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Enigmatic slipstream (...)

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Name: Albert Francois Neethling  !!remember this name!!!!



God is NOT incontroll...on earth...

****ok ok...the QUESTION u always ask me or most of the "were was God..." were was He when I went through this, were was he when that person died and so i can go on and on... and u know what I also asked that question...its human 2 ask and im human 2 ask it...but with a relationship with God u come at a piont were this questions gets answered and revealed....its something not said with words but its at the heart of u...ok...but u still want a answer..and i always say 2 u that look God wont take free will away...He gives every one a choise in life...even that rapist of u...he gave him a choise 2 rape u or not..and i promise u if he was a christian he woundt have raped,but enyway...god wount take that man or womans choise away because that will make Him a lier,because were will our choise be then,were will our freedom be,so thats one way of explaining it 2 u, but 2 day i heard the best thing ever...and its so true, you want 2 know were God was when ur friend died and when that thing hapend 2 u.......He was exactly were He was when His own son died on a cross for all of us.... and thats the hard reality!!!!******

my sis said 2 me that she went 2 the dockter and the docter said that he found me in her heart and as long as im there she will be just was so sweet!! luv yea Megs!!

MY GOD LIVES!!!!!! He is all i ever had and will have..and so little of u can understand that or ever know how it feels because u love 2 blame...get more of alife..plzz... i understand now that it is either Him or death for me... something u wount understand either..or not all of u...enyway ALL PRAISE TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALL OF IT!!!

here we stand... face 2 face with the enemy.. it is a dark night and the sun is about 2 breack the silence... a scream of victory is heard in the croud... i smile at U... U look down at me a... i can see Ur fire in Ur eyes...ur glory thats comes from ur in such a battle... there was so much death, so many gave up, so much grieve on both lines...i worked myself up 2 the for lines,it took me years and years...i wanted 2 stand by the right hand side off the rider on the white horse... the one who gave life 2 all...

*as the blade came down he saw her face in the beautyfull light...his eyes told a tale of agony and pain,but most off all a tale of freedom... he never died that day...-William Wallace!!!

an unexpected encounter ,someone whom i seen before
a special kind of person i knew this
she's more than pretty and she knows the abyss
i was so glad she walked through my shop door

she felt at one for at least a while
more than interested in words
by far not away with the birds
and she has a unique kinda style

taking in what she took in
i knew she knew me
she saw right through me
she felt it from within

a smile i reckonised from me
her swaying with delight
now feeling more than bright
i think she would agree

i await the day she will return
so we can feel some more
ease one anothers sore
as we both are eager to learn...

***Hope has a place in my heart***

Age: 33Year of birth: 1985Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 9

Gender: male
Elftownworldmap 26°13.380'S 28°11.004'E

Place of living: South Africa

Town: Pretoria

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Height: 193

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