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timeline (superman, superman, while I breathe)

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Name: B.Lane McCarty




my cat stepped on it a few times and put a few creases in the paper but yeah

its night time btw

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Town DrunkAdventurer

Different people see things differently. As you will see, that is if you choose to read, that my views of things are very different from most. I must worn you I can be cold but for the most part I am very nice. I will not turna conversation down nor will I refuse a comment. But do not be judgmental about what I say here. If you do not like what you are reading then I suggest that you stop reading. Not to be rude but that is just the fact. I am not making you read this.



surperman, superman
the one named superman
the pineneedles bleed oh! they bleed
save them superman
save them while i breathe
oh they hurt the hurt
oh how they hurt
superman superman save them while i breathe
how red they bleed how red they bleed
save them while i breathe
oh! how red i bleed
how i hurt
save me superman while i breathe
save me dear superman
not much longer do i breathe


I am only who you think I am. Your vision of me is yours alone. Tho to myself I am myself. You see me as a nice giving person. She sees me as the enemy. In your worlds that is who I am. Our live are nothing but inter twining loops that circle endlessly. Within my circle things are hard but easy. They are soo easy that they are hard. There is no time to myself for the others are always in it. Those that are in it are sectioned by color. Green for the best. Yellow for the worse. None are treated differently. Confusion rules my circle, tho only I can see through it.



Touch the blood red sky with unclean hands and set the world aflame. Hear the song of sorrow from the deaf and touch the star alive. Let the blind lead you to the road and set foot where angels fly. Cold dark mist surounds those who loose their footing, for within the crevise the black dark hands grab and sieze. Blood red feathers white as snow in puddles of lifes true liquid form. And in thier eyes crimson roses sprout their peddles for the last of light. Cold dead ground give warming hands to that one that fell. Frozen dead angel wings deprived lays in peddles red and dry. For that clift was steep and that hand hard and cold. All hope and love betrayed and slautered as the blood red sky sets the world aside.


Dieing breath of those who came

To put them all far to shame

Touch a cloud in the blood red sky

They rip your wings and watch you die

Hurt so deep, frozen cold

Crying deeply, cut three times fold

A fallen angel, crimson red

Now and forever flying dead


I lost a love and got it back. All I needed was a little boost. To feel alive when life made me feel dead. The warmth of the human soul to knock off the cold of lonly in the dark world that surounds the living being. To what or whom do we owe this torture but ourselves. Bound by shackles that we force ourselves into by seeing what is wrong and not what is right. We leave behind our best fighters for those with beauty. Killing those that are best for the world one by one from the inside out. Their bodies filling with cold grasp of deaths personal servents. Pain gripping the heart and soul, not being able to breathe. All will to move and live forced into the dark abysse at thier feet. And who is to save them besides the ones who had already fallen. Why do you treat them worse with your passing gaze as they fall and laugh at their fresh wounds were you ripped out their wings. Only the reddest rose showing hope in their eyes, to be the last sight of their life. Once all the blood is shed, who will love you and make you happy? Are you not putting the shackles on your own wrists? Only to fall yourself as those around you rise up from the abysse with a simple warming touch of one already fallen. For the pain you have given none will give you that simple touch, that simple kiss to bring you to life. As so my death will come to be for saving you the worse of all. Live knowing the one you hurt most spared you life and took your place. Know that you will live and die alone for the one you brought back but sent back to that painful clift. And so my death ...death for the one I hate the most.


Star laced wings spattered in blood
I took to flight to catch you
In shattered lights of the midnight flood
It came so soon I lost my hold
Now Blue, Black, and Silver tattered and torn
Where you griped my wings in rage
A dying red rose, with a single thorn
Is on my grave where you left me
Crying, in shreds so torn
As I said good bye

One foot in front of the other
I walk into the next day
We fight, me and my mother
A lot of things are changing

From a new person
Glimpses of a long lost song
Was sang from your lips to me
Dancing stars racing all night long
In my mind and soul
As you pull me into the weightless wind
Into the clouds and stars far away
Slowly your love starts my wounds to mind
As your light pulls me from my caging grave
With your arms around my waist
To hold me tight not to fall
Balancing with my wings growing back in haste
With you I am whole

Deep in the star lit sky
We set sail into a new heart beat song
Were you spread your wings and learn to fly
On your on with me hand in hand
Letting go to twirl on toes on lunar streams
One arm across my chest, other out to the stary sea
Watching me you smile like the sun that gleams
Shining deep within my soul
The silver in our wings set a chime to lull us to sleep
Under the creamy white lunar warmth
And in your arms you hold me I hope to keep
To forever’s end, My Dear, Dear Sweet


Destine called across through time
To hear a voice sweet as chime
A secret feeling, kept and hidden
A secret hope now forbidden
Not all forever lost
Nothing comes without a cost
What you don’t have you always want
Affectionate dreams sweetly taunt
Tho not completely seen you clearly smile
For your laugh I would take every trial
In my heart a place you will forever stay
Maybe next to you one day I’ll lay
Even if certain words can not be spoken
Where they come will not be broken
In my heart you already are
I wish for you on every star
You heal some wounds and spark a flame
I know this time is no fake game
In my dreams I hold you tight
In the darkness you bring warming light
In my slumber I still try to speak
And my interest you do so very peak
But never the less my closest friend you are
no mater what near or far
I’ll grab your hand and give a hug
you will never escape not matter how hard you tug
Even tho this poem is through
I want you to know I think I love you

Age: 19Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 17

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 32°22.446'N 88°50.730'W

Place of living: USA-Mississippi

Town: meridian

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartBasic
musicprogrammingstrategy games
web design

alternativegothheavy metal
hip hoppopprogressive metal

Other interests
beerbookscard games
poetryrole playingscifi

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

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