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Name: Genoa Tartanian Lane




Awakened Metamorphosis

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Aediren (eye-dee-ren)

My spirit name to me is just as precious to me as the name my mother gave to me, Genoa. Aediren is the essence of my soul and I'm eternally grateful to have reclaimed it in this lifetime. I'm 25, now, and the first time I used ET was when I was 15. I lost track of my old account a long time ago, and so now I decided to come back and see what kind of vibe this little cyber world has these days. I was raised in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains in the state of Tennessee (USA for those that don't know the Smokies'). I spent a lot of time growing up hiking through these mountains and loving every minute of it. Everything about the experience of wild nature is exhilarating to me. I live to get back in touch with Gaia as our ancestors were, and reclaim the lost wisdoms of plants as medicine. I have great interest all fields of Deep Ecology, understanding the web of life, and building of natural homes that exist to blend with nature, aid the environment, and aid in giving new homes for our people to live more harmoniously with our world. This being said, you might be able to tell by now that I am a pretty down to earth guy, no? Well, I have always been very in tune with my natural side, although I have also always used computers and the internet a great deal, I have stopped using technology for gaming unless it is with my Dad as it's been a primary bonding experience between us. He raised me working with computers a lot, so that is where a lot of the technology exposure from, while it was usually my Mother that I was out with, hiking around Tennessee. My family is from NY state, but my parents chose to come to Tennessee where I was born. So I have been back and forth between those two states my whole life because of family and genuine wanderlust. Right now I am living in Tennessee and trying to stabilize my living situation in a town I can sell my Hemp necklaces in. To also get a second job, and make enough money so I can stick around in one place for a while before I can get back out to the country. I actually am planning to get out there when a friend of mine buys some land. Then I can get back to what I really want to do which is being growing more of my own food and connecting with the spirit of Gaia, without having to walk constantly in polluted air upon streets of concrete, living as if somehow separate from our Mother. We are all interdependent on one another, bacteria, plant, animal, mineral. We all share the world together, but many people in our world most often give not the gift of love to our Mother. They give instead the axe to her trunks, the persistent chemicals and radioactive isotopes into her air, water, and soil. This is not the legacy we wish to leave behind, is it? I think not. That is why my truth is that our place in this world is to be stewards of the Earth. Living to help nature's system's heal and thrive. To help heal ourselves and in turn to heal our world and our people, we must learn to heal with nature. Let the wild in, find your sacred space in the beauty of life all around us, and never forget how truly magickal our world is, still. I'm here to connect with other magickal souls in this journey of life, if there is ever a time in which someone just needs someone to talk to for any reason, I will be here; as often as I can! I have been trying to distance myself from overuse of technology for years, now, it's proven difficult but also given me time to really unplug from the matrix, so to speak ;)

Original Poetry:

The Invocation

Manifest our dreams into reality.
Feel the pulse of life in every breath.
Place our trust in one another.
Gratitude for every living moment.
Daring to open my heart and push the limits.
Remembering to use our magic to heal, protect, and bless.
Bring unto us an abundance of patience, wisdom, and balance.
Sacred intuition guide us on our path.
Our eternal souls intertwined in cosmic dance.
Sky above, Earth below, God and Goddess, within.
Lift our wings, that we may fly ever higher.
Drawing always from the truth of our higher self.

We are infinite, divine

In the timespan of the blink of our eyes, everything is changing.
What are we, If not merely morphing through time?
Alive and still breathing, must let go of all things, deceiving.
Heart beating, oh my God and Goddess, How am I still able to hold this most fleeting of feelings?

In the timespan of a single heartbeat, I know most of all that I know not.
What are we, if not living for the moment?

Past regrets and future fears, must let go, find our place in the here and now.

I'll let go of all my pride, To have you at my side.
I'll show you, how we are all divine.
I'll let fly, all our joy, into the open sky.
I smile as I look at you, pure wonder and amazement.
So much beauty and so much potential.
You humble me.

I'll burn away the shell of a man that I once was.
and all because, for you, my love.

You showed me what it means to fall in love with who we were destined to become.

As my heart touches your heart, as my hands touch your hands.
The truth of the great spirit.

Foolish were we to believe our plans for ourselves could match our true destiny.

In the span of every breath, We'll live for love and love for life.
Despite all the pain, despite all the strife.
I'll never let this fire dim, I'll stand up and shout.
As within, so without.
Let our spirit's roar.
Together we shall soar.


Here, in this marble palace we have perfection.
We have every whim and desire and pleasure that will last forever.
Here in this golden palace.
We have beauty untold in our gardens of olde.
We have everything in perfect control, that will last forever.

Heaven doesn't tell of hell, and beautiful elegance leaves not a whisper of death untold.
Saints dream not of sinners, and the content sit silent in glory, like a beautiful story.

A forgotten set of stairs leads to a door underneath our golden palace.
This door is black, from fires of olde, rusty hinges, and cobwebs aplenty.
No one has opened it in so long, the stories of what lies beneath all but forgotten.

But those who live beyond this door dream not of the palace.
For what refuse is their home, holds no hope or promise.
Vile sewers are the rivers of the poverty they know.
Gold nor silver glitters here, eyes of vermin in the shadows there.
Those who live underneath know not of the blue sky, for the dark corridors have forever been their lie.
Too weak to reach for above, too low to know anything but the dark below.

We sit on high in our golden palace, laughing in jest of old forgotten myths.
Oh how they laugh with their eyes so bright, never to know fear or fright.
Never to know the ashes and blood on which this golden palace was set.
Never to know the sewers that run beneath them.

Seeing Through Smoke

This dark plane of my inner mind, my beautiful shadow-realm. A place of countless memories and fragmented realities. Here is my only true home, within the world of the invisible. Closing my eyes to relive, again and again, memories of the past, and vision's of the future. Somewhere in between, lay something close to the truth, if such a thing exists. My mind wanders endlessly, both a curse and a blessing to me. Sometimes soothing but never fooling me, laughing always at the bittersweet ironies of this life. It feels more like a dream than what lay inside the darkest recesses of my mind. What are we to find in either world? No answer's at all, only a moment to live. Only this moment, to touch into your heart and soul. My eyes see shapes like smoke, what may we know of hope? Reaching out to touch what may merely may fade and drift away. It all fades to gray.

All as One

My spirit, guide me down my path. Give clarity to these fiery golden eyes. wind against my face, whips my hair back. So fresh and so soothing, so light. Keep me alive and alight. My feet in the grass, earth beneath me, steady and solid. Grounding wild energies, my root's reaching far. Nourishing and sustaining, a stance not so easily broke. Burning ember deep in heart and soul. Fire's passion, fire's lust. But not only, for this heart burns hottest for love and for trust. And as is said, opposites do attract, in water I'll find calm and collect. Flowing unceasingly, washing away the grief. In you, I'll find my quiet, my peace and belief. Five elements, six senses, one love. Ascending into what I was always meant to become. Finding beauty wherever I'll go. It's in the sky, and it's in our eyes, In our touch with perfect trust. In our kiss, our moments of bliss. And in our heart's, our soul's shall never be torn apart.

Night Wish

A sanguinary desire wells up inside, pale eye of Luna staring down upon me, I let out a sigh and close my eyes. My embodied dream, leading me on and drawing me into the forest of the night. Primal desire behold unto this eternal spark, it ignites the heart of truth within us. Reflected in my eyes and yours, words need not be spoken here, lest we fall prey to their misguiding cruelty. In this world covered in cold light, leaves softly whispering all the magic in the earth, Give unto our heart's your wild blessing. Anima and Animus, twin souls, twin flames, a release from their tragically fatal maze. Burn on eternal through the phantoms of illusion, You and I are as free as we ever could be, and always will be. Casting aside the trappings of that meager reality. Raise our eyes to the ocean of the cosmos, us, the children of the stars, the children of the night. We were born into this darkness, to show the beauty of her light.

Dreaming Awake

Hold me close my love, in this, the most perfect embrace that I have ever known. Is it too much to ask for forever? Pull me in, don't let me go, Caught in this maelstrom of emotion. My hopes and dreams rest inside of your perfect, beautifully beating heart. With your sweetest smile and your divinely loving eyes. You make this heavy heart feel light as a feather. When you are gone, these weary eyes close, hoping that when they open once more, I'll bring you back to me. Back into these open and waiting arms. Together we may fly, soaring up to the highest passions. Making our dreams become reality, we can have it all, loving each other and compromising nothing. bring about the end of the world, and I will be right there holding your hands in mine. We shall kiss unto oblivion, I'll whisper unto you, "together, forever, and ever, until next time. It's all a dream, darling, someday, we all wake up."

Echoes in Oblivion

I'm dreaming again.
What's to become of me?
Eyes wide at the sight of the water far below.
as I look down from atop the mountain.
Open the gate of true reflection.
I'm seeing you again.
Are you looking for me, in your dream?
Or am I looking for you, in mine?
Lost in a moment that seems to be an eternity.
Sitting with you in this little white elevator, going down.
Grinding gears, we come to a halt, ding! ... Well, This is my floor...
I'm walking away alone now, guess I'll see you on our way back up.
This parking lot is cold and empty, wet and dark from the rain.
You won't find much left, here.
Just beyond this bleak and dreary place, I know a world of adventure awaits.
I'm always lost and found. The clouds are red like the color of blood.
My eyes see past, to the open cosmos, above.
Lost in this moment again, feeling like forever,
The ebb and pulse like the verses of a song.
One that we forgot the words to, long ago.
So I'm off again walking down the open trails.
Humming along to this song, I'm making up the words as I go along.
Hope we meet again somewhere down this path, the way of the wanderer.
Catch me if I fall.

Age: 25Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 22

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Elf

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Place of living: Travelling around

Town: Cosby/Gatlinburg

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Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 168

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