,
accepting pains tarrif.
              -Arcy T. Krey

Darkness, Pain of Damned

Darkness, fear, damned to be bane,
soul is scorched, burned to raw pain.

Being is ripped from mortal shell wanting,
as consious is alone from lovers shunning.

Love is a laugh; a fools continued lark,
for when dark and fear come the heart is left stark.

Suffering for another is lovers pure mark,
suffering because of another is ultimate dark.
                -Arcy T. Krey


I am haunted night and day,
I feel pain with each word I say.
Raw, burning, hellish pain,
as the one I love I seek to gain.

Haunted, vacant are her eyes,
with each passing day my heart more dies.
Damned is my soul by my own hand,
scourched is my love as if on desert sand.

The fear has all vanished, all is gone.
Desperation and fatigue have made me their pawn.
Weary of lifes hellish pit am I,
as in satan's pain does my soul ever now cry.
           -Arcy. T Krey

You know, you never truly know what makes you happy until you lose it.... Than you dont know what to do, you try anything to make that hole go away. And thats when you truly discover, You love her. You want to spend the rest of your life with her, and you will do anything for her. Because she does fill that hole.

Does anyone know what im saying?

Words, so careless, so common, yet so needed and dear. When one does not hear the words, they lose a little bit. They know from actions, but they have to hear it. Is it mans curiosity, driving him twords a wall, or is it nature? All animals hear from one another, all kninds of noises, words. To them, its just information. Has the human mind accended a level, or has it decended a level when mere noises, words, mean so much to them?

1.Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7. Describe me in one word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When's the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Are you going to put this on your house and see what I say about you?
16.Did you message me just because of how i look?
17.If i had something stuck in my teeth would you tell me?
18If you're gonna be my friend i'd wish you to be with my siblings too. Could you deal with that?
19Could you keep a secret?
20What's your fav color?
21 Would You ever date me?

My greatest quotes ever? nah! :

To a gal, about the influence for her picture she had drawn:
"was it jack slater from xaiolin warriors? (yes, im 17 and still watch cartoons! And yes, that does make me a dork. but i wannt know.)"

me:"I cant type when Im drunk, damn keys keep moving around."
my buddy " yeah, its bad when the keybouard is one big white blur."

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