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vpartworld (<img:img/mood/186939_1231482140.jpg> you all.)

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This is another watercolor I listed recently on Ebay...the Title is " Full Moon".

Watercolor painting still on myworld.ebay listing!

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I'm a self taught artist I believe I'm blessed with many talents in art from Goodness.  I love fantasy art,I looking forward to be successful in selling my art works on ebay and also growing to have my own fantasy arts website. I also interested to create other kind of art works in the future,with my hope to do and with Goodness help I believe I will accomplish.  I sold first drawing on 02/03/08 it was great accomplish I was very happy.  If you interested to see my fantasy art or feel that you would like to place your bid please don't feel hesitate to go to I also have other kind of items other then artworks selling on ebay.


There are more artistic gifted within me,I like writing poem,I like woodworks,polymer clay works,crafting like beads work,paint my own designed on clothing or shoes,I made few of those art works I mention. I have fun creating those pieces,I sold 2 original Wood Burning Drawing,some of it I gave them to neighbor,I made beads earrings and polymer clay magnets and I tried to sell them on ebay also but didn't get any bids,oh well didn't mean in the future its not gonna get better luck on getting any bids.   Why am I decided to sell some of my art works...its because I believe Goodness encourage me to do so,I didn't feel like being famous artist,but I would like to show what I can create to people and see how it go,so far it's going very good,I feel blessed,I believe it's gonna get better.


There's one poem I wrote about God while ago,I remember some of it and I change and add more to it I like to express.

I thank you Goodness he set me free.
I thank you Goodness he let me see.
I thank you Goodness he show me the truth about you.
I thank you Goodness he make my wish came true.
I thank you Goodness he embrace me like no one else.
I thank you Goodness for all your help.
I thank you Goodness for all strength and gifts that no being,no evil can take away anyway anywhere anytime anyhow.
you are the light whenever i'm feeling down.
I thank you Goodness he always care
And thank you Goodness always being there.


Age: 36Year of birth: 1977Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 10

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human

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Place of living: USA-California

Town: Canoga Park

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classicalgothheavy metal

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artcard gamescats
cookingcrime storiesdancing

Body shape: normal

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