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CrimsonDarkness (Help Help! I'm being repressed!)

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This is me reciting a poem I wrote at my friends' rennaisance style wedding. I'm in the elvaan outfit. I'm trying not to cry. They are trying not to cry... It so didn't work out that way. Look! I have a sword!

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I'm one of the Donors of Art, and I am one of the Halloween Poets!

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The Druid
[Laying underneath the stars of the northern sky, I watch you look in amazement as fireflies dance and sway to a song only they can hear. They create a low eerie light by which I can just see the shimmer in your eyes from the shooting stars high above. You look like a child, new to the splendor of nature's gift. How sweet it must be to experience such divinity for the first time. Welcome to my home.
In the excitement, you chuckle to yourself. How could you have lived so long without such wonders? I look at you, then to the sky as clouds dot out the stars for a short time. Such magnificence. It feels like the stars are falling in my chest. Warm and beautiful.
In a hurry, you jump to your feet and grab my hand. Pulling me up while leading me, in pure happieness, you run to a nearby lake that we were over looking on our hill. You kneel to look closely at the water. A silent and still pool gleams before you with the reflection of every speck of light shining from the heavens.
"This is amazing! You live here?"
"Yes," I reply, "I tend to this land and keep it's peace without the fear of urban interruption. The will of the forest is my life."
"More! I want to see more."
"Then follow me," I say with a smile.
I take your hand in mine. "Run," I whisper. With a sudden burst of speed, we run down the trails that surround the lake. I laugh to myself as you stumble to keep your footing in the twilight lit paths that I know by heart. My heart is pounding with excitement to show you the Earth Mother's beauty. In a spread of a moment you take your glance off of your feet to look around at the etherial shadows cast by the light of the cosmic display above, and trip.
Quickly, I react. Spinning on my heels I turn suddenly and catch you on top of me as we land to the ground. A thud and a moan.
You look in terror at me. "Oh my god! Are you ok?!" I pick myself up and smile intently at you. "I'm fine."
I quickly turn around to catch my barrings while navigating the night sky. This is as good as any place.
Taking your hand, I hold it palm up. I cradle it in mine for a long moment and gaze into your eyes. Questioningly, you look back and seem almost entranced by the mere sight. I close my eyes and face the sky. A crisp wind with the sent of the forest blows between us, but doesnt disturbethe land around. A green shimmer starts to swirl in your hand. You seem frightened and try to pull your hand away, but it is stead fast. Don't run now. You are so close. Stay. Stay with me. The wind picks up and swirls around us. I hear you gasp. I feel your heart pounding. I smell the sweet scent of the mint on your breath as it escapes your lungs.
"Sylph," I whisper. "Come, my darling. Come meet one of another world. One of another faith. One of another life."
The shimmer takes form. A fraile spectre kneels in your hand. The faint smell of the sea surrounds her. The small ghostly woman dances in your hand, her hair but a glowing similarity.
You fall to your knees in amazement. What is this world? She stops and floats to my hands.
You reach out as if your life is escaping you as tears well in your eyes. I take your hand and help you stand. Don't lose it now. Stand your ground. Holding yourself up, hands on your knees, you look up at us. She bows to me and kisses her fingers to me as I lightly blow her off my hand. The ghostly form floats to you stoping before your forehead and gently kisses it as the wind dispells her.
You gasp and whisper, "No...What is this?"
"This is my world. This is the land of the spirits of the forest, water, air, and fire."
"Spirit? That... was a spirit?"
"Sylph to be exact. Come, friend. The dawn chases us."
Nothing Left By:CD
[I tried to imagin you crying.
But it was my eyes the tears fell from.
Such a look of sadness
Surpassing any darkness this world has seen.
The blood on your hands will never fade
And the hole in my chest
A site where poison now dwells
From the love you planted there.
The infections spreads.
And my body numbs.
Emotions slips from my grasp.
The world is now dead to me.
And still you won't cry.
You're too use to this situation.
Many before me now dead inside.
From your tainted touch.
For a while I felt special.
Emersed in your fake attention.
You took what you came for.
And now I'm alone.
So here I sit on the curbside.
Brushing the ashes from my face.
I cried for so long.
All that's left for you is dust.
Dyad Moon By:CD
[The Goddess, divine, shone brightly in the hushed sky. Every cloud seemed to be almost awestricken by her beauty. Each held a safe distance from her as if to frame her. No imperfection could touch her that night.
Two travelers, hand in hand, walked an abandoned trail deep within the thick forest beneath her, immersed in the sacred light of the moon. They sought refuge in only each others’ eyes. Moments passed with silence in the dense wood. Finally she asked her love where he was leading her. He would only look into her eyes, smile his special smile, and shake his head. With a sigh, she let him continue to escort her.
Within moments they were at a serene lake, surrounded by the trees they had just been tromping though. The water was still as stone and no wind offered any sound.
He took both hands and stood before her.
“Goddess above, we come before you on this night of your grace. This esbat marks a new path in our journey of life. This phase, this dyad moon, will mark the beginning of our strengthened bond as lovers and consorts. We ask you, on this night of your moon of couples and lovers that you bless us in our hand fasting.”
She looked at him wide-eyed and tried to mutter the most simple of words, but she could not. He smiled at her thoughtfully and kissed her hand as tears started to run down her face.
“If you want to, I’m ready to start our life together as one. Our love had taken us to the reaches of hell and back and if you would like, I want to take you to the heavens.”
“Yes…..” was all she could whisper.
As if by the blessing of the moon above, that shown perfectly in the lake below, a wind scented of rose and lavender came from across the lake and swirled around them. They both closed their eyes and breathed deep the scents of the night. They held each other close as they both ran over what they would say in their hand fasting.

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