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 Snow Queen

 (Can't believe I still remember how to use this uploading thing *-*) 
 Wellll, this is a drawing I was doing for a friend as well as it being a part of the Elemental Faerie series. This was dedicated to her poem, "Snow Queen". A part of the poem will go in that white voided area over there, but I seem to have lost it :[ I'll re-update this later when I get my hands on it.

(Sorry for being gone for so long everybody ;o;, Please message me again.)


 I believe I'm going to start an Elemental Faeries series, and this is the first one of the series. Although there's lots of things I don't like about this one but... eh.

 Caligo -Faye of Darkness-

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Please read, and enjoy this comic.  Update!!! 7/17/'05 


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Took this out because I'm nothing like this anymore >>. I'll fill out another questionaire soon :]

I am a...

Song Dragon

In the war between good and evil, a Song Dragon tends to walk the fine line of Neutrality.
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon walks a fine line between Law and Chaos.
As far as magical tendancies, a Song Dragon's nature does not lend itself well to the ways of Magic.
During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Dragon Description:
Song Dragons are semi-nomadic in nature. They do choose a general geographic region to live in, but move their nests frequently within their territory. They build their nests in remote areas, where they are secluded from outside disturbances.

Song Dragons are a dull grey color to their scales, but are graceful and quick in movement. The most striking attribute of the Song Dragon is it's voice. Having several sets of vocal chords, the Dragon's every word reverberates like a string symphony.

Song Dragons build their homes deep in seclusion, but in truth they are very social and friendly in nature. They will often be found polymorphed into human form and fraternizing with people in bars and public places.Song Dragons are the bards of dragonkind, they greatly value creative thinking and artistic talent. They live life to it's fullest, and are well known for going to extremes. They are also known for their good-hearted nature and kindness.

This Dragons favorite elements are: Jade, Music, and Happiness

... according to

  "Life's a bitch, and then you die"

  "Dont Panic!"
     -Douglas Adams, The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
   "You must defend your sporky self with the marshmallows of purpletude! DO NOT TOUCH THE MALLOWS OF PINKITUDE LEST THEY DEVOUR YOUR PAPERCLIP SYSTEMS!"
      -[Wes Foxx]



I look behind me,
And see nothing.
No one is following me anymore,
The love has gone.
I'm wandering a meaningless path,
I'm walking into the darkness.

Late Twilight

Sitting in a light-green meadow,
Under the shade of a large oak.
Sun shining through the atmospheric window;
The clouds forming an ophthalmic cloak.

The wind's breeze;
The mind and reality's tease;
Never clashing.

Relaxing in a light-green meadow,
Under the shade of a large oak.
Sun waning from the atmospheric window;
Clouds relinquishing themselves behind the campfire smoke...

Man-made Tide

So many times, man has cried,
Fearing the choices they had to face.
And now our lives must kindly abide.

Little they know, too much they pried,
Never ready for the virgin place.
So many times, man has cried.

Swept away by eternity' tide;
Carried off without a trace.
And now our lives must kindly abide.

They never knew, too much they tried,
Now they're entrapped in midnight's lace.
So many times, man has cried.

From being forever tied,
Human's heart had lost its pace.
And now our lives must kindly abide.

Man can no longer hide, so much we lied...
We must now be ready for reality's chase.
So many times, man has cried,
And now our lives must kindly abide.

Ode to the Tide

Running far from his reality,
Never looking back.
Forever hoping for the veil of the midnight black.
Wondering about life's extreme complexity.

Walking endlessly into the twilight;
Sun forfeiting all of it's might.
Waiting for the obscuration;
Sunshine waning into midnight,
Finally relaxing in obfuscation.

Dark screen falling over him,
Huddled in a ball.
Wondering what could have started this drastic fall.
With his eyes, deep sleep, weighed heavy over them.

The sun, it started rising,
He felt what he must do.
His stomach had begun to chew.
What he had to do was morbidly tantalizing.

Walking endlessly into the twilight;
Sun forfeiting all of it's might.
Waiting for the obscuration;
Sunshine waning into midnight,
Finally relaxing in obfuscation.

Taking his steps softly forward,
Eyes closing as he took a deep sigh.
Reflecting upon life's strong tide.
He felt as if he had been walking forever... forever toward...

He had made it to his destination,
With a cliff beneath his feet.
His mind was flaring with extreme, hellfire heat.
He jumped and made his proclamation.

Walking endlessly into the twilight;
Sun forfeiting all of it's might.
Waiting for the obscuration;
Sunshine waning into midnight,
Finally relaxing in obfuscation...

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