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KillFace (And then it rained)

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Name: Joseph Allen Gager





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Street child

xemoxchildx pics

WARNING! dont read this if you cant handle extremely vulgur, disgusting jokes

this isnt that great of a joke, I'll post a new one eventually

A man walks into a talent agency and tells the agent that he has a terrific show that he should see. The agent says well what happens? The man says, well it involves A man, his wife, their daughter, their son, a dog named fifi, and a minja (thats a midget ninja :P).
 So the man walks onto the stage and begins putting peanut butter on his penis, he then begins to call for fifi, who immediatly comes and and begins to lick the mans penis. Then the wife comes out with her son. The woman pulls down her pants and begins to shit on her sons face, then they trade place and the son is shitting on his mothers face.
Then the daughter comes out followed closely by the minja, and the minja begins fisting the daughter so vigorously that she begins to puke up blood, this of course catches fifi's attention and the dog begins to lick the blood up, then the man walks over and begins to fuck the minja in his little minja ass while shitting all over the first row audience. While this is happening the mother and son are making out with shit all over their faces. The minja then begins to roll around making shit angels all over while the dog is still licking up the blood. Then the grand finale the man throws his wife into the air and she lands right on the man and his head goes straight up her ass, then he throws the son and the mothers head goes straight up his ass, then the man throws the daughter and the sons head is in the daughters now theres this 15ft tall totem poll...then they all shit simultaniously, the daughters shit goes through the sons mouth and out his ass combining with his shit that goes down his mother's mouth and out her ass and finally down to the father who shits so amazing hard that it actually propels the totem pole of a family off the stage and out of the building through the roof, while at the same time the dog and the minja are vaporized by the explosion of shit....
 The talent agent very wide eyed 0,0 looks at the man and says WHAT IN GODS NAME WAS THAT...the man looks at him and says, the aristocrats.

The girl that died in Squee's room ^_^
He's a badass.....seriously...he'll kill you....I mean...just look at the blood
end of photoshop pics
My zombie girl, colored pencils and ink pens ^_^
What can I say?
The flower is a stands for 'exotic beauty'

note that elftown killed all of these drawings by making me scale them down so far....

Erasing my existence one step at a time

Being changed as am I

I wish I could forget my failures and live on success but the reality is if that happened I would have nothing

<img300*0:> [H.R. PuffNStuff]




read my description if you wish, make your comments, hate me, love me, agree/disagree...entertain me.

Hmm...ok heres something I can put down....for all you people who call yourselves "goths" are you "goth"? what makes you "goth"? Is it because you dress in black? no. Most think it is this "mind set"...well if it is...tell me...what is this mind set or do you only say that because its what you've been told. Goth is first it was a germanic tribe...then it was simply a darker form of punk what is it? its a fashion sense...but how? I dress in black yet I hate these so called "goths" I despise their very being. And now for you "punks" do well enough making yourselves look bad...the whole idea of being punk is anti-government, anti-conformity....but hey guess calling yourself a punk your conforming to being exactly that...sorta an oxy-moron isnt it? Now on to the Wiccan/pagans...seriously you actually believe in magic (magick/magik however the hell you want to spell it trying to make yourself different) now if magic were truly'd think there would be more about it and by now people would have mastered it and been able to use it.
Hmm....who else can I attempt to anger...ah yes we cannot forget religion. Religion has the simplest flaw ever...written by man for man...not god...oh no...he didnt write it. Hasnt anyone ever played the telephone game at school when they were younger? The game where the first person is told something and its passed down the line until it makes no sense in the can the bible still be correct? It cant...not to mention how many times its been translated....most languages cant be directly translated meaning that it had to be changed...over and over. So there you have it...a mere skim of the surface of what I think of people.

*looks up*.....yes...that'll I've decided to rant about more things...

I know I'm not the only one on here who thinks all the comment fishing is getting really annoying, and all the fighting...its like Elftown has become like the rest of the world. This place use to be where we could come and be able to just sit around and chat, comment and question...I loving truly was...but now look at it, its full of people cybering...I understand that elfpack was created on a less..."strict" basis...but even still these people are still here...I mean everyone has their say in this, but Jesus Christ this place just is not what it use to be...its become a place where all the people who never quite made it into a cliche'd grouping or "steriotype" now we have a site of wannabe non-conformists, ranting and raving about how everyone is the same...unless you try or want to be, its quite hard to be the same as anyone stop your bitching and realize that yes, you are unique in your own way...everyone is, it shouldnt be questioned...
  But having said that, I'm now going to have all these people bitching at me telling me how "wrong" I am...and you know far as I'm concerned I dont give a bloody fuck as to what they think...I dont care how fucked up your life was...always remember, it could have been worse (there are reasons for sayings staying around for years) just shut up about how screwed up your family made you...a few of your family members may concieve you...but they dont choose who you are.
*sigh*....well...I feel better....*looks for mob of peasants*


Age: 23Year of birth: 1986Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 16

Gender: male
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Place of living: USA-Michigan

Town: Ithaca

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bookscard gamescats
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Civil status: involved

Body shape: thin

Height: 178

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