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Effulgent Vampyress (Come visit my co-owned wiki manson is god)

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Name: Danielle St-Laurent


Me at my last photoshoot in Toronto Ontario.


I just drew this one not too long ago while listening to one of his older cds.. I've fallen in love with him lately.. hahah. Enjoy. Also.. if you want to see more of my artwork, just go to

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Hey guys n gals. My name is Danielle.

|||Blood Baths are fun|||

Leave me a message, sign my guestbook and check out my polls. If you would like to add me on MSN, by all means, do so.. but message me about it first. okay?

Back to my descrption:

Effulgent Vampiress fanclub
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Feel free to Add me on Msn...
BUT: message me first here on ET, and wait for a reply... or I will not accept your email.

I am canadian and proud of it.

I have long curly dark brown hair, hazel asian-ish eyes, Into Vampirism, demonologie, paleontologie, blood, and blood dynamics (csi).

I am a member of
my user name is EffulgentVampiress88 or xXxDeathxXxParadexXx (I think), rate me n leave me a lovely comment, if you please.

(image removed)

I draw alot. many of my drawings include vampirism, death, fantasy and nudeness.
If you have a problem with that, I say Screw you and don't bother me about it... EVER.

Currently Drawing Tattoos for Nicole (My new friend).

I support Same-Sex marriages!!!!!

Blood tastes good... I don't have any left. Can I have some of yours?

These are a few of my friends from elftown!!!

[Brokn To Perfektion] starter of my Effulgent Vampiress fanclub, one of the Awesomest girls EVER!
[out of this place for ever!] Beautiful. just beautiful.
[Love Letters] So adorable.. I just feel the need to hug him!
[Lux Aeterna] My sugar whore.. sexy as hell.
[Empty Corridors]
[SirKalon] The kindest gentleman to walk the earth.
[Aziraphael] Where have you been my love?
[the ghost with the most.]
[shortbabe69] a proud member of Danielles Unite!
[Lorric] Faithful, and Loyal, what a gent!
[Spooky Ginger] The Spooky should always stick together!!
[~The Drappa Varg~] PERDY!!!!! (riding crops *bursts out laughing!!*)
[Kharn] the most Gorgeous Orc you'll ever find! Love you!
[top gun] Major hottie!
[Hokage Hagakure] *does the shaolin Salute* My master in the shaolin ministries.
[Zenith Sphinx]
[Marine Wife 4 life] I'm her Eternal Slave.
[Peaces Of A Flower Child]
[Maria*Malice] We Make Lovely Wikis together!!
[One] My Darling Dolly!!
[Trennas] I'm his vampirate :P
[Forthright] Poetic Friends

[These are ppl who own me] (they answered my poll with *Can I Own You*):

[Sica~The Obsessionist] I am her whore.
[Goodnight Nurse]
[Paul Dean]
[Spooky Ginger]
[Vinyl Kitten]
[Truth . Beauty . Love]
[Little Red Ridinghood]
[Marine Wife 4 life]
[Hokage Hagakure]
[icy elemental]
[Monoxide Child]
[Chaos Spirit]
[Peaces Of A Flower Child]
[Beneath The Spin Lights.]
[goodbye everyone im not gonna be on here]
[.::Momma Meggerz::.]
[a softer sin]
[Lunatic Candy Kreep]
[horny wolf]
[crawling in the dark 06]
[Kurou Kiriyama]
[Expensive Fidelity]
[The Magus]
[Simply Real]
[beautiful _ darkness]
[xTwisted Angelx]
[*// Candy Coated Bullets//*]
[Harmony disguised as discord]
[Xheart of stichesX]
[Madhalf Heatlump]

want to join the list? message me.

A few Wikis I'm a member of:

[Wikis I own or co-founded]:
Danielles Unite!
Effulgent Vampiress fanclub (no im not concieted.. I just joined cause Danielle told me to... lol)
manson is god He IS GOD!
Danielle's Works of Art its my Art Page!! thanks to [Hokage Hagakure], my art is now up and running!
Danielle's Pix piccies of moi.. ^-^
fetish whores heheh.. co-founder, baby!!
The Blood Clinic [(Still Under Construction!!)]

[Other Wikis]:
Kirsten's Whore House
Crypt of the Damned
death friends I even gots a picture up of me. ^-^
Edgar Allan Poe
Support Gay Marriage
Shaolin sisterhood
crazy goth *twitch*
horror fans Boo!
BadAss heheh.. imma *fuckaholic*
Anne Rice Fan Club member number 145.
Party Monster Fans Manson is so cool... heheh. Christine.
Cam Whores hehh.. can't you just tell by looking at my pics? lol :P
Gods Of Elftown I'm number 18 of the Goddesses *evil giggle* im the [ Goddess of Damnation ]

Some Randomness :

[A Poem By Moi!]

[My vision is clouded]
[I cant see straight]
[My Eye have been blinded]
[With all of Your Hate]

[Believing`s not working]
[My Faith has run dry]
[Who`s walked on water]
[I`ll choke As I cry]

[I can`t find my music]
[Think It blew away]
[Arms shot off]
[Mind molded like clay]

[My friends have all gone]
[All jumped off bridges]
[Couldn`t handle]
[My Lumpy Ridges]

[Living to die]
[In a couple more years]
[Sick of drowning]
[In my ocean of tears]

[Gomen Monsta]
[With doe needles]
[Mind currupted]
[By my equals]

[Hands cut off]
[Lost my soul]
[Impailed myself]
[On blackened coal]

[Parents gone mad]
[Out of ignorance]
[Self inflicted pain doesn't]
[Count as innocence]

[Too gone to be remembered]
[Too silent to scream]
[Limbs are limp]
[Fells like a dream]

[Never woke up]
[But my eyes are open]
[And with them I see]
[All lies that you've spoken]

[Cracked open my skull]
[Chewed on my brain]
[Wisdom tastes good]
[With a Glass of acid rain]

[Kept locked away]
[In someplace dark]
[Who knew my bite]
[Was worse then my bark]

[The red in my veins]
[Has all turned black]
[I always knew]
[I'd never turn back]

[Like it? message me.]

(0) Name: Danielle
(1) NicName: Shorty, Abby, Vamp, Demon Lady (Damn you Sean! ^-^), Stitch and Ivy
(2) Straight/gay/BI?: bisexual
(3) Single?: recently
(4) Want to be?: nope
(5) Your birthday: 01/09/89
(6) Age you act: 16 going on 5
(7) Age you wish you were: 23
(8) Your height: 5'1"
(9) The color of your eyes: hazel with the slightest touch of yellow
(10) Hobbies: Drawing

My Manson:

I LOVE [ Marilyn Manson ]. He is the God of our world's Darkness. I bleed for him.
I baught The DVD to His ''Guns God and Government World Tour'' It's VERY good.

Proud member of:


Edgar Allan Poe

i am part of the shaolin sisterhood


I don't only draw, I write poems and stories.

Right now I'm in the middle of writing a series of not-so-short short stories.

I bleed for those who like a naughty blood doll. I still Love you Luciel.

Feel Free to Visit this site before you leave to learn a bit more about me:

Thank you wanderer for visiting me. Take care... and watch your neck... 'cause I'll be shoving my fangs into it later. Tah Tah!

Age: 23Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 9

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 44°40.572'N 78°43.326'W

Place of living: Canada - Ontario

Town: Toronto

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: No

Favorite URL:

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gameschatemail
graphicsmusicstrategy games

gothgrungeheavy metal
new ageoperaprogressive metal

Other interests
bookscatschasing the preferred sex
crime storiesdancingdrinks
partypoetryrole playing

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: fit

Height: 152

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