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Doodle of Cydonia (another cog in the murder machine)

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Name: Mrs. Ten Questions


Yah, me trying to look smart, and failing. Miserably.

aboobliboo Check it ooot. Yeah. yeah. YEAH. ye. ah. . P? It's most probably not completed yet because my complutty is slow, just as I am, but, NEVER FEAR! They will be growing like my fingernail when I see Bill Paxton very soon.


Just some crapass crappy crap I did.

Elftown titles and orders
Town DrunkAdventurerTravelling bard


Indeed it does. *runs away with a small stoned kitten named Horse* GO HORSE!!! *dances* *hides him.* Mine.

**Guys, I've moved a lot of stuff to wikis**
aboobliboo - Pictures
Doodle's bored quizzies - Quizzies
Dom of Ran Tings - Quotes
There's Something Hatey About Claytey - Comics...(why, oh WHY do so many people on here have 8 or 88 or 888 in their names??? IT'S EVIL! Is 8, like, the new 6, or something??? Spare me...)
HANS SOLO - the chicken wing - Just facking look

New installment -

I call him Charles. No, Charles. Don't step on the cupboard or shave off your neck, you FOOL. Chet.

IF. Anyone has seen a dark-haired, glasses-wearing trolleyboy called Ben who likes the Pixies and Nirvana, please return to me.

•My name is Doodle. I am medium height, but compared to my giraffe-like friendsome Véra, I look like a hobbit. I had red-brown hair, and bluey-grey eyes, that go green in the dark. Freckles...lots of freckles, dammit.
I play guitar and bass. I have an acoustic gee-tar covered in holographic contact paper that my uncle gave me, and a black and white Tele named Thom Pillichickle. There's a Nerds packet attached to my lip.

-Damian Kulash (any man that looks good, even in mugshots, is worthy of my pure adoration)
-Music, Drawing and Britcoms
-Guitars, Basses
-Friends and Animals, Dragons, Eagles
-Anything black and white (preferably stripy), B&W suits with shirts untucked
-Bright Colours, Spotty Spots O°•o0°Oo•O
-Juice and Alcohol
-Winter, Sleep, good vivid dreams
-The crackly sounds LP players make
-Cold, Dark and Misty Mornings, Stars
-Playing with Plasticine
-Punks, Dark Messy Hair
-Droopy eyes, Brown and Green eyes
-England, Union Jacks, Accents
-Mystery, Magic
-Victorian era anything, 1920s, 1950s, '60s, '70s.
-Sincerity, Trust
-Cookies and Cream anything
-New stationery
-The crinkly sounds filled-up diaries make

-Fakes, Sleazes, Sluts, Shallow little bitches
-Having a word or song or person on the tip of your tongue when you can't work it out
-Sound of nails against a blackboard
-Oliver Stone and his poxy movies
-ET Guards
-Preachers, Ignorance
-Boats and Ships
-Ignorance, Narcissism
-People who steal ideas and personal things just for image and acknowledgement
-Little Kids, Barking Dogs
-Being too fooking CLOSE to people and being touched
-Getting attached
-Biting into lemon pips
-The Smell of Old Egg and Fish
-Depression and people who won't help themselves
-AND THE FACT THAT THE STUPID BASTARDS OVER HERE STOPPED SELLING THE YUMMY! Faschist sods. >=( Haven't had the cherry coke fix for too long...TOOO LOOONG! *twitches and squeaks* POPTARTS ARE GONE NOW, TOO!

•Films that be spacial and fluffy include - Children of Men, V For Vendetta, SECRETARY (see, it's here now, Giney :3), Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Party Monster, BASEketball, A Clockwork Orange, St. Elmo's Fire, Eraserhead, Sid and Nancy, The Butterfly Effect, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Withnail and I, Spongebob, From Dusk Til Dawn, Sin City, Napoleon Dynamite, Kill Bill and Ressy Dogs.
TV shows include GREEN WING, Black Books, The Young Ones AND Red Dwarf. Oh, and Hose. I meant House. Angry Beavers and Rocko's Modern Life, too.

I love music - it be my LIFE. Actually, it be not, for I have nought a life.

*seen live. (Yeah, not many because I suck.)

Spoon *
Franz Ferdinand *
Marcy Playground
The Clash (RIP Joe Strummer! X()
Ed Harcourt (He's brilliant, but highly overlooked and underappreciated. Y'all should take those poles out your ass and listen to his music. He's an absolutely excellent muso and such a sweetie!!! But, like pickled herring and snails, he is an acquired taste, so give him more of a chance than 1 or 2 songs...)
The Presets *
Jak Housden ***
The Beatles
Kaiser Chiefs
Sex Pistols
The Killers *
Damien Rice
Regina Spektor
2Many DJs *
Felix Da Housecat
Robbie Williams *
King Crimson
Paul Vallen **
Special Patrol *
Bertie Blackman
The White Room
The Mescaleros
Big Audio Dynamite (>.<)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Thom Yorke
Artic Monkeys
Bloc Party
Green Day
Mars Volta *
The Hives *
Lior *
Dave McCormack and The Polaroids *
Spiderbait *
Cog **
george *
The Living End **
Dallas Crane (ENARC SALLAD!!!) *
Shihad (formerly known as Pacifier, also formerly known as Shihad once too...Pashicihadifier!! ^^) *
The White Stripes *
Wolfmother *
Faker *
Graham Coxon
Joy Division
New Order
Boomtown Rats
Psychedelic Furs
Julie London
Gerling *
Airbourne *
DVDA (HAHAHA! Man, Trey Parker is sexy)
The Libertines
Fountains of Wayne
They Might Be Giants
Snow Patrol
Aphex Twin
The Lovin' Spoonful
Johnny Cash
Elvis Presley
Basement Jaxx
End Of Fashion
Sigur Rös
The Verve
The Strokes
System of a Down
Mark Murphy *
The Flaming Lips
Jamie Cullum
Michael Buble
Thirsty Merc
The Avalanches
Le Tigre (I've not seem them live, but I HAVE seen whatsername manly keyboard player with Peaches :3)
Scissor Sisters
Polyphonic Spree
Tripping Daisies
Foo Fighters
Ben Folds Five
Smashing Pumpkins
The Cure
The Offspring
Tool *
Machine Gun Fellatio
Electric Six
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
David Bowie
Frank Sinatra
Nancy Sinatra
The Badloves
Ben Kweller
...there are more.

Other bands I've seen (that matter) -
Iggy and the Stooges
Kings of Leon
Peaches and Herms
Digital Primate
Little Birdy

FINALLY! This is me with Matt Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme from Muse. The quality's really dodgy (and my face looks crap), but you get the point. They were there and I hugged them and FUCK IT WAS SO AMAZING! Chris was so nice. ^^ *swoon* HA.
GO HERE - The Almighty Muse Maniacs

•We used to have rats who'd rather have eaten cushions than deformed hazlenut...they were odd ones...they’d sit there cleaning each other, then randomly start eating hair or something they’d find on themselves...but, they died. =(
Now we have two rats - SMU (Self-Manouvering Unit) and Devon. They’re almost identical.
Smu did a backflip earlier. It was funny.
Yes/no. Æ?

~ <- Doodle.

•Daing...I thought carrots went clear when they were dry, but it was a piece of plastic. Also, never stick your arm out of a moving car to grab a floppy tree branch. It doesn't matter how slow the car's moving, it still hurts. And leaves a bruise. O.o

~ <-Another Doodle.

Now, one last thing. If you decide to message me just to pay me out and tell me I'm a freak and such, DON'T FUCKING BOTHER...It has come to my knowledge that there are those common-bred out there (like [Xx SeXi GaL xX]...hell, just add happy, or something else and you can stereotype yourself even more! :D wow!) actually get great pleasure out of doing it, so before you even try, don't. There is a great chance I won't reply and even if I do, it's simply because you're being horrid and are annoying me like the worms you are and I just feel the urge to tell you to piss the hell off. But that is only in desperate circumstances. Best way to avoid that? Realise that if I don't reply I hate you and don't want to waste my time replying to your boring, unoriginal payout-infected messages. Unless you truly do want to talk to me, leave me alone.
Oh, and I don't cyber. Go find other desperate jerk-offs on here who are interested having fun little conversations you. They do nothing for me. After falling for it the first time (yes, I admit I did it just for the humour value once upon a time...bah. Leave me alone), I have realised just how tragic it is. So just don't message me, okay? Once again, I just won't reply...and if I do, don't tell me to fuck off (like [dfsf]), ok? It's sad that you actually bother just seem even more desperate than firs thought. AH! I JUST REALISED HE'S TURKISH! Well, that explains it all.
Okay, that's my little bitch for this evening.
And, yes, names have been mentioned, simply because these people are so pathetic I want people to take heed and not talk to them. (Unless you're a bitchy, desperate cyberer like them...) WTF is wrong with Elftown at the moment, anyway??? Two dodgy hits in one night. It's sad. This is a site to make friends and mess around with your art and stuff. Not to piss people off and hit on them when you live thousands of km away from each other. Keep it in mind, people. Sorry to ramble on, but this is really starting to shite me off.
Good afternoon, Good evening and goodnight.

Aaaaaaahahahahahaha. It's really funny when people message you and tell you you're not good enough to be on here when...a) They have nought a thing on their page except from a few favourites, lalala and all their description says is something around the lines of, 'slim, good looking' and b) back to the whole typical name thing...'baby', 'virgin', whatever else those stupid idgets can only just muster up from their piddly, little tosspot heads.
And if you INSIST on writing to me, at least reply to what I write - even if it is a little too much for your minda-minds to wrap themselves around. Don’t get my hopes up before dropping them, just as quickly as your pants/skirts do when you’re turning tricks on the corner and whatnot.
I have one thing to say to you all - SMEG OFF YOU RECTUM-FACED PYGMIES!!!
Thankyou, come again...well, actually don't. You're all tosspots and I hate you.
That applies to ALLLL of you, but especially you Turkish cockheads...I'm not being racist here, but for fuck's sake!!! There's a conspiracy or something!!! Stop messaging Madz and I and whoever else you do...stop asking for photos and webcam you freaky stakers! You're all a bunch of bumbags, GAH! messing with my head...

I had the pleasure of meeting this rabbit in real life, so there...small stumps.

Poll time!
You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll change your life. So take it. Take it now...or not.

Right. Now, tell me...whats the big fucking deal with Nightwish??? Just because they have some trained opera singer in their group (which is oh-so-rebellious and original...NOT) does NOT instantly make then cool...while these pathetic dumbasses are lapping up all this barely-deserved attention and fame, heaps of other under-appreciated groups are being looked through. I admit she (meaning the lead singer....don't know what her name is nor do I really give a crap..) does have an okay voice...But they're like any other typical new-age metal band.
So remember...(unless you're my friend) just because you listen to Nightwish doesn't mean you're makes you a fucking sheep (once again, unless you're my friends...yes, I am biased) because you obviously think that they're so amazing and liking them makes you incredibly cool and different. Well, sorry guys, IT DOESN'T. Just like people who hate popular music say they like Nirvana. Nirvana, as okay as they may be, have to be one of the most popular bands of all time so don't go giving me that crap about how you're so induvidual and hate all popular stuff, yet you love Nirvana. To be honest, I have a small soft-spot for Nirvana too, but I admit they're popular..I like Green Day, for fuck's sake!!! I'm admitting I like some (SOME being the operative word) mainstream crap...I hate myself for it, but I do. I'm sure you can all bite back and say you like Nightwish because you genuinely like the music. Good for you...this isn't directed at you so much..just those people who think they're so hardcore because they *like* them. I had a friend (she's my mortal enemy now..) who decided to go goth and brag to people that she cut herself and could talk to ghosts just because she wanted to stand out from everybody else. Attention seekers. I fucking hate them. Now, I'm not saying that everybody who cuts themselves or is depressed or whatever is doing it for attention, cuz I am prone to depression maiself and, well, yeah. But, there are those ones that go around TELLíNG everyone...and it's so fake and boring and stupid and pathetic and we don't give a flying fuck so SHUT the HELL UP!!!
...btw, sorry to my friends who like Nightwish...I still like you. I promise... :P
Ok. It was nice to finally get that out... :)
Ooh, jeez...that wasn't intended to be so long...and this wasn't written to offend people, I just had to get that out and as I wrote it isn't pointed directly at every Nightwish fan...

Oh, and has anyone else realised how all these stupid teenybopper entertainers are suddenly trying to turn hardcore? They should give it up. They have their image and it ain't going anywhere. No one is going to suddenly think Kelly Clarkson or Hilary Duff or Ashlee Simpson are punk rockers or shit like that. Well, at least making this false image to make us think they are...either way they still suck. Just like us real punks or goths or whatever else are slowly being drowned by this sudden rush of stupid 12 year olds thinking it's so cool to be a goth, 'so I'm, like, gunna, like, go goth cuz I'll be, like, sooooo hardcore! Omg!!! *shakes hands* I'll look, like, such a rebel!' It's sad. I mean we don't generally try to be different, but when all these stupid little 'uns do it not because they genuinely want to, just for popularity or any other reasons, it's annoying. It is nice to retain some induviduality. It's becoming some kind of cult. LEAVE US ALONE!!!

I am | ONE of those ANNOYING [t a r t s] who writes [.completely.] INCOMPREHENSIBLE confusssing crap! WOW. |

How can people fucking stand to write like that? It takes half a century to do it, and just looks retarded. Get a life, you backward gits.



fear the raccoon boy Yesh...this wiki has no real purpose I don't tink...'t was originally created for Ed Harcourt, but tat won't really happen, cuz I believe I am the only person on here who likes the man... :P Ah, well...join anyhoos, cuz 'tis just a fun, little place...nice and cosy and brown. Oh, with a small touch of orange.

Yesh, I'm a PROUD MEMBER of the stripey scarf society. Yesh, I'm a geekgirl, but shut up. I like it. ^-^

black books fanatics Because yeah. For fans of the BRITCOM series. Not sex books.

Join my oh-so-spacial wiki, Whitlams Loonies. So there you go...As Madz says, 'Tim will kill you oneday.' Yeah. He smells like lemmings.

(Image deleted by the smelly Clayton guards) <- APPARENTLY you can't have two images per wiki. ¬¬
anyway, we were all dancing and drinking lemon juice and was really fun...then, after the pub closed, we were all outside and everyone was gunna go back to one of their houses to have fun and of them asked me if i wanted to come and i was like, 'no.'!

The Elftown Mafia I'm a spy, so out, or...or...I'll keep tabs on you with my magical binoclias of lookingness. (`O-O´)

I also started The Almighty Muse Maniacs, as I mentioned earlier (sort of).
They are sexier and better and nicer and taller and whiter than you'll ever be.

Little bitches on ET I want to sex up madly. (and friends)

[Jemmy] Well. What can I say. You just ooze the cool, you spectacular little man, you. *gives you a friendly slap with a haddock* Oh, and you're one of the few people that doesn't fuck around with my feelings and bitch about me behind my back! Love love love! =) xoxox
[VeraAda] - Move, actualleh. YOU CAN DERELIQUE MY BALLS, VEREK! =P You know I love me. HA! But, well, yay. You and I share a spacial psychic link that's so strong even our eyelashes can feel the love. Have my babies, Véra. Have them now. You green-eyed monster of collages, smartness and sex. You are the sex. MY sex (not Dan's, so there.) Tropical froot-poops. SHITE, I mean loops. Tropical froot-loops. (I almost did it again, GAH!) Mwa, mwa, *sticks head next to yours* eeerrrggghhh!!! You're a titbrain and I love your toe in all it's kind of bigness, but not.
[Madzeri] - Maddles is a special little creature. She likes Nutella and small dogs called Hobbes that I still insist John E. Radic looks like. MAAAADLACIOUS IS MY BITCH! Oi, meet me at the hotel at 7, okay? Room 446... ;) *ticks* Madz. YOU'VE GOT THE BEST HAIR! ...and the cleanest hands! ...and the newest pick!!! WAFFERRR THIIIN!!!!
[ll] - my brotherly poppyseed muffin! Teehee...he's, lahk, all bum lahk!
[n00bymcn00bn00b] - My curly cousin. She's blonde and laughs funny. Kinda goes, 'A-*really high pitched* haaaaaaaaaa!' It's gold stuff.
[risglass] - My dearest Vamps! Dying for 2006!
[blonde_princess] - Bec! We named our boobs together, eee! She's known me since I was still a foetus and she's one of my closest pals EVAAAH. (Brahthaaah.) My personal Jessica Simpson (even though I hate J.S) Well, really, no. Because we seem to have more of a thing with that Ashlee chick than ol' Jess. (Not that we like it, but...) YOU MAKE ME WANNA LALA!!!!!!!! Oh, memories. Good and bad. Becca, I love you more than Ben, HA! <3
[Wretched Child] - Nayana!!! My one true Finnish friend...well, I lie. She's truly startish. XP

...I'm not sure.
and...Look. I have a wonky eye. Look. Look. Look. Wonky. Eye. Like Thom Yorke's. Wonky. Eye. Look. Yes. Eye. Wonky. (It's wonky.)


Age: 28Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 6Day of birth: 2

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Duck
Elftownworldmap 34°18.990'S 136°56.754'E

Place of living: USA-Illinois

Town: That place where it's a place and shit.

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elfwood URL: ...YEH, MUN.

Fanquarters URL: I'm hungry and burned my finger...

Wyvern URL: What? Does it say no smoking?

Home-page URL: Doooes eht seeehhh noooh smoohkehng?

Weblog URL: Did you knohw ah'm oonemployed ahnd hahve a moollet?

Favorite URL: , ,

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
emailhateinformation seeking
Macmusicstrategy games

adult popalternativeblues
classicalfolk musicgoth
grungeheavy metalhip hop
housejazzprogressive metal

Other interests
beerboard gamesbooks
card gamescarscats
chasing the preferred sexcookingcrime stories
politicsreligionrole playing

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 169

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