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Midoriko (gotta run... see "ya'll" soon, lol)

Member #20779 created: 2003-09-15 14:40:41Simple URL:   

Name: Tiana Burris


this was made by me for a friend, it's a character he made up named Will for a Legend of Dragoon story he's working on...


kinda got tired of lookin at the uni's....

Elftown Badges:
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This means I'm one of the Master Poets, having been featured on the Mainstreet five times. I'm also one of the Saint Valentine Poets!

Elftown work
Building worker

Elftown titles and orders
Street childAdventurerTravelling bard
Fastfood worker

okay, done with my plug for coworker, lol... CHECK OUT MY WIKI!!!!! IT'S BEEN UPDATED, LEAVE COMMENTS!!! MAKE ME HAPPY!!!! lol

borrowed from [arkangel]s page

A - Age: 25 (soon 26)
B - Best Quality: i can make 20 tacos in 5 minutes, lol
C - Choice Of Meat: if it was alive and breathing, had 4 legs and moo-ed, i'm good
D - Dream Date: lol... would rather not say
E - Ex: *mumbles obscenities*
F - Favourite Food: chicken (and anything with it...)
G - Greatest Accomplishment: i'm still alive
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: Will let you know
I - Internal conflicts: yes
J - Joking: yes, with guys cuz they can take a joke.... well... most can anyway
K - Kool-Aid: uuuuuuuuuuh.... kay???
L - Love: merg
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: my anime, and my cd's
N - Name: Tiana
O - Outfit You Love: black joeboxer pants and any shirt
P – Pissed: sure thing!
Q - Question you want to ask: how long DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? o_O??
R - Red is what: the color of yeah... passion and a monkey's butt *laughs sheepishly*
S - Sport To Watch: if i had tv it would be hockey
T - Television Show: adult swim
U - Unique habit: i AM a unique habit!! lol
V - Very bad habit: being too shy around people i like.... i'd say quiet too, but i tend to show off unless it doesn't work in my favor... -_-'
W - Winter: love it!! *hugs winter*
X - X-rays you've had: chest for lung infection/pneumonia 2/3x, knee for torn something, ankle for torn something 3x, leg for broken bone... yeah... that's about it...
Y - Year Born: 1979
Z - Zodiac Sign: Virgo/Libra.... man cusps are confusing...

Whisper by Evanesance

Catch me as I fall
Say you're here and it's all over now
Speaking to the atmosphere
No one's here and I fall into myself
This truth drives me into madness
I know I can stop the pain if I will it all away
If I will it all away

Don't turn away
(Don't give in to the pain)
Don't try to hide
(Though they're screaming your name)
Don't close your eyes
(God knows what lies behind them)
Don't turn out the light
(Never sleep, never die)

I'm frightened by what I see
But somehow I know that there's much more to come
Immobilized by my fear
And soon to be blinded by tears
I can stop the pain if I will it all away
If I will it all away

Fallen angels at my feet
Whispered voices at my ear
Death before my eyes
Lying next to me I fear
She beckons me, shall I give in
Upon my end shall I begin
Forsaking all I've fallen for
I rise to meet the end

Don't turn away
Don't try to hide
Don't close your eyes
Don't turn out the light

Servatis a periculum
Servatis a maleficum

kay... wiki pages yea.. lol...
guild of pagans <img:img/drawing/Nere1067330278.jpg>

*jumps up and down with enthusiasm* i'm constructing a wiki for ME<-- >:D here's the link... -->YOU<--- LOOK!!

Midoriko's Short Stories

Age: 28Year of birth: 1979Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 23

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Halfling
Elftownworldmap 33°36.996'N 114°42.996'W

Place of living: USA-California

Town: Blythe

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishFrench

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: Yes

Elfwood URL: O.o? oro...

Fanquarters URL: o.O huh?

Wyvern URL: * . * ?? confusion

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
emailgraphicsinformation seeking
musicuse communitiesvideo

countrygrungeheavy metal
jazznew agerock

Other interests
basketrybeerboard games
bookscard gamescarpentry
carscatschasing the preferred sex
religionrole playingsinging
theatretravellingwatching sport

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: plump

Height: 168

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