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Shining light (Farewell. Read the news onmy 'house' page.)

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Name: Michael

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I have moved my creative endeavours to another home, but if you want to keep in touch with me you can reach me at my Livejournal:

Please remember if/when you comment on jounral to leave a small reminder of who you are, and what relation you are to me (friend, business associate, roleplay buddy, etc.). Cheers, and farewell.


Whee, I finally graduated! At our graduation dinner last night, I got four awards:
- the standard graduating one
-the subject award for English
-the subject award for SOSE (Legal Studies)
AND I was the Valedictorian!

GO ME! *dances*
The Association of Speculative Fiction Artists and Writers.

Anyone can join, and there are many different thinbgs to talk about. Mainly revolving around speculative fiction (science fiction, fantast, surreal fiction) writing and creating in general. Tjhere is a writer of the week, an artist of the week, critiquing circles and more.
We're just starting, so members would be warmly welcomed!

My name is Michael, but my friends call me Michael

I am a world within worlds. A single raindrop on a blade of grass; and an entire universe.
My genre is Fantasy. My world is Toryll. An entire world, within the deep oceans of my mind. And yet, my mind is a single raindrop in my world.
Locked in an eternal paradox. Both the creator and the created. The entire Universe in a single mind, and yet, a single mind in a universe.

New Puppy!
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Rules for messaging me.

1. I do not accept any messages written in l33t, chat speek or 'gangsta/rappa' speak. English English, American English, Australian English, Canadian English, anything English is acceptable.
2. Spelling must be good.
3. More that three words, please. Minimum five in most cases. If I don't know you, please introduce yourself and give me a reason to message you back.

I am here, in this "community for Elfwood artists, writers and hangarounds" for the love of fantasy, writing and roleplaying. I am not here to flirt. If you feel so inclined, please remember that is where you can flirt. Not here.
Here's an excerpt of my 2004 novel:
The darkness spiralled out in front of me, coiling and undulating like a snake incensed.
Moonlight hesitantly flickered through the surroundings, heightening the illusion.
The soft chirp of cicadas broke the silence, the rhythmic melody aligning to the beating of my heart.
Out of the darkness, a low, threatening growl made my hair stand on end.
The night was suddenly silent, save for the savage growl that rumbled towards me like a storm, and the incessant beating of my heart.
I froze...

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Age: 20Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 3

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Dwarf
Elftownworldmap 39°10.356'S 146°21.498'E

Place of living: Australia

Town: Melbourne

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

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action gameschatinformation seeking


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Civil status: single

Sexual preference: unknown

Body shape: normal

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