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Name: Andrew



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Me and Emily again
Paste this in a message and respond to them. It'll be fun and a good way for people who want to talk and don't have a reason.

[1.Did you message me just because of how i look?]
[2.If i had something stuck in my teeth would you tell me?]
[3.Do you have a crush on me?]
[4.If you're gonna be my friend i'd wish you to be with my siblings too. Could you deal with that?]
[5.What do you think of my family?]
[6.Do you cyber?]
[7.Do you smoke?]
[8.Could you keep a secret?]
[9.What's your fav color?]
[10. Would You ever date me?]
[11. would you ever fuck me?]
[12. Do you think im hott?]
[13.Are you going to put this up your house to see what im gonna say about you? and if so, do you want me t


Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Very High
Schizoid: Moderate
Schizotypal: Very High
Antisocial: High
Borderline: Very High
Histrionic: Very High
Narcissistic: High
Avoidant: High
Dependent: Very High
Obsessive-Compulsive: High

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1: Name: Andrew
2: Nickname: rocky,rocks,stone,andy,the plunderer,socks
3: Country of living: USA
4: Birthdate: 03/15/1988
5: Height: 6'2
6: Eye color: Brown on the inside hazel on the outside
7: Shoesize: 10
8: School/work: High school
9: You smoke: not once
10: Hobby's:too many...
11: siblings: 5 brothers 4 older 1 younger
12: Relationship: Emily
13: Piercing(s): never
14: Tattoo: nope
15: Favorite Country to go to: Mexico was fun but dirty
16: Are there people you won't reply to?: not unless they're stupid!
17: Nicest person you met this year:well there was...and then there was...i got nothin
18: Person you rather not have met this year: Matt
19: Who would you like to meet: SANTA!!! and the girl in my dreams :-)
20: Who do you admire most: Jesus Christ...super star
21: Most sexy person: the swimsuit contest is next thursday I will decide then (see me for sign ups)
22: Favorite Pajamas(clothes to sleep in): cotton tagless t and my blue running shorts
23: Favorite Car: Silver Viper or red maybe yellow
24: Favorite Movie(s):...I'll get back to ya on that
26: Favorite City(s): WOO HOO BOSTON YOU'RE MY HOME
27: Favorite Plush: Douglas...long story
28: Favorite Perfume: w/e she wears is fine
29: Favorite Magazine: the flyer for my latest hobby
30: Favorite sound: there is a bird but i dunno what it is
31: Favorite TV-series: Greg the bunny, Alf, DINOSAURS!!! lol showing my age
32: Favorite Writer: ME!!!
24: Favorite Nickname: Rocks maybe
34: What is on your mousepad: I'm on my mouse=no mousepad
35: What all is under your bed: BOOGY MEN!!!
36: Favorite color: Blue
37: Favorite Song ever:...
38: Favorite song at this moment: All these things that I have done
39: Favorite food: popcorn chicken
40: Favorite class in school: TV production
41: Favorite drink: Strawberry smoothie
42: Lucky numbers: 3 and 32
43: What do you think is the greatest thing about yourself: nothing...I suck
44: What deodorant do you use: Right Guard extreme sport cool peak
45: Favorite shoes: Nike excelerator
46: What time do you go to bed on weekdays: whenever i want
47: What word do you use most: Fuck and Love, both 4 letter words
48: Most romantic moment in your life:too many to count I am a hopeless romantic
49: Most embarassing moment in your life: when i fell in the ceptic tank, when i hung myself, all those times i pissed myself...too many
50: Would you rather spend your time, inside or outside: outside usually
51: What do you do in the weekends: work and go to the designated parents house
52: What class on school do/did you dislike most: Chem
53: Your Breakfast:if i eat it.. its normally a bagle or some kind of breakfast bar
54: What do you really, really dislike to eat: pussy...i mean umm yeah pussy lol
55: Pets: 2 cats and a fish and whatever is under my the moment
56: Laugh or dream: dream
57: Serious or funny: depends..
58: Fast or slow: fast fast woo woo
59: You prefer being alone or have relationship with someone: Relationship
60: Simple or complicated?: why cant things ever be simple
64: Cremate or Buried when you die: frozen
63: Stay up late or go to bed early: depends
64: Light or dark?: dark
65: Speak or Silence: Depends on the
66: Do you like a Tall or small man: hello...not gay like shorter girls though
67: Newspaper or Television: Television
68: Hug or kiss: kiss
69: Happy or Sad: Happy but i tend to like being sad
70: Life or Death: death probably at the moment
71: Gig or Disco: shake your groove thang baby
72: Left or Right: Right
73: Sausages on top, or on the side: assuming you are not talking about gay sex...i like my sausage on the side with syrup
74: Brunetts or Blondes:depends how stupid they r and what i want em for
75: What would you ask God if you could ask him 1 single question: why me
76: You believe in reincarnation?: of the body not the soul
78: When you die, what will be your last words?: YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!! no I will probably say I love you and I am sorry to my wife
79: Does true love exist: skeptical
80: How many kids would you like to have: at least 3 or more
81: What is the one thing you can't stand: ppl that are STUPID!
83: Worst feeling(S) in the world: being heartbroken...having anything put near my ass do not enter exit only thank you for your cooperation
84: What are you afraid of: oh come on i know this one..umm...i overcame the only two fears I had making me fearless i guess the only thing that scares me is being alone...but...i am
85: are you a emotional person: yes
86: Do you ever cry during a movie:yes if I am alone and I will never admit to it
87: Your goal in life: to make everyone happy, and make their life worth living
88: What was the promise you made to yourself at new years eve: didnt make one
89: Favorite art-artist: ?
90: As what animal would you like to reincarnate: golden eagle
91: What is the best part of a!!!
92: Whats the best part of a girl: ass boobs legs and anything clean shaven i like the soft smooth skin
93: Most original place to ask your love to marry you: in a porta potty at a town fair or rest area (u said original not romantic)
94:What do you think of Elftown: Sketchy
95: Is there something you miss about elftown: it is too sketchy now
96: Where did you get this question list: I stole it from a friend
97: Besides elftown, what do you do most on your PC: I dont have a PC I have a mac thanks PC sucks ass
98: Is there a question you missed in this all: I dunno.

1) That haunted you?: Mom
2)That you wanted to kill: Jay in cold blood
3)That you laughed at?: Emily
4) That laughed at you?: Emily
5) That turned you on?: Emily
6) You went shopping with?: Emily
7) That broke your heart?: Emily
8) To disappoint you?: Emily
9) To you asked out?:Emily
10) To make you cry?: Emily
11) To brighten up your day?: Emily
12) That you thought about?: Emily
13) You talked to through IM?: Emily
14) You saw a movie with?: Emily
15) You talked to on the phone?:Emily
16) You saw?: Emily
17) You lost?: Emily
18) You thought was completely insane?:People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones...
19) You wanted to be?: Anyone but me
20) You told off: Emily
21) You trusted?: Ashley and Emily
22) You turned down?: kaylyn


1) Smiled?: today
2)Laughed?: today
3)Cried?: few weeks ago
4)Bought something?: today
6)Were sarcastic?: today
7)hugged someone?: today
8)Talked to an ex?: today we r all rly good friends still
9)Watched your fave movie?: dont have one
10) Had a nightmare?: last night
11) Talked on the phone?: today
12)Listened to the radio?: today
13)Watched TV?: yesterday
14)Went out?:? last night
15)Were mean?: today
16)Sang?: today
17) Saw a movie in a theater?: few weeks ago
18)Said "I love you"?:Today
19) Missed someone?: all the time
20)Fought with a family member?: all the time
21) Fought with a friend?: don't remember
22)Had a serious conversation?: today
23)Got drunk?: not a sip in my life
24)Had sex?: never
25) Been kissed?: Today...every day


(261)Whos your best girlfriends?:Kate and Liz and Becca Ashley Emily
(262)Whos your best guy friends?:Dan Larry Greg Jon
(263)Where do you hang out?: depends on my mood
(264)Best looks?: contest on thursday...
(265)Best hair?: I'm a guy...nuff said
(266)Best eyes?: refer to question number 265 for answer
(267)Most trusted by you: Emily
(268)Tallest?: ME
(269)Shortest?: Becca she is like 4'10
(270)Best friends for ever and ever?: Kate and Ashley and Emily
(271)Smartest?: Ashley
(272)Pyromanic?: ME!!!!!!
(273)Tolkienish?: say wha?
(274)Style?: Emily
(275)Funniest?: me
(276) Serious?: me
(277)Can keep secrets?: Me
(278) Favorite weather: SUNSHINE!!!
(279) Favorit song: didnt we already ask this and how does this have to do with my friends
(280)favorit color: refer to question 279 for answer
(281)favorit sound: thunder and rain
(282) Astrological sign: Pices



a few things by me...


death defies us these faces like going to places up in the sky surrounded in shadows with nothing to see nothing is nowhere would you please let me be somewhere in the dark sky jump off a cliff now i can fly see who you want to be where you want to be it's me everything i go everywhere i do everything and start anew i know some blissful hell duranged beings are doing well leave me here first and foremost away from it all let me fall let it all go away don't stay forget it all go away


and now I've been confronted by those voices in my past ever talking whispering of things that couldn't last now I see you standing there your hand upon my door strike me down and kill me swift then lay me on the floor searching for lies has brought you here and the truth has brought you back sinister cubicle hides me from the rest but I am not perfect I am not the best I am but a virgin in this jaded life of lies I'm standing here you lay me down and then we start to cry I stand here naked grasping your heart trying to hold together trying not to fall apart you've stripped it all away you've stripped it all away I clutch it tight in my grasp and just won't let it go though you are already gone but we are going in the same direction going in the same direction and the pain will always stay some never lie but I am so alert kiss away my pain you sick and vile being cause I am stuck in limbo stuck smack dab in between cut this out away from me just wait and let me bleed take it all away and take it all away and take it all away from me

(falling down)

i'm fallin down on the ground you step over me you try to set me free and i fall down all around you step all over me why won't you let me be
in the voices of the mountains away from here and in the voices of the mountains they howl they scream your fear
in the power of the winderness why won't you let me be in the power i can get over this i can get over why won't you set me free
and now i'm down oh so far down down on the ground down on the ground i'm so alone you step all over me i'm alone but it won't let me be
the voices rise up on eagles wings you lay me down you set me free we all rise up rise up on eagles wings i realise now you will not let me be
fly away from here to somewhere i belong kill away my fear and die where i'm alone
silence breaks the endless cold of solidtude of destidude silence is the only way to get your mind to stay


I want to talk
But I don't know what to say
I move my lips
I guess they don't move the right way
I want you to come
I want you to stay
I want your love
But there's nothing I can say

Time won't tell
These mysteries lie
You'll ditch me for a
Popular guy
I never meant
For you to misconstrue
But just for a moment back there
It was all about you

I can't think
See everything around me
It doesn't make sense
But then what does
When your all alone
in the darkened dusk
where no one can here you scream
but it melts away
with all the bad
it was all just a real bad dream

can anyone hear me now
is anyone there
can you feel it
do you care
can you see me in your dreams
or do you look away when you hear me scream


How can you smile while I cry? How can you live when I want to die? How can you move on when my world is standing still? How come I love you but you, you never will? Why are the days always so cold? Why do I always want to fold? Why are you with him if you said you love me? Why is nothing ever meant to be? Why am I trapped and you are free? Why are you doubtful when I believe? Why don't you believe that I grieve? Why do I want to fly into the sky and let time pass me by? Why do I want to fall asleep and curl up until the day I die? Why is the thing that kills me the thing that makes me feel alive? Why do my tears fall when your eyes are dry? Why do I care when you are never there? Why don't you ever care? Why am I chilled by the darkness of your stare? Why does this blindness make me so aware? Something from nothing you do it on a dare? But anyone and no one, why does no one care?

(Ashley's Poem)

As I look up at the stars above they say your name to me my love to peer off into the endless night I wish you were here to fly away with me here lost in the moonbeams shine through your hair your eyes glisten like a cool mountain spring here in my arms is where you belong to feel my heart and my breath never so perfect so long and I wish apon a falling star that this moment might last forever but sooner than not you are swept away to your high castle tower to await the day I am with you again and make everything perfect to love you again


all these images flash before my eyes decisions my life defies the way I go my choice my path if I go the wrong way I feel the wrath but it's my life I'd better go and do something that no one will ever know I do it for me I do it for others but nothing really matters in the end fate brings us to hell so you better live it well I like to hide away and let it all go by just live without having to live just let it pass me by my thoughts entangled for this instant the confusion has stopped but I'm still here I don't know where to go being taken with the endless tide I wish I had control but you know oh don't you know these bold faced lies they all come back to hurt you in the end it all blends in life's concoction take it in and leave me here to live out the rest of eternity 


I have this cold feeling of anguish as everything I never had gets ripped away from me and the tears flow from my eyes as I realize I will never have more then what I have now somehow the nothingness has turned into everything my life is gone my pride is gone and I've no reason left to live if thought otherwise speak up now for everything leaves and the skies fall down, tears wash away my fear and replace it with a frown, the pain of knowing it will never be to know the only one I will ever have is me as I sit here I cry, I die, I lie to myself saying things will be alright well I'm done lying, down to crying let it all fall down

(For Morgan)

people all around and thoughts forgotten i can't see where i am going any more but the path leads me through the dust close your eyes and wade through blood ancle deep and the sky is red like the ground you walk on now i'm laying still it must have been a pill or something wrong because i'm just drifting away drifting away and no matter what i see it all comes back to me and it's all just drifting away


the tears flow like blood from my eyes the rain washes away all that i love and leaves only what i despise the scent of life keeps bothering me and bringing it all back again now i need love to get me through but i am blind and it is no where to be found i don't even know my name as i hide in shame god has forsaken me and all that was real is gone again drain my secret sorrows with food and love 
songs leave me alone now i am right where i belong

(Angel After Midnight)

Angel after midnight
I'm dreaming in the dark
Thinking by the candle light
Cupid's arrow hit its mark
Shining beams of moonlight
Reflecting off your hair
Dream of days of perfect sense
To me you're everywhere

Somewhere you live far and wide
Waiting for the time to come
When no one has to hide
We'll run away from everyone
Take me by the hand
We'll run off to a far away place
And live in a far away land

You never knew how much you mean
You had a vague idea
My endless love will make me scream
For everyone to hear

You don't know how you met me
You don't know what you found
And all the walls they fell away
And landed on the ground

You step on me
To hold you up
With everything I give
Cause I make perfect everything
So you don't have to live

Never enough time
To cry for you
Never enough day for you to stay
Never enough to have everything
Something out there tells me…

(Some Day)

Some day
You'll wish everything away
You'll see us
What can you say
When everything
Washes upon your face
Wipes away the looks of realism
Washes away the pain
Right now
I'm looking at everything
I'm looking at something here in front of me
That washes away all the pain
I'm crying

Where have you gone
My long eternal night
Why have you gone
Disappeared from sight
And now I'm crying
On the floor
With nothing else
I've ever wanted more

You're sleeping
Under your bed
To try to escape
All the visions in your head
A new day
A new way
To look at everything
To see my everything
Lying all my days away
Wondering where you have gone
Wondering how
Just how long
My tears measure you're gone

Some day
Some way
I'll see all the shining stars
Some things
In this life of ours
You've never fell so fast
You always thought that it would last

Yesterday was a new day
Tomorrow it may change
Tomorrow is a new day
To wipe away all the pain
Every day has to be yesterday
Tomorrow never comes
Every day is a lesson learned
It becomes a part of the past

And you're falling
Down beneath
The deepest dark

(Darkness Wings)

darkness wings come over me make me bleed and set me free fly away from solumn thought sing a song of a broken heart sing my soul of love and lust of pride and loss and bring me through to the end of the day to find a way a place to stay

(Music Breathe My Soul)

Music breathe my soul
We will get through this my friend
We'll stick together till we grow old
Together till the end
Breathe the words
For the life of you
Sing like the birds
Never be through
With the strength of the life of the lost
And the partition of greed
Nothing is too great a cost
You never know what you need
Loud music breathe my soul
Drown out my sorrow
Feel the heart of the broken trust
Hand me a broken arrow
Soothe my pain
Oh good old friend
Together till the end
Together till the end
Just make it end
Cool my burning sickness
I am not well
Just don't follow me on this path I took
It's leading me strait to hell
You start to yell but no one hears
Screaming out your darkest fears
Everyone there then they disappear
You were always all alone

(Idiot confusion)

And now the confusion has set in
People all around
Some people
Some things
What I feel
What tomorrow brings
Someone waits for me
And another
Another waits for me
But I can't split
I need only two
I need to be different
But everything is the same
Closer in the heart
Closer in the mind
Closer in the body
How do I even know if it is ok
Still confused about before
Still thinking about what happened
What could have
What did
Just looking for the same thing
What happened and what could have
That is what torments my mortal soul
So stupid how everything repeats
And still I will not learn
I always am


I'm sick of the bullshit
Sick of the lies
Sick of the treachery in
Angel eyes
I'm sick of loving you
I wish you could see
All that came from loving you is


and as I look in your eyes…
I see the darkness with blue
Your looking through me
And I could never see
Your words cut through me
They tend to make me bleed

Your eyes behind my mind
These things you'll never see
How can I make you see
These things you do to me
I took for granted all the times that things were fun
Back when I thought you were
I thought you were the one
But these things have changes
Sometimes it rearranges
I can't forget the days that you were never there
Now I lay on my bed
to the ceiling I stare


and as I look in your eyes…
I see the darkness with blue
Your looking through me
And I could never see
Your words cut through me
They tend to make me bleed

Now I am lost
Yes I'm confused
I really feel
I feel like I've been used
I don't know anything
Or how I feel inside
But now it's over
And now I can see
All I can see
Is that your crushing me……..


and as I look in your eyes…
I see the darkness with blue
Your looking through me
And I could never see
Your words cut through me
They tend to make me bleed


Seven days ago none of this would have happened
Now I breathe for you and I can smell you on your pillow
Suddenly I would give everything for something little
I know I will see you again
This time is not the last
I see you sitting there
Haunted by the ghost of you
Your presence still lingers here
And I just want you home
See me lying next to you
To your shadow that remains
A ghostly silhouette
An empty bed
A missing piece of me
Though I will never reveal all of me
You know me well
You know how I feel
I know you can tell
Taste the fear of a new blood
The angst of my soul's rebellion
Hear my plea
Mother of mercy
Let me be
Take me away from this burning hell
Spill my blood upon the sea
And free me from this cursed spell
To live out the rest of eternity

(My Immortal)-sorry i didn't mean to copy

i feel like i am rising up to the new level of my immortality like all is going down beneath me and i fly to the stars i can see where i have been now and all my problems get smaller beneath me as i leave it all behind i need to leave it behind now and i grow i grow to a new level a higher level raise me up to the top of the world i am being lifted to power i feel it now and it is good

(Tempest Tossed)

i'm stuck in the affection the wisedom lost these faces gone without a cost swirling round the tempest tossed and now i see you we've all been lost hang me from the brightest tree give me life and liberty have a time for someone said i'll be alive but you'll be dead kiss me now and set me free slit me throat and let me be sing a song of lovers lost and see your life all tempest tossed

(Lonely Heart)

I'm so alone the closer I get to anything the further I am away and I am just so isolated so alone you sit there and kiss my shadow the image of my mind of where I was of what I couldn't find sit there and watch me float away you try to grab and you're just too late you let me slip away but you never really cared and nothing is there silent tears run down my face and I know you had to leave this place but nothing isn't nothing any more the ghost of you is lying on the floor cause you just didn't love me any more shine this light upon this heart this heart of mine and show the shadow darkness show my blackened insides burned beyond your touch love is your evil poison I taste it on your lips it passes through my veins and nothing will ever be the same again

(Soul's Ghost)

Screaming darkness of affection
Staring at my own reflection
Getting close but it's all gone
You wonder why I'm scared
Just like that the pieces fly
As I break down and start to cry
Never nothing majesty
Oh did you even notice
How it is your justify
I live for the blade
Crossed by devil's thunder
Claw my eyes you
You savage witch
And kiss away my tears of blood


I can't hear when you're talking
I'm lost in the tides of death
I can't see where I'm walking
Everything is a mess
I can hear the wind blowing
It's singing our song
Singing tunes of broken hearts
And girls who don't get along
Where have the children gone
Into my everywhere
But nothing's ever wrong
When you were here
Yeah, when you were here
Now you can feel the gentle breeze
My lips upon your skin
Something told me nothing's right
No one can win
Have you ever seen the beating heart
So perfect and so true
Have you ever seen the smiling face
That belongs to you
Look around
It's plain to see
That the love of yours
Should belong to me
Now I don't know what's going on but
But I know that it's cold

(Lost in the Wind)

I dried my eyes but I feel dead with nothing spoken so much was said I’m half alive it's a brand new day but feelings of yours are here to stay somehow you are gone your voice lost in the wind slowly floating floating away lost in the wind cry those tears maybe they will wash away your endless fears someday I can feel it will be over now lost in the wind lost in the wind your shadow overlooks my dreams and how things used to be cry those tears and wash me away wash me away all alone wash me away wash me away it's just lost in the wind all I am was lost in the wind

(Alli's Poem)

Eyes like diamonds
Smile of pearl
I'm so happy
You're my girl
Breathing in the summer air
Running through your long blonde hair
Kiss your skin
Your gentle lips
My swaying hands
Upon your hips
I love you like I never could
I feel you like I never should
I miss you like the summer rain
I need you with me
Simple and plain
You're the one I never had
Smile like I'm never sad
It may sound crazy but it's true
My life's worth living because of you


I threw her away
I trashed her with this feeling
And then I start to run away
I rolled my head
I almost lost completely
And nothing seems to go away
Right now
Right now

I never wanted to see you like this
You went and left me no choice
I just keep trying to see you justice
You just keep running away

Right now
Nothing can control you
I crumpled you up and threw you away
Right now
I just want to hold you
But you just keep running and running away

Close my eyes to all the pain
Wash my worries down the drain
Hopes of nothing everything
You were just an invitation

Close me up to bottled fear
Take me away

Salvage all my broken pieces
Make me something new
Sweeping up a broken heart
Why can’t I get that through you

Crumpled up and worn out places
Vile mean and ugly faces
She’s the one who thought of this
It all went down with just one kiss
Kill me now and make me breathe
Your love was just a sick disease


I'm sorry that I hurt you I'm sorry that I lied I'm sorry that I fell asleep and then layed down and cried I'm sorry for your torture for your never ending bliss I'm sorry for my broken heart you make me feel like this I'm sorry that I loved you I know you feel the same I'm sorry that I never felt the coldness in the rain I'm sorry that I'd be there whenever you were sad I'm sorry that your pretty face was nearly always glad but most of all I'm sorry for all I've done for you because all of my commitment will never just be through


it draws on my eternal soul sucking at this empty whole never ending silent bliss kill me now the violent kiss slit me down bleed me out show me what its all about cut me down and leave me dead mess around inside my head hang me there upon a thorn a solemn scent of you once worn make it go and fly away and make this darkness end today

(If I was A Human)

If I was a human would you feel me bleed would you hear my cries would you see me sleep if I was a human would you ever know would you ever see me would I still be alone if I was a human I couldn’t be lost I couldn’t be worried I couldn’t be tossed if I was a human you would all let me be but if I was a human you’d be just like me

(Leave me now)

I know you had to leave me but it hurts me just the same and I wish that all these tears I cried could wash away the pain lay me down to final rest my brain has broken down and I can only think of you on my eyelids I just can't escape your memory and it all was just a turn in history but you told me that you loved me that last time how can you see me smile now that its gone kept alive by your dreams like my fix but its not a cure to your disease and I know you had to go away but it was just so sudden and I wish you could have stayed and I would do anything just to hold you now but its over yeah it's over and your gone history of pain and sacrifice and I know you had to go away but it hurts and I know that its been over but I don't think I can rise today I’ll stay in bed just a little longer just a little longer and it will pass me away your love will pass me away yeah I feel you here beside me and the warmth of your pillow fades forget me now I’m all alone I’ll be ok if you just leave me just to leave me just go home and im lonely here I need you in the darkness but nothing isn’t nothing any more now that your over

(Cry the Stars)

If I could see the stars behind your eyes
you'd take away the pain that makes me cry
come away with everything you need
leave me what it leads me to believe
thunder falls from the sky
beauty dreamers die
cry away the immortal tears
fly away today
because it won't be happening to me
you cut me now but I refuse to bleed
open flesh has been catering to you
but I can't die to live another day
go away leave me now
no I don't need to show you how
to wisp away the cold wind blows
I hear your name
squirming in pain
but nothing's ever happening to me
no nothing's ever happening to me
cry my eyes are broken
silhouette of broken dreams
tears of all that nothing means
take away tonight
sleep away tonight

I closed my eyes and the sky fell down
my world came down around me
I realised what was all around
is a broken mystery
I lived my life I was all alone
when everyone was around me
but no matter what i feel alone
the lonlelyness surrounds me
seven days of the horror show
but who needs love
they'll rip you up and they'll tear you down
from up above


I hate people I hate life I’ll find my freedom on this knife I’ll slit me open head to chin I’ll show you all that lies within I’ll squeeze the blood the lust the life one final thrust I twist the knife it burns my skin that slowly tore no one helps I locked the door I fall down silent just like that the blood around me made a splat now it's over plain to see my pain has ended watch me bleed


and i don't know how to tell you no i dont know how to tell you that i'm thinking of you tonight my eyes lifted and everything was gifted stars above me know you love me i've been thinking where are you going tonight my love i never really thought you'd go away and now my heart is breaking now my heart is breaking apart kiss me now before you go away and never let it leave me never let it leave me kiss my life away for today

(Broken Melody)

your river runs so warm tonight
it always runs so deep
and everyhting so close to me
that i can hardly sleep
shadows of the ghost of you
are haunted by my past
my heart could never let you go
our love that didn’t last
singe the fire broken hearth
and clean your empty soul
fill it up and wash it down
this solumn empty hole
your wishes are the wonders of
my own cold hearted wish
but if it’s really what they tell me
you’re just another fish
so how is it i sink here
in the water i can’t breathe
and watching you I float away
because you would never leave
sick little fantasy
of everything went wrong
i closed my eyes and there you were
but everything was gone
strike me down to pick you up
because there’s no other way
spinning circles round and round
the sheets on which we lay
i’m sorry that i leave you now
i never meant to cry
never meant to break away
and never meant to die
something just keeps burning
in my ever great beyond
i just want to understand you
find a place where i belong
now kiss me like you never did
you never could before
and love me here no matter what
and never close the door


i thought i was in love before
a couple times with the girl next door
that was a crying shame
watch all my dreams go down the drain now
she had a pretty face
always won the first place
she kissed me on that night
we’d just continue fighting

my dreams are gone
my burning long for you
it seems we had it’s true
my life’s around
your aching bleeding now
and i can’t bring you back
swing swing around the room
the lights all flashing
people crashing through
your pretty face
one more mistake
around my life
around your mood

you never noticed
why i’m waiting
why i’m crying
i’m just anticipating you
you never saw my tears of blood
they flow around your precious heart
but now it’s over
now it’s over
and my world has fall apart

kiss me slowly
watching everyhting
throw it all away
i can’t be with you any more
so you best turn around
and head right out that door
and if it hits you don’t come back
cause my everything
is everyhting you lack

breathe me away
breathe me away from here
and watch this settle down
breathe me the starlight of your hunger
but just dont bring me down
dont breathe your hunger breather your hunger
just dont bring me down

(Seven Fold)

only lonely when i saw your face cast aside and lost in outer space dream away your endless night but i'm bound and broken to this fight do what you need and nothing more fuck those guys you little whore and you'll come back you always do but i wont be here waiting for you laugh it now the endless touch i never knew it hurt so much but leave me now to heal your pain and watch it ll go down the drain fill me up this empty hole hold me now till i grow old warm me up but it's still cold in the outer reaches seven fold


i’m staring at the ceiling
a knocking at the door
i’m thinking bout the many times
that i’ve screwed up before
there isnt sence in crying
i know you wont come back
i close my eyes to fall asleep
but i’m awoken with a smack
reality has found me
and i’ve been bad before
you’re ever knocking endlessly
there’s no one at the door
i’ve slipped into the silence
whipe away my tears
lie with me the solitude
and kiss away my fears
and things will never be ok
oh no it can’t be right
every conversation
always ended in a fight
so i sit here with me cellphone
about to call you up
to tell you that i’m all alone
to try to cheer you up
where have i been going
what is it that i’ve found
i found it now i’ve woken up
and landed on the ground
but you you never hurt me
at least from what you see
and you you never fell asleep
just living in your greed
so what have you become now
my dark cold evil bliss
the ever growing nothingness
is everything but this


she screams blindly in the darkness
but no one was around
nobody could see her
so there was not a sound
on her knees she’s begging you
she’s begging not to leave her
but everyone around you
but everyone who’s listening is gone

kiss her lips apon your cheek
been sittin crying
since last week
slowly dieing
no one around you
slowly dieing
no one’s found you
and everything you heard
and everything you said
no one’s listening now
and you don’t know how
it could be over

now she’s laying in the sand
i never seemed to understand
the way she whispers
with the waves
slowly dieing
slowly dieing

echo echo
the echo on my mind
of all the whispers
gentle whispers
of all the things i’ve lost in time


you were everything i needed but i never knew i had everything that held me close whenever i was sad you were everything to tell me when just everything went wrong and everything that brightened up and then broke out in song you were everything that loved me with everything you said and everything i've ever been you're deep inside my head and everything you aught to be and every thing you are with every time i hold you tight you are my shining star

(One month forever)

i woke up in the morning
thought of your face
turned on the tv
what a disgrace
i did what i do
went to bed around nine
will i ever see tomorrow
will it ever be mine

looked in the mirror
it was half past ten
it’s time to go out
and do it again
i looked at your smile
and i fell to the ground
that big gentle smile
like peace, safe and sound

then i look at the wall
take a look at the day
it’s been three weeks
it was half past May

hours led time
and the smile increased
just sat there for days
or hours at least

i woke up again
did the same as before
put on a smile
as i walk towards your door
and you held my hand
put my hand on your hips
we could lie in the sand
kiss your sweet gentle lips

now it’s been a month
just the same as before
i’ll keep eyes in front
for many many more
a love for the willow
who will never fall down
rest my head on your pillow
nice and warm, safe, and sound


i can see the passion in the rain as the sky falls down i hide in pain i held you up so you could see we all fall down cause we can't breathe the whistle howl follows through my mangled pieces chop this brew so kiss the tears of liquid skin and taste the fear that lies within and cast my heart apon thine stone then leave me broken all alone


Age: 23Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 15

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Halfling

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Elfwood writer: Yes

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