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missy sub zero (happy happy happy)

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Name: jj


me and my over half sub zero


this is my son under half his teddys love you always baby boy ( nickolas )

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hi as some of u no me im ever jen or jj
were start by telling u about me and then ill tell some more.
rite i moved out of me mums 07 to live with my bf cause i was pregnant we moved again in 08 cause it was to small.we moved again at the end of 08 to a 2 bed flat.
i had a baby boy march 18th 2008.
i did to years hairdressing but never finshed it will do some year
ive been engaged since 17th nov 2006
im now trying to get a job in a creach if i can.
rite now at my bf his name is mark ash
hes a year older than me he was born 88
he can be an ass but wot person cant lol
and hes a loving dad.
well now the best of all my son nickolas
hes cute sweet and funny at times.
i love him to bit more than anything.
my famiy
sub zero and nickolas
mum and dad
mut mut ,kirsty,paula and nicola
corinna, paul and josh
charn ,alan, megan and jake
my over family
marie ,dave, char and kay
kv ,clair, jorden, jake and jack
and not forgetting sharon
thats me
x x x

xxxlove him so much xxx

A second with you
is all i ask as it
would be the best
second ever for
every minute i
ask would be like
a dream of a dream xx

your my love
your my sole
your my heart
if i ever lose
you my life would
not be the same
because your the
one i wont to spend
my slife with and
i never want u to go xxx

wots minnie with out micky
spangebob without pooh
and wots me with out you xxx

xxx this is some of the things i send to my over half. xxx


I've been getting ready for Christmas
I'm revving up for the great day
my credit card's cracked and my freezer is packed
'cause I started my shopping in May

The mistletoe's hanging in bunches
'cause the odd Christmas kiss isn't wrong
and the Vicar I've found - quite likes calling round
and exploring my crowns with his tongue

The bin men have gotten quite friendly
they're after a present I fear
they won't feel so chuffed when I tell them - get stuffed
'cause they don't speak the rest of the year

The family is coming for dinner
last year it was quite a good laugh
we ate fairly late - dished the veg on the plate
found the turkey was still in the bath

the Kids are all pink with excitement
'cause Santa will come so they say
their lists are extensive - extremely expensive
and they'll break it all by Boxing day

But it's worth all that fuss Christmas morning
when their little eyes are all aglow
when we're all feeling merry full of goodwill and sherry
and suffering from wind Ho Ho Ho

But please don't forget why we do it
why each year we must go to this fuss
for that guy up above who brought peace and brought love
and who probably owns Toys R Us..........

xxx tears xxx

tears of joy pour down
a smile on my face
in my mind
such loving thoughts
memories long since past
believing you're there
not knowing you've gone
steping out the door
only to see
the sun set upon you

tears pour down
sarrow fills the air
my bitter heart in pieces
u before me
a colorless face
cold as ice
i gaze into your eyes
i can see
you love me no more
giveing one last kiss to me
you say good bye
then walk away
i fall to the ground
tears of blood pour down...

xxx love u xxx

roses are red
violets are blue
my heart is true
long lasting
and just for u
i can not deny
what i feel inside
baby i love u
no lie
at the moment
my love is no use to u
i suppose its just not meant to be
u and me
we've come so far
but this is where it ends
my love is not true
long lasting
it is not for u
i have to deny
what i feel inside
baby i just cant love u
sorry i lied

xxx rules xxx

lifes a game
theres not much to it
play by the rules baby
u'll get through it
stick around
i'll show u the way
stay with me baby
or u'll have hell to pay
just take a wrong turn
come on baby
do it
right or wrong
theres nothin to it
stick around baby
i'll show u the way
take one more step
u'll pay
lifes a game
play by the rules
stay with me baby
come on
lets do it
opps to bad baby
games over
u lose
lifes a game
there was nothin to it
should of played by the rules baby
u would of got through it
next time stick around
i'll be sure to show u the way
u should of stayed with me
but now u must pay
see u in hell baby
oh forgot to tell u
true,plain and simple
this aint no game!
thats the main rule!

xxx this is from my loving bf sub zero by him xxx
thank you babe love you xxxxxxxx

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Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf

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Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Town: swindon

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grungeheavy metalhip hop
housejazznew age

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card gamescarscats
needleworkpartyrole playing

Civil status: live together with partner

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Body shape: normal

Height: 163

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