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Juraviel (is trying to find balance. Hobbies and grad school)

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Name: Edward

Yeah. That is me vaporizing a piece of nicrome wire as a demo for masses in our SPS Regional meeting. The wire was about the diameter of a human hair and had around 500V at 500A going through it for about 2 or 3 milliseconds. It was awesome.


This is a picture of a fountain I took using my cell phone while in DC.

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The door to this old home opens slowly. Shafts of light penetrate the stain glass windows. Depicting strange war scenes from numerous battles. They all have one thing in common. In the pictures a figure in a cloak of voluminous black is etched into each one.

The door shuts silently behind you and a shadow moves from behind the door. 
A multi-toned voice consisting of a tenor, bass, soprano, alto mix issues forth from this shadow, as well as two piercing emerald green eyes that are able to entrap a viewer’s will. "I am Juraviel Tais' Welgar. I bid you welcome to my humble abode. Drinks are at the corner of the black ivory bar, with food on the red cherry table." The shadow moves past you leaving the smell of a fresh rain and lightening. "Please make yourselves comfortable, but don't touch the walls. It doesn't like that." 

With that the strange shadow walks over to the bar and snatches a glass of red wine, and sits down at one of the many, dark colored, pillow seats around the room to enjoy his wine, and to read one of his many books upon shelves and desks scattered around the quiet house.

This is my poetry section. It is kind of cluttered, but I will hopefully change that eventually. It is not much, but it is something.

Halloween is the time of year,
That the witching hour does appear,
Where skeletons, vampires, and werewolves too,
Masquerade beneath the moon.

Where kids dress up and walk the streets,
To give a trick and find a treat.
To scare a friend,
Out of their skin,
And to eat the candy in a feast.

Once the kids have gone to sleep,
The ghosts and ghouls begin to sneak,
Into the dreams they begin to seep,
And the nightmares now begin.

Darkness swirling through the streets
The ghouls and ghosts begin their feast.
The fear and dread is what they seek,
In the minds of those who sleep.

They have their fill and start to swirl,
Downward they do descend.
Till nothing but a wisp remains,
And thus Halloween is at its end. 

In the Shadows

They watch with waiting eyes.
Waiting for them to be recognized and seen once more.
People merely past these giant creatures,
With no recognition in there eyes.

They grieve as the children pass by,
Unaware of the mystical creatures nearby.
The children who created them
Now seeing only the alleys shadows.

The creatures begin to fade one by one.
The wind blowing them into quiet oblivion
Never will they hear a child laugh.
Never will they see a child with a smile on their face.

But before the last fades away,
It takes one last look at the quiet street.
A group of children are standing there staring.
Each child gives a welcoming smile,
Soon dragged away by their rushed mother.

But the magic has already been cast.
The creature follows the children everywhere.
Always there to give a reason to laugh,
Or to stop the tears when the fly.

But the day comes when they to do not see there friend.
The creature slowly walks away back to the alley.
It waits for another child to come,
But none do.

It too fades away with the wind.
It leaves unnoticed like the rest.
No one ever mourns the death of an
Imaginary friend.

The Hunting

Oh come with me little one.
The moon is shining full.
We drop our clothes,
And begin to run,
As fast as we can go.

It starts at once with so much pain,
We think that we will die.
But in one quick flash
Our normal skin,
Begins to go awry.

Our human bodies disappear,
And in its place we have,
Bodies of tempered steel and
Souls of wilderness past.

She is white,
I am black,
And we are very hungry.
We begin to prowl our secluded town,
In search of our nightly dowry.

We come upon one young foal
Walking across a yard.
We wait for it to cross
Before we begin the charge.

We chase it down and eat with glee,
Making sure not to leave a trace.
We then go back toward our home
Full from the evening's feast.

When morning comes,
The beasts are gone.
Thought never to return again,
But when the moon shines full once more.
They come to hunt again.

The Kin

When my world comes to the end,
Who will mourn my passing?
When I never wake to see a full moon rise,
Who will mourn my passing?

When feeling becomes a frivolous chore,
Who will mourn my passing?
When Death comes quietly
Knocking on my lonely heart,
Who will mourn my passing?

When the last of my kin disappear
From this lonely Earth,
Who will mourn our passing?
Will she? Will anyone?
This is the curse of my kin and me,
We are hunted down and killed off
Like the animals in the wild.
We are hunted with nothing but hate and malice.
That is the curse of my kind.
The eventually never see a full or new moon rise.

Death of a Dream

A forced marriage to one another,
Not a spark of love to see.
Both yearn for lovers lost,
Behind a shady tree.

They disobey there vows,
So the seeds of love could grow.
They look at their union gone,
And find nothing but fodder.

They embrace their lovers always,
Though they care not what the other does.
The union breaks into little bits,
But nothing the families do.

Time passes by,
And the seasons come and go.
Lover’s lips they always find,
But neither knows their own.

When death approaches upon its wings,
Quiet as the night.
Neither mourns, nor cries,
The others demise,
So the death of a dream is met.


Darkness is all that encompasses me.
I wear it like a finely knit shirt.
Darkness is all that encompasses me,
Though why. I know not.

Darkness is all that makes me live.
I use it to survive the day.
Darkness is all that makes me live.
For at night there is always hell to pay.

Darkness is all that I feel.
Feeling only the nights ebony black robe.
Darkness is all that I feel.
For I feel no love or emotion.

Darkness is what makes me.

Winter Solstice

On the winter solstice,
The bright white moon did glow.
It told all of its children,
I am here to show.

I show the path to peace,
I show the path to war.
I show a path of harmony,
I show a discordant melody.
All for you my children.

And we as children of the stars,
Gaped in awe at the site beheld.
We asked the moon why she did this,
And she replied.
You are all my children,
And I hope to see you survive.

This is my quotes and other stuff section. Basically anything that sounds good I put here.

Death an outmoded concept. We sleep and we change.
When our darkness
Dreams become real.
Reality becomes a
Some do.
Some teach.
The rest just look it up.
"While, like a ghastly rapid river,
Through the pale door,
A hideous throng rush out forever,
And laugh--but smile no more."
E.A.P., "The Haunted Palace"
"They groaned, they stirred, they all up rose,
Nor spake, nor moved their eyes;
It had been strange, even in a dream,
To have seen those dead men rise."
"Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
Turn every experience into a question. Can you analyze it? If not, you'll learn something. If you can, you'll also learn something.  
          -Enrico Fermi-
It doesn't think
It doesn't feel.
It doesn't laugh or cry.
All it does from dusk till dawn
Is make the soldiers die.


I am a member of the Guild of Pagans

My character is Juraviel Tais' Welger

Want to be a vampire? Then enter my world.

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