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Sir_Hans (Good work m'lady! -> Calls_To_Myself)

Member #187336 created: 2009-02-28 20:26:25Simple URL:   

Name: Hans

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Having been shown around Elftown on my friend's computer, she talked me into joining. I haven't ever joined this type of site before, but I like art and fantasy. I am a traditional style artist, working in mediums such as oils, water colours, and a little sculpture sometimes. I do a little writing when I feel motivated to. I am learning how to use Photoshop, which Sharon is teaching me.

Sharon is an extremely talented person: an amazing artist, writer, musician. and an amazing lady, woman, and person with integrity, principles, and has something that is becoming increasingly rare, and this is a sense of decency, without having her mind in the sewer with the trashy talk so many use. She is very intelligent, witty, with the heartiest of laughs, and always manages to work in some humour. 

Yes, I love her, but to know her in the real world, is to love her.

[Artsieladie] invited me to Elftown

-because she wanted me to be a part of the site she loved being on so much. For some reason she was given credit for inviting me, but after I made a comment on a wiki page of hers, the invite credit she was given, was taken away. She was then accused of lying about inviting me. Now look at this image:


It is clear she DID invite me. Why hasn't her credit for inviting me been restored?


I like the statement in the poll: "Please click on a picture and view the enlarged version before voting - a picture you thought was good may not be close up and a picture you didn't give much credit may be better when the full version is viewed."

The detail apparent in Sharon's Pegasus is outstanding. The bridle with its gold assets is excellent! His wings are awesome. This is an amazing piece of work! What an exceptionally brilliant Pegasus! It won my vote no question.

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Year of birth: 1972

Gender: male

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Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 186

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