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Current geological map

Sorry for the late upload... uploading will always be quite late but I'll give an introduction about myself and my work.

I've created a whole intergalactic empire called the "Fross Fairy Empire"
The Empire counts 212 solarsystems, 604 planet and approx. 1700-1800 colonies in total.
Their main planet is called "Fross" which lays inside the Atrenax system and the geological worldmap looks like that above.
Fross is a natural planet inhabit by a Biological animal called the Fross Fairy. The Fross Fairy's scientific names are listed on the map with the colonies where they live.

On the Planets inhabitted by Fross Fairies nothing is as what it seems that evolution has gotten out of control since the mass extinction triggered by the nuclear war around 867,000 years earlier.

Evolution has made a lot possible and with lots of research I am finding out what more it can do!
From morphing to claoking into its environment. From a higher intellect to oversizing to sizes you can't even comprehend.

I made tons of animals, all unique on its own and that is only the beginning.
Since I am not a good drawer all I can do is show my creativity in writing... so, whenever my internet is working, I have time for it and whenever I come up with updates on animals that I already have written down, I will make sure to update it.

But can't put those updates on a daily or even weekly basis yet since I am in a quite harsh environment at this moment.
But if everything goes well, within a year, I'll be moving to a more peaceful place, a place for my own. From that them I might upload more stuff on a more faster rate, weekly, maybe sometimes few times a week.

I hope to make some friends here that are interested in my work, don't know for sure, not counting on it. But I would love to find some people to talk to, perhaps some that are drawn to the writings and subscriptions of my animals to actually draw them... that would be quite awesome <3

Some... that's the update on this art... I hope the colors of the environments speak for themselves, if you're not sure, take Earth as a template, what's closest to the equator? or what's closest to the tops? Or you can just ask me if you are uncertain about it... the only note that you are unable to know is the purple part, that's the only spot on the planet that's still suffering from radioactive meltdowns from the ancient civilization that used to live there. Only 3 nuclear reactors are still standing, two of them severely damaged to a near collapse.

The rest hopefully speak for themselves.

Greets FrossFairyEmpire.

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For those who want to save time read "Lazy Kitty viewers"
For those who wanted more detailed information read "Story readers"

~Lazy Kitty viewers :3
21 years old transgender (Bio: male /Emo: female) I love sci-fi and fantasy a lot since my puberty when I truly got to know it.
I have been creating a massive Interagalactic empire at first in order to survive... now to fulfill a life saving hobby.
I am also quite a researcher though since I try to keep my empire as realistic as possible, making it a though, challenging and in my opinion; thrilling hobby to have.
Next to that, I've a few things mentally which makes me quite incapable of starting communications with other people, so... if you are interested to seek contact with me, I hope you'll message me ^^'

~Story readers :3
My name is William, 21 years old also known as 'Samantha' because I'm a transgender.
I've created an intergalactic empire known as the "Fross Fairy Empire"
It has already quite a history that began as Winx Club fairies catching pokémon, but as I grew up, I wanted it to become more realistic. I needed the "safehaven" back. As I had a quite disturbing and depressing youth I've been able to make a positive use of my autism as I use its creative side to survive.
Knowledge and realization on the other hand took the safehaven away. The only way to be able to get it back was to adapt.
I begun to do scientific researches in order to make the planet relatively 'possible' to exist.
From the cosmic forces of gravitational pull and strong admospheric pressures to planetair laws of nature and a fierce arms race between hunter and hunted, I've worked my way through the laws of nature, discovered dozens and dozens of great things that I was able to add, change and explain about my planet.
I can get along with women easier then with men because of my history with men. I've been diagnosed with misandry and light version of androphobia which might explain a lot... well, I am a person though that rather tries to think things rationally through so if there are any male fans, don't worry, I'm trying ("quite" successfully) to look past my emotional hatred.
Next to that, I love walking, I love nature, I enjoy being an idiot and a smartass from time-to-time, but who doesn't? 8'D

I play Skyrim, even made my real self (in the RIGHT body) in it, playing it the way how I would do it if it would've been real life...
I play Minecraft as well, I enjoy Tiberian Sun (1999) and idle games like cookie clicker.

I am currently researching deoxyribonucleic acids and ribonucleic acids in order to make the planet even more realistic as it already is... next to that I'm writing a book called "The fate of an empire" which is a book which mostly plays off on Planet Fross.

The book is about a major Frossian crisis as they are slowly losing the war against their greatest enemy. The war took a change when the Velkyrian empress Samantha was shattered inside one too many times.
For a Fross Fairy they have quite limited influence individually, even those with a higher status. But Samantha has done a lot of things in her life already and succeeded in having quite some influence compared to Frossian standards.
As she promised to end the war, she'd do everything in order to survive... there also is a back up plan to colonize stars further away from the enemy if neccessary. Earth, is one of those many planets.
Samantha chose to abduct a human and ask her to adapt, act and hopefully turn up the spirits from Frossian warriors to gain the upper hand once again and take out their heavily hostile enemies.
A Human citygirl from Earth called Lulu Kindley, as stubborn as a mu- human but also just as strong-spirited as one. It will be her job to adapt in a heavily socialistic alien world with an aggressively harsh natural environment, the fate of more then 7 billion humans and 960 billion Fross Fairies will depend on two women from entirely different worlds, entirely different views on life but with two powerful wills to survive for their people.

If you want contact, message me, I'll message back whenever my internet allows me to, I'll also release content as I can, whenever I can (and want) for those interested to see more of what I've been creating since I was 14.
And next to that you can also find me on Skype under the name: darkfairysamantha

My apologies to keep you reading like this, but I hope to receive some messages from you since I'm really bad at first contact >3<

Greets William (Samantha)

Age: 21Year of birth: 1994Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 2

Gender: both

Fantasy race personality: Halfling
Elftownworldmap 52°46.182'N 5°8.682'E

Place of living: Netherlands

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Elfwood writer: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

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information seekingmusicstrategy games

gothheavy metalhouse

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role playingsingingscifi
soap operasshoppingtravelling

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 180

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