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Chaotix Palidien (Where we fall. We rise again:Brotherhood of Vice's)

Member #91170 created: 2004-10-22 23:42:09Simple URL:   

Name: Brian Mathew Romeri (Celtic Name: Geno Orphan Drakor Maeglin Véneanár Tribal


my fav outfit :P


I finaly got a picture :D

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This means that I am one of the Saint Valentine Poets!

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What up not much to me

chaos bahamut's stuff check it out if u want detail's on my character and what not here is geno's racial info finally decided to type it ^^

bleh that was to long anyway ttyl peace

ele kissed me blah yeep meep weeeee sfewfsdfgfds i loveable dorkness women eeeeeeee blah me like her ack stupid reality nooooo =/ shuts up and leaves feeling stupid =/

What is good? - everything augments the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself, in man. What is evil? - whatever springs from weakness. What is happiness? - the feeling that power increases - that resistance is to overcome."

"All great things must first wear a
terrifying & monsterous mask,
in order to inscribe themselves
on the hearts of humanity."

You are a protector.

Yes, you don't like to kill people. That goes against everything you belive in. It's not that you are a coward, but your ideals and morals wouldn't allow it. You are the typical hero, do the righteous things, get the bad guys and do it all legally. But just because you don't kill doesn't mean you can't kick ass. And that is what you do. You use your brain and your strenght to do honourable deeds and protect people you know and love. If an evil guy is going to take over the world soon, it's you who will get involved. You hate watching innocents suffer, and love seeing bad people getting what they deserve. You are probably also happy and optimistic and work pretty good in groups. And the friends you usually make are true ones.

Main weapon: Anything at all

Quote: "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough" -Joe Lewis

Facial expression: Smile

anwser question hobo's <.<
[~~~~If you had me alone, locked up in your room for 24 hours, and I had to do whatever you wanted me to do, what would you do with me? Post this in your house. You might be surprised at the answers you get~~~]

It's not the right time to be the idiots have taken over.

[S-p-r-e-a-d-i-n-g] like a social cancer, is there an answer?

Mensa membership [conceding]...tell me why and how are all the stupid people breeding?!
=/ there keith

If you don't believe in oral sex, keep your mouth shut.
Impotence: Nature's way of saying "No hard feelings"
Please tell your pants it's not polite to point.
If that phone was up your ass, maybe you could drive better!
Don't be sexist, broads hate that.
Saw it... Wanted it... Had a fit... Got it!
Constipated people don't give a shit.
Who lit the fuse on your tampon?
My kid got your honour roll student pregnant.
To all you virgins... Thanks for nothing.
If you can read this... I lost my trailer.
Your just jealous cause the voices are only talking to me.
I have the body of a God.... Buddha.
So manny little time.
Eat right, exercise, die anyway!
Illiterate...Write for help.
Cover me... I'm changing lanes.
Boldly going nowhere.
Body by Nautilus, brain by Mattel.
If sex is a pain in the ass, then you are doing it wrong.
Honk if anything falls off.
If we quit voting, will they all go away.
Heart attacks... God's revenge for eating his animal friends

Monday, August 21, 2003
  Seconds left to live...

none died already or so it says =/

(ack it was for my D@D quest =/) sweet aint it pretty @.@

(Image deleted by the guards)

gunblades galore @.@


Age: 31Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 24

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 46°17.694'N 86°56.268'W

Place of living: USA-Michigan

Town: sault sainte marie

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elfwood URL: don't have one

Favorite URL: pogo

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
graphicsinformation seekingJava
system administrationuse communitiesvideo
VRMLwebcamweb design

alternativeheavy metalnew age
operaprogressive metalrock

Other interests
role playingsingingscifi
soap operastheatreThe Town Herald
travellingwoodworkWoodworks e-zine

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 168

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