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the good ol days i love them all they're crazy kids.




Roses r red voilets r blue
sugar is sweet and so r u
but the roses r wilting the violets r dead
the sugar bowl is empty and so is ur head

As an older more mature young adult ur job is to... make fun of the little kids!


Live free, die proud
rock hard, play loud!

A wise monkey never monkeys around with another monkeys monkey :D

its not "When Wild Animals Attack!"
its more like "When Stupid People Get Bit!"

If ur half as smart as u think u r
than ur half as smart as u really r.
think about it....

My imagionary friend thinks u hav serious mental problems!


Shae: Lets duck b4 we get magic fingered!
Me: O__O
Both: *crack up*

Mike:"My shirt riped off, i flexed, and said that's for u slippy poo!" 

Mike: "Brought to u by arowhead OH YEAH its that good!"

Mike:" THis class is like a candy cane. The red is acting goodness, the white is fun, and when they swirl together it comes out to b a great combo!"
Me and Shae: RIGHT..... *crack up*

Ogle: *runs out in the middle of a scene shaking his fists in the air* " DO U SEE DO U SEE?"
Me and Shae: omfg! XD *die of laughter*

Ogle: You have to b all wife like....... until he pisses u off again."

Mike: *improv about liposuction* "This is the stuf they take out of u.... look! u can mold it into things, like horses!"

Mike: " I told mom that Santa comes down the chimny, so she lit a fire."

Josh: MMMMMM spray cheese, i can taste heaven!"
Me and Shae: XD *ahh pass out laughing* (u hav to kno the inside joke to get why we laughed soo hard)

Sam: " The new gum... Chew it, you get bigger! I dunno where u get bigger but u do"
Ogle: Okay Sam thats enough!

Me: *reading my script* easy, take it easy, Jesus!
Shae: Jesus? *confused* Jesus! *says jesus in spanish*
Both: RUBENNN!....... XD *start laughing*

Shae: " Sience u cant say shit piss fuck in ur lines then just say feces urine sex, its the same thing right?"
Me: but i like Shit piss fuck!
Shae: Shit Piss Fuck Cunt Cock Sucker Mother Fucker!! Blink 182!!!!!

*just got out of english together*
Shae: wow i think we get to watch this movie in english this year
Me: really? kewl what teacher do u have?
Shae: *stares at me for a second thinking omg is she serious*
Me: Ohhh wait a sec! ur in my last period english rnt u? no wonder we walk from there here every day!
Both: XD * die twice over from laughing*

Karl: *starts talking like Stewart from MadTV* I didnt do it!........... I didnt do it!.......... i SAID i didnt do it....... yup i still didnt do it.

Shae: Joanna named her boobs salt and pepper. sadly mine dont hav names. I KNO! i can name this one grapermelon and this one strappleberry. Would u like to touch my juicy fruit?!?!
Me: oh totally! *start laughing really hard*
Shae: juicy fruit... the new word for boobs.
 (we went around the rest of the day just goin up to people asking if they wanted to touch her juicy fruit. it was great.)

Karl: *talking like a little kid* I DONT LIKE SITTING DOWN! I DONT LIKE SITTING DOWN!!

Karl: NOOOO thats not right!!....... you just got punk'd!!

Mike: *pulls Karl onto Dave* Look i totally just made a ramp!! Now all we need is C4!

Josh: *explosion* He ate Oregano, I saw him!

Mike: awww look its barbie... *slice slice* would u like to play w/ barbies legs? whoops there goes one *crunch crunch*
join its like THE best place
its [*elvish dragon*]'s wiki and its awesome love ya [*elvish dragon*] u did good lol

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