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tons of fun (just got a new guitar XD)

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Name: calvin


Drawing missing.

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Hi im calvin im 17 i live in Findlay, Ohio im a senior at the local high school. im into all types of music i love music that just has a beat...if it has a beat you can head bang to it and if u felt like it you can dance to counting down the days till i turn 18 so that i can go very big but i love to dance and to move. i am going to school to be a computer nerd, i wanna be an IT specialist for a major corporation, fixing computers, trouble shooting and video games = my life as i know it. i love watching anime its alot of fun for me and actually is good because it keeps your mind working on watching the action while at the same time reading all of the dialog i love watching claymore and as much as it kills me to say but ive naruto has grown on me aswell...i love to draw though im not good at it what so ever , i like to draw disturbing things..if i can get called down to the guidence office for my drawings then my day is complete. i love to work, though i hate how much it has corrupted the world i love making money, i can stand it when people just give me things, to work for it makes me happy.

(Image deleted by the guards) the pant i wish i had
this is my very good friend jimmy i met him last year but i dont think he liked me very much . but now we are friends oh yea im cool

      [beyblade] this be my friend casey i have known of her since 4th grade but we were not really friends untill 7thgrade sry i couldnt get ur pic to work.
[Lord Balmung of the Azure Sky] again i have known of him but we wernt acually frinds till 8 cuz he didnt really like me in 7th he is a very good friend i can tell him ne thing
<img:> this is my friend melina [Popqorn] she is a great friend that i yet again met last year but knew of her in 7th i used to give her my chicken but not ne more fwahahahaha!!
[Kat.] i met kathleen in 8 i think all well she is cool although we dont talk much

[dani california 311] dani is a very very good friend of mine i have known her since 8 and we have been friends since

[Pyokola] is 1 of my friends although we became friends in 8th grade i knew who she was in 7th ne ways she acts like a cold hearted bitch from hell i knew deep down i mean waaaaay deep down past the firey pits of hell she is a kind hearted person j/k bianca

<img:> [Joe.] this is my friend joe he is really cool i met him this year in 9th i give him purple nurples and now he has a bruise hahaha 8-]

i am going to put more stuff up on
this one girl was telling me my pig looked sexy and was wantin to be pam buddies or something like that its wrong she also wants to meet me, yea like thats ever gonna happen i wouldnt ever meet someone in real life that i met online.


preps must die!

  "anthem of our dying day"

The stars will cry the blackest tears
tonight this is the moment that i live for
I can smell the ocean air here I am
pouring my heart onto these roof tops
just a gost to the world thats exactly,
exactly what I need from up here the city
lights burns like a thousand miles of fire
and im here to sing this anthem of our
dying days!    (chorus) ^
for a second I wish the tides would swallow every inch of this city as you gasp for air tonght I'd scream this song right in your face if you were here andf I wont wiss a beat cause I never,never have before
            (verse 1) ^


       (verse 1)


when people laugh at you when you open up it hurts. when you want to tell someone you like them but they've already made it clear that you won't have any chance it hurts.when nobody listens to you when you tell them something that excites you
it hurts.when people point out almost everything wrong about your physical apearence it hurts. when people wont even consider talking to you because they think you look disgusting it hurts.when people say they will have a big party the day you die it hurts. being told your the fatest blob that ever waddled on the face of the earth on a daily basis it hurts. being stabbed in the back by almost everyone that you think are your friends it hurts. not being able to get a girl to notice you when you drop the bigest hints you could think of w/o acually telling them it hurts.being kicked in the nuts everyday because your the fatest white kid people have ever seen it hurts.
being made fun of every day since you can remeber by people you dont even know it hurts.being told to go commit suicide for a solid year it hurts.yet you can find a way to deal with the physical pain while the mental pain eats you alive with every day you live with it now that hurts. 

           written 11/19/04
mail me and tell me what you think 


some of my fav. artist 
london after midnight
slip knot
linkin park
black sabbath
simple plan
maroon 5
dave matthews band
good charlotte
puddle of mud
mud vayne
fear factory
arc angels
ozzy osbourne
yellow card
switch foot
and many many more

I am a stone dragon
hey i took the online quiz and found out iI am a stone dragon on the inside.
In the war between good and evil ,a stone dragon tends to walk the fine lines of neutrality.When it comes to the powers of chaos vs. those of law and order,my dragon tends to walk the fine line between law and chaos...
As far as magical tendancies, a stone dragon's nature does not lend itself well to the ways of magic...
During combat situations, a true stone dragon perfers to defeat opponets by use of spells or other tactics....
the stone dragons varies in color, ranging from dark grey to nearly white. As it's name implies, its texture is stone like, and often it's color will actually resemble marbel,
granite,or some other indigenous rock.
The stone dragonbuilds it's home deep underground ,using its powerful claws to to scoop earth and stone away.It's claws can also be used as a powerful weaponin close combat. luckily for most would be enemies,
the stone dragon lives far enough in suclusion that seldom it have need to use either it's claws or it's devastating lava breath weapon. Though the stone dragon lives far under the earth, it is quite social and often makes allies with the deep dwaves that it share it's habitat with.

This dragons favorite elements are: Granite and Loyal Friendships

as u can tell i dont write much about my self
usually cuz im not on enough to care.
this is how i look at things we can be friends or i can be ur worst enemy i dont really have a grey area i either like u or i hate u and im not going to play the i feel sorry for so ill be ur friend game if i really dont like u .... u will definetley know it and u know wat if i spelled definatley wrong i dont give a shit ya take that and shuv it up ur ass cuz i couldn't care less.

Age: 19Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 29

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Orc
Elftownworldmap 27°57.996'N 82°31.998'W

Place of living: USA-Ohio

Town: findlay

Known languages
EnglishIrish Gaelic

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Favorite URL:

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat
pr0nprogrammingstrategy games
use communitiesvideoweb design

heavy metaljazzprogressive metal

Other interests
board gamesbookscard games
carschasing the preferred sexchess
role playingsingingscifi

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: sumo

Height: 180

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