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Celeste of Darksword (*Smoldering*)

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Name: Lydia-dono


YAY! I graduated! this is me and my boyfriend [Dulce Vita] after graduation. I got myself a kiss for my hard work. lol


This is (obviously I hope) only half finished. Her name is Eboshii Setsuka. I only drew her cause I wanted to draw kimono's...and I decided to name her instead of calling her "the one in the kimono". maybe I'll finish it.

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 First off I would like to say:
[Dulce Vita] is Sexy, and he is a Duck; no matter what he says.

thank you for your time, now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Yes, i am Promoting The Alliance Wiki's, I am the original author, so if you are interested, please check out the wiki or talk to me or any of the members.


the Alliance of elven swords


these banners are thanks to my Ahiru-kun [Dulce Vita]



and these are mine

Alliance Characters

This wiki has pictures of the Characters

Celeste and Ankou with his cloak.

The Elven Alliance
       Story of The Darksword
  A single shaft of moonlight shone down on a tall man in the middle of the room, a perfect view of my target, The Darksword Allendor. Why he had come to a church was beyond me. A murderous madman had no right to be on Holy ground. From the next floor I steadied my bow, senses brought to a sharp point. I had tracked the man for some time now, and this was the night he would die. Keeping myself focused I released my arrow, which the man blocked with a flick of his black sword. Leaping from the balcony down to the middle of the room I wasted no time brandishing my own sword and attacking head on. Striking with lightning speed and precision I was left distraught by the fact that I hadn’t yet landed a strike. Growling I swung my sword low. Trying to knock him off balance, I realized too late how reckless my move was. As if in slow motion I saw the man’s black-bladed sword collide with my upper shoulder. The instant the sword touched my skin agony shot down through my body. Letting out a cry of pain I fell to my knees. The man stepped into the moonlight revealing thin flame-red eyes.
"Have you finally come to kill me Assassin?"

PLEASE read my story! I like constructive critacism!

Chapter 1: Celeste of Darksword
Chapter 2: Disturbances
Chapter 3: The Elven Realms
Chapter 4: Fayel
Chapter 5: Lovers
Chapter 6:Daggers and a Daughter
Chapter 7: Faerytales Requiem
Chapter 8: Far Too Long
Chapter 9: Shadow Born
Chapter 10: Nightmare
Chapter 11: a Child’s Faerytale
Chapter 12: The Price of Shadow
Chapter 13: Life and Death
Chapter 14: The Dark Fae
Chapter 15: Shining in the Night
Chapter 16: Day and Night
Chapter 17: Endorea
Chapter 18: Dandragen, City of stone
Chapter 19: Golem of the Light Seal
Chapter 20: Taro's Words
Chapter 21: To the North
Chapter 22: Captain
Chapter 23: Cold End<--GAG chapter
Chapter 23: Land of Ice<--new chapter! (the real one)
Chapter 24: Home Sweet Home
Chapter 25: Milia's little secret
Chapter 26: Darkest prison

Chapter 27: Weary
Chapter 28: Brief History Lesson

I am also working on Celeste's back story, so if your interested in what she was like before she got Darksword check out
Celeste's Faery Tale
The Elven Assassin

and the story for my Drow character:
Ankou of the NightRealm
Chapter 2: Storm at Sea
Chapter 3: The Ice Plains

Alliance Elvish



isnt it pretty? [the Indigo] colored it for me. PRETTY!


and dont forget it!

I adpoted [drakkar]
at People Pets!
HEHE! ^______^


Close Enough to Perfect

you know you hang out with band geeks too long when:

* you start walking in step with your friends.
* you know nothing about music, but can tell when a low brass instrument is out of tune
* you know when the drum line is off beat
* you get mad cause the school bell is flat on some days.
* everything has to be rhythmic
*you can actually understand the band geek language
* you translate to people who can't
* you actually feel sorry for the band geeks during marching season.
* you start to recognize the beats your bf taps out on the tickle spots (quiet purposefully) on your stomach. GAH
* the fact that you actually recongize some of them...
* you develope an even greater love for jazz then you previously had.
*the band director knows you by name.
* the band director has threatened you that if you don't stop coming in the band room, he will make you join.
*you find yourself humming their stand tunes.
*you suddenly find their bibbers sexy.
*you sing along when they are playing a song you know.
*The band director sings along with you.
*ou learn the "Ninjitsu" dance from the first ninja turtles movie so you can dance to it whenever the band plays "tequilla"
*you convince others to dance with you.
*the band starts to dance with you
*for some odd reason, you find anyone who can play the Sax very sexy.
*you finally date that really hot guy who plays bari sax in the band. (just me maybe?)
The bad part is, these are all true.

And if you all could do me a favor and not steal this I would greatly appreciat it. just ask permission to take it from my page first ok? Thanks

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Body shape: fit

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