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xX.//Standing Up From Underneath//.Xx ([Updates:] Pictures and profile updates. =D)

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Name: Meg W.[Whoever said that anything is possible, obviously never tried to slam a revolving door.]

The Deck Effect.
((grasping that thing for dear life, she says!!!!))

Me and Josh @ the Bonfire.

Me, and my lil' brother, Caleb.
Me and Josh @ the Bonfire.

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Hey, all!
You can feel free to message me now!

I rarely get on here, though.
But I'm still up for the chatness!

Things are so freaking awesome!
I've updated how things are going, below!
And thanks for keepin' the messages coming, friends!




My name is Meg.
CHECK IT OUT! I'm a sophomore in college now!
I used to draw pretty well, and I kinda lost the talent these past couple years.
I'm into music, I play guitar mostly.
I've recently tapped some vocal talent, and I can fidget with a keyboard.

I'm getting back into scuba diving! Haven't had the time or resourses lately... but I wanna go ahead and finish my Masters.

I'm currently majoring in Natural Science: Biology.
And I plan on a career in Marine Biology.

I'm not really big into the Theater thing anymore... most of my acting friends moved off to lands far, far away. So... I've picked up Music, and so my best buds are my bandmates and associated peoples.

Social Distortion, Minor Threat, Garbage, The Cranberries, Evans Blue... etc... are my favorite bands.
I love punk rock. Nothing beats the good ol' boys.

I have a band project, it's called PINK HOUSE DREAMS.
It's neat---ish....
It's just me fucking around with an acoustic, really.

I am, however, in a full fledged band, now... and we rawk, or at least I think we do.
The old band I was in was called EDGEWOOD, but we've split up over the summer.
But, from the ashes of EDGEWOOD, rose: ONE NIGHT IN DRIVE.
And these guys are pretty much amazing.
Anthony, Jesse, Enoch and I are BEST friends. We work so great together, so check out the noise sometime!

We work really well together for only being together for a few weeks!

Fluid, Brah. Fluid.

Peace. Love. Chunks.

Productions I've Enjoyed:

-A Christmas Carol
-A Company of Wayward Saints
-By the Waters of Babylon
-Fiddler on the Roof
-Hot L Baltimore
-N.E.S. Christmas Production
-Romeo & Juliet
-School House Rock, LIVE JR.
-The Good Doctor [<-- I Stage Managed this Production.]
-The Nutcracker


SEPTEMBER 19, 2008

Here's yet another much needed update.

So, life is pretty hetic now!
I'm taking a TON of hours this semester, and I've got quite a few jobs.

I'm currently enrolled in College Physics I, General Chemistry I, College Calculus I, World Lit I, and Lifeguarding.... All of these are upper division credits, so it's tough!! lol
I work for a TV station; Northeastern Oklahoma Channel 13. And it's pretty much the best job ever. That's where I'm at now as i'm writing this.
I run the cameras that film the events that go on the air, and I also run the programming that goes on the air after 7pm. So... it's fun and exciting!
I'm also still working at Student Support Services, and for the Biology dept. at my college.... so it's all good. Working myself to death though!!!

I'm now with the man I intend to spend the rest of my life with. He's so speical and dear to my heart, and I love him with every fiber of my being. I don't ever want to lose that.

I'm also an officer of an Honor Society called Phi Theta Kappa, and that's keeping busy.... and I'm Vice President of an enviromental club called Serria Student Coalition. Which is also really fun.

I'm still hanging out with my band memebers, but we don't really do much music anymore, since 3 of us are in college, and the other 2 have full time jobs now! lol
But its all good, we still make time to see eachother as much as possible.

Oh! Goodness.... and I'm also a homecoming queen this year!!! >_<
I'm so, so, so, so busy this year, it's not even funny.... gosh.

Okay, so that's the update. That's whats up.

Peace. Love. Chunks.

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