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SirKalon (is a father)

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Name: read my profile and decide

my fiance and i together in a restaurant with my family i may not seem like im not smiling much but believe inside i feel nirvana


tribal art i draw a lot of it make tattoo designs and sell/give them to people i used to have a great sales pitch im working on a all over tatoo for someone atm, oh and i always try them on me first thanks to indelible ink or henna

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Building workerInspector

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InterpreterAdventurerTravelling bard

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a rose just as sweet is still a rose
six foot tall blonde hair, blue eyes, pale white skin, slender hands.
i used to have a great long passage bout im noble truth is i still but things change and so do i so heres my new profile:
I used to be a Knight, Samurai, Champion, Protector, Paranormal Hunter and Spellslinger.
Now i am me and have large thirst for for fun and enjoyment. ive played the hero, hell ive been the villain now im neither or am i???
Im a guy with taste for danger and excitement,
i follow nonconformism to amuse and to entertain
Ive been considered by some as a vampire if u want to know more message me.
im a writer and poet both in every type of genre and sometimes erotic

i am proficient in many forms of armed martial arts and love to spar with people
im a spiritual person with extensive knowledge of the occult which has got me into trouble, and out of it, its also allowed to help others.
ive extensive knowledge of most popular covens and can help people find coverns.
i watch little tv
sometimes play computer games
i prefer night to day for numerous reasons, main one is its like a drug to me and im photosensitive to uv light and bright light so i tend to wear sunglasses a lot and sometimes in the cray or zanzibar so if u see me dont misjudge me and think 'poser' think guy still wanting to party despite stupid light
tendancy to wear dark clothing for comfortable reasons more than anything else.
Alias:Dark Knight, Dark crusader, Black Knight, Black Crusader, Sir kalon, guardian, falllen,Fallen Angel, neo, terminator, Ray, Rimby, kitty, Kitty, Kalon Jacarl.

calm or eye of the storm 3/2/2004 

last night i had a vision i was standing on a foreign beach alone. The sea stretched before me and was vast and awe inspiring, i gasped to see it for it was so radiant so blue and so majestic, There was slight breeze and i smiled for it cooled my face letting me relax. Then the sky blackened and it rained down on me cold and hard it was like knives digging into my skin but i muttered words as it hit me i felt no more in pain i smelt the air then turned and i saw him. The smiling man he stood behind me and smoked a cigarette he asked me if i had come to die, i shook my head. he shrugged and pulled out a luger the bullets hurtled towards me at an alarming rate, but passed through me. The wind howled and i was sailing through the air to land, on the sand at my feet was sword i took it up, and i transformed my clothes changing from black to white my hair blazing like gold my blue eyes lightened and wings sprung behind me as the sword was wreathed in fire. The man stopped and pulled out a black sword he rushed me and we fought he fought like demon and i battered him back each time then i broke his sword knocking him flat with my sword he fell and sprawled over the sand looking at me in terror. I held my sword at his throat and sai 'i give you mercy now but cross me or my beloved ones you fall to my blade and will finish what i started. Depart you have no hold over me.' with that he vanished and i sat on the beach my wings covering me my animal had merged my darkness and light balanced and i lay on the beach and slept 


believe in love cos it believes in you

Messenger addresses (ask before you can add me though)
yahoo id: spathaseeker
A Dragon Flight
dragon through our world i see you fly

we mortals a twinkle in your eye

tis sorrow when one of you kind dies

through our sky you move

through belief you are proved





names you've been called

names that you recieved

from the those who wish to decieve





they hunt you

and mutilate you

their glory your pain

your screams echoing in my mind

so this world you left behind

to return when you can

when the world returns to the dark

no technology

no power

no spark

the dragon shall fly again

as i shall high above you

from this person you knew





brief glimpse of the world through a dragons eye

i slept once the whole day and night
so to dream
and dream i might
a world or a place where i dont have to fight
where pain can leave me
and worry is far from sight
but no place exists for me
im the worlds guardian you see
i sleep and she dreams
where her life goes on mine begins
i try to keep back the price of all our sins
but the dark returns and hides the light
so once more i pick up the fight
the chest full of armour and arms
once becomes empty and without
i prep for battle for war
peace and comfort for no more
you see a young man before you
do you see his battles his scars
in his eye blazes light like stars
so once more i wake
no more smiles i can fake
or dreams which i can take
i fight for you and me
but more i fight for her
the one who can rescue me

echos of dominion 7/26/2004 
i stand in silence

my friend my ally

turned now my my enemy

blades drawn in respect

one for justice

one for hate

we spring as one

and its begun

my eye shut

darkness ahead

the blade sings

we are one


i am the blade

the blade is me

through union we are born whole

are acts become like a dance

our foe see our inner flame

his blade falls away unable to do the same

justice demands one of us die

the victor shall not celebrate

but cry

a knight ill be

so i spared his life

but couldnt set him free

this should of been made personal but i felt i owed him, to everyone that i must share this if ppl think im crazy cos of this fine but i had no other way of dealing with this mentally so i wrote it in to poem for, that day will always be with me as a reminder i nearly took someones life when they didnt deserve it

 random quotes 7/26/2004 
If I could be anything I would be your tear drop so I could be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips

i bring light to those that have none
if i die doing my duty then i hope my work is not undone

The stars and the moon They tell me where I go

"Never laugh at live dragons."

my love stands near a lamppost
she looks upon me
the wind picks up and ripples her chestnut hair.
all i can do is nought but stand and stare

a blade that shines true
cleaves through darkness with light
its power able to send away eternal night
forever banishing the total eclipse of dark

no more mercy for me

no more mercy for you

sing once for me

sing so i can remember you

inspiritations of beauty a poem of beauty

to sit upon a window sill and dream

i dream of her some one so beautiful it seems

she makes me smile when she is near

no madness or dark do i fear

her kisses hot and so sweet

that no drink or food could produce the taste

he skin so supple beneath touch

our time together is no waste

he warmth makes my heart beat and my spirit soar

she stirs my beast and makes him roar

not in anger or insult

but in passion

passion that burns bright

brighter than the moon or the sun

for me she is special

a lady

a priestess

a witch and temptress

she has taken me stolen me but i do not despair

for im hers and do not care

hers to keep hers to make

or tear and break

her touch on my chest makes me quiver and shake

i am hers to take

"Don't look don't look" the shadows breathe
Whispering me away from you
"Don't wake at night to watch her sleep
You know that you will always lose
This trembling
Tousled bird mad girl... "
But every night I burn
But every night I call your name
Every night I burn
Every night I fall again

"Oh don't talk of love" the shadows purr
Murmuring me away from you
"Don't talk of worlds that never were
The end is all that's ever true
There's nothing you can ever say
Nothing you can ever do... "
Still every night I burn
Every night I scream your name
Every night I burn
Every night the dream's the same
Every night I burn
Waiting for my only friend
Every night I burn
Waiting for the world to end

"Just paint your face" the shadows smile
Slipping me away from you
"Oh it doesn't matter how you hide
Find you if we're wanting to
So slide back down and close your eyes
Sleep a while
You must be tired... "
But every night I burn
Every night I call your name
Every night I burn
Every night I fall again
Every night I burn
Scream the animal scream
Every night I burn
Dream the crow black dream

Dream the crow black dream...

02:37 am - teardrops from an eye

tear drops from an eye

smile from passersby

I walk through this world

unhindered and unheard

my thought my own

I had no rest and no home

no one to be with just myself

and my delusions

my false hopes and illusions

then she came my angel

my savior

she showed me heaven in her arms

gave me fire and restored my weary spirit

gave me warmth

made it feel right

gave back my sight

when I’m with her I’m perfect complete whole

her touch her voice

make me whole

feeding me feeding my soul

giving me desires

she is my maiden

my queen my sire

she makes me rise from dark like a phoenix burning bright

makes me feel fresh for the fight

I’m her knight

to bring us through to the light

she saved me

I saved her

forever hers forever mine

I feel our souls merge

as our lips entwine

together complete

broken when apart

two pieces of one heart

Age: 29Year of birth: 1985Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 25

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Elf
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Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Town: Liverpool

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartBasic
musicuse communitiesvideo
webcamweb designWindows

adult popalternativeblues
classicalcountryfolk music
gothgrungeheavy metal
housejazznew age
operaprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
beerbookscard games
crime storiesdancingdisco
religionrole playingsinging

Civil status: married

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 183

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