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°.*.° ReEsEs PeIcEs °.*.° (I love you Bdub..i cant wait till august!!)

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Name: Breanna Renea




i love you baby

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why does it hurt so bad.....

why does it hurt so bad when i see you holding her hand
why does it hurt so bad when i hear you say that you love her....i just dont understand.

it shouldnt hurt this bad, i guess its bc i hear you tell her the things you once told me.
i guess its bc deep down inside i still love you and i always will..

i know i should jus wipe my eyes and pretend i dont care but i cant bc i still feel the way i have since the first time i heard you say I love you.
and when i see you holding her and saying the things once said to me i flash back to US.
i pretend its you and me.

i try to tell my self that i have you but i know i rly dont and theres no reason to lie to myself it will jus bring more pain.
maybe just maybe one day it will be jus you and me.

i cant handle another..

my heart was broken because i love you and i dont think you love me too..
you say you do but it feels like you dont, why do you say what you dont mean? is it because you like to hurt me or because you do love me but i just dont think you do??
im confused if you love me why are you so mean to me, if you love me why do you say the things you say that hurt my heart and make me feel bad about being the way i am?
i love you but you can never no my soul will rot because its cold, but i have no one to warm it though. my thoughts of you are what make me cry and i think of you all the time, what do i do im afraid to tell you, help me please because my heart cant handle another break, its been broken to many times and i dont think i could go through that again so pleases if i give you my heart handle it with care.... its fragile.

i hate the way i cry...

I hate feeling the way i do, but i cant help it because im in love with you...

i hate the way you are, but at the same time i cant help loving you for who you are.

i hate the way you make me feel when im with you, but i love spending time with you..

i hate i cant understand why, but i love when im with you nothing seems to matter..

if i had and penny for everytime i thought of you id be rich...

i cant wait till the next time i get to fell you wrap your arms around me...

i hate the fact that i cry when i think about it. but i love that i love you and my feelings are true, because deep inside i really do love you.

these two poems were written by me so plz if you want to take these ask me first. and make sure you say where you get them from.

Bubble is so cute shes sexy

charissa [GoThIc_FaiRie]


<img:/img/drawing/39315_1100566678.jpg>hoodie wearers united

<img:>huggers united




these are some of the ppl i talk to except the first thats my other s/n
[*Bite me*;)] ~*da same person*~ 

[Anti_Anti_Groups] ive known him since the first time i got on here he was like the first person i ever talked to on here.

[~!$*Bunni*$!~] we are B.F.F.L

[calamaethor] he's rly sweet.

[Earoluim]pretty cool to talk to.

[Happy Spark] he's awsome! and cute.

[i skate blind 1990] he is rly cool.

[scars] we are B.F.F.L

[JUST Mike] hes cool 

[Da Da Dave] hes awsome, i love him to death! be nice to him!

[.Sumguns41.]same goes for this guy. i love all my friends.

[tazmania!!] one of my friends cousins.

[The Reverend] i dont know this person that well.

[~*2_sexy_4_you*~] yall better be nice to me this chick will beat yo arss.

[♥LoVe♥] sisters or we might as well be. shes leavin me, she has to move all the way to Florida!=(

[GONE FOR GOOD!] one of my friends from skool.

[christina ♥] we dont have much in common except a guy who dumped us bc we wouldnt do any thinh wiht him. Bastard.

hi, im Breanna im also someone who likes to talk to people.especially guys,whot teen girl dont though.well im 5'6", with long redishbrown hair .i like to dance,sing,skate,and hang wit friends,oh yeah and im kinda well...
shy.I usually like the guy to be older than me,or the same age.younger guys are kinda immature.
no offense!well holla at ya lata peeps.

you said a broken <3 could be mended but you broke mine and now there is no one here to mend it.

It ended too soon, And now it's to late, My feelings for you, I think it's fate. I know you don't feel, What I feel for you, I can't help what I'm thinking, But what I am feeling is true. We are very very close, You are one of my best guy friends, I can tell you anything, Even if it's bad, your hand will decend. We've had our fights, I even hated you at one time, But we became closer once again, I think it's a sign. A sign that we should be together, A sign that this is right. You are everything to me, I never want to fight. You will ever ever know, My true feelings towards you, So I'll go on like everything's fine, Maybe someday you'll love me too.

U broke up with me one day and fell in love with me the next day....Whats happening is it ment to be or is it because u cant see me with anyone else?!?!?

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Age: 19Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 14

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-Mississippi

Town: ~Never_Land~

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elfwood URL: who gives a...

Fanquarters URL: oh well

Wyvern URL: who care

Home-page URL: blah,blah

Favorite URL: ummm

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat
web design

countryhip hoppop

Other interests
beercard gamescars
catschasing the preferred sexcrime stories
shoppingsportingwatching sport

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 173

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