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Waste of Space

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Town DrunkFastfood worker

Hello, welcome to the Waste of Space! We hope you enjoyed your day. We hope you beheld the wonders of 2018 Elftown, as they are rather intense and dramatic like a retro game of "Oregon Trail." And just as high-tech and innovative as that retro Oregon Trail game! Be sure you neither die of dysentery nor crash when floating down the Columbia River.

This page is to Elftown, as a giant fart is to an empty warehouse in the still of the night. Yes, it is Waste of Space. But what a beloved Waste of Apace it is! It's as wasteful as wasteful can be.

Yoda shot first. Gollum would have been safely distracted if he was given onion rings instead. Space Leia is the Mary Poppins for a new generation. When Dr. Spock wasn't going boldly where no man has gone before, he was an expert on the health of babies. Davros looks like my father-in-law. Squirrel Girl needs her own MCU movie.

Amen. Alleluia.

Year of birth: 1901Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 31

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Town: Forgotten storage room, Captain Jack's Seafood Shack next to a leaky nuclear reactor.

Known languages

progressive metal

Civil status: strange

Height: 252

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