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Name: Myriam

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I am an eighteen year old girl living in the country of Québec. At this exact moment, I am studying in Health Care Sciences in Cégep, which is actually a technical or pre-uni school, unique to Québec (and it's too long to explain what it is exactly anyway. Hmm. So, after high school, you can learn a manual trade, like interior decoration, hairdressing, carpentry, mechanics, etc. in a special formation centre. Or, you can attend Cégep and either do a two year long program that leads you to university, such as Arts and Letters, Arts, Health Care and Pure Sciences, and Human Sciences, or, you can do a three year formation, still in Cégep, that will obtain you a technical degree, like childcare services, Nurse care, multimedia, or lens making-thing. Yeah).

However, I'm probably going to change programs, because, well, so ist das Leben. I don't know what I'm heading towards, but I'm quitting school for the next term. I want to do a month's work of international cooperation in Bolivia next year (too bad my German is a gazillion times better than my Spanish, and the Bolivians don't speak German...), and also go back to Germany.

As part of a linguistic student exchange program, I spent three weeks travelling around Bavaria last summer. I learned a great deal, and loved every minute of it. I left my heart there, and I need to go back. Neuschwanstein was the most magnificent thing I ever saw in my entire life.

That was about my future projects. I once wanted to be a genetician or an endocrinologist, but, stuff happens, and we'll see.

For the past year, I've been in a relationship with the most marvellous man on the planet. One day we will have goats and cats and children together. Yes.

I am interested in fine arts (I used to paint acrylics, but ever since I stopped taking lessons, I stopped painting altogether). I still love drawing, however. My hobbies include drawing (charcoal, markers, pencils, anything), writing, reading, listeing to music, good movies, my boyfriend, hanging out with my friends, learning languages (especially practicing my German), and travelling.

I'd love to write a fantasy novel in the near future, and I consider myself a pretty good writer, but I have no idea of what to write whatsoever, and that, whether you are the laureate of the Prix Goncourt or are a horrible failure in composition, isn't a very good thing. Even if you're good, if you don't have anything interesting to write about, you're venturing into a useless entreprise. I must add, French is my mother tongue, not English, so don't sacrifice me to your god if I happen to misspell a word. I also like writing poems, but haven't done it in a long time.

I've been reading Les Bienveillantes for the past two years, and intend on finishing it once and for all soon. I love war books, books about war, science-fiction books, fantasy books, alternate universe novels, horror stories, and the random Vian. And Harry Potter and the Twilight series. But usually I stay afar from romance.

I love heavy metal music, and industrial rock. My favourite bands (well, the only ones of these genres I listen to) in these genres are Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, and Rammstein. My favourite genre, however, is good old rock'n'roll. My favourite band is The Beatles. I love Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Police, The Who, Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant, Supertramp, King Crimson, The Clash, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and a million others I will hate myself for forgetting when I re-read this. I also like our Québécois music, like les Trois Accords, les Cowboys fringants, Beau Dommage, Harmonium, Offenbach, and stuff. I might also like the random French rap song. Sometimes. Since I got back from Neuschwanstein, I've been meaning to listen to stuff from Richard Wagner (what was it about the man that made Ludwig II hallucinate so much?). I do like classical music, but it's got to have more than only a piano as an instrument. My brother's been playing the piano for eight years, so I've had my share of listening to piano, and only piano. I might also enjoy a few opera songs. Lovely voices, I find. Myself, I don't play any instruments, but I own a guitar, because I wanted to play when I was fifteen, but it never amounted to much, because I never practiced.

Hanging out with friends and my boyfriend doesn't really require precisions. I acquired a taste for fine beer in Germany that the cheap beer we buy in our parties doesn't quench. XD

I love action movies, science fiction and fantasy ones. My absolute favourites are war movies. The only movies I ever cry to are Schindler's List, and Sophie Scholl: The Last Days. I find that the Shoah and the Second World War are one of humanity's worst moments. Basically, every genocide was. But, I also think it is our responsibility, as citizens of the world, to be informed about these horrors, as to never forget them, and to prevent them from ever happening again (well, looking at the DRC right now, I think it's sort of failing... not enough people know and care about these issues). The movies people make, the books they publish, need to be seen and read. It is respect to the people who died in the ghettos, in the work camps, in the concentration camps, in the extermination camps, in the cities, in the forests, in trucks, in hospitals, respect for the Jews, homosexuals, Nomads, handicapped (physically and mentally) people, communists, socialists, or opposers to the NSDAP who died for NOTHING. To do otherwise is intolerable. I am not Jewish, and I am not of German descent. However, it is not required in order to feel for what happened there. We are all part of the human species, are all born equal, and it's high time people started considering it and acting in consequence.

Yes, I am fascinated by the Second World War. This doesn't make me a Nazi. I often think of how easily Hitler persuaded the majority of Germans that he was right, and that the Jewish people were demons, and all of which he accused them of. I don't think it is because the Germans are worse people than we are. Hitler only needed to convince them they were the best in the world to have them all crawling at his feet. It makes me wonder how easily people are convinced of their superiority when complimented, and how easily they can be corrupted. Endoctrinment is scary. And I wonder... I'd love to think that I'd be one of the ones who resisted, the brave ones, like Sophie and Hans Scholl, and the other members of the White Rose, but I don't know that. I never had to face that situation. I don't know my moral strength, I don't know if I would have been on the good side, those who died for what they thought was right (a lot less who were actually willing to defy authority in the name of Justice), or on the bad side, those who died for what they thought was right (but who were wrong). I'd love to think I would have been on the good side, and most people also would, but remember that in that era, the good side was the microscopic minority. And so much as I would like to think I would have died to save others, I don't know that, I don't know how far I would have fought, and how I would have reacted. Nobody really knows it, until they are actually confronted to it. And it really scares me to think I might have been on the side of the majority. Humanity is terrifying.

So, there went my rant. I really needed to exteriorize this.

I love to philosophise about things, and to discuss about religion and spirituality. I am an atheist, but learning new things about new cultures, whatever they are, is great. Well, not excision. Excision is bad.

And, I love learning languages. French and German are my favourites, because one's my mother tongue, and the other, well, is just terribly cool. And Till Lindemann sings it creepily good. English is alright, but my first novel would definetly be in French, not in English. I've only been learning German for a year and a half, so I'm not the best --yet--. I used to think my accent was alright, until I went to Germany and found out my German accent was very Québécois. German is a beautiful language! When I master it, someday, I'll start learning Russian.

I love to travel, even though my trip to Germany was my first experience outside of my country or Canada (Ontario, because I lived there, and went to camp there, and British Columbia, because my mum's sister lives there), or the United States (I went to Florida, Virginia and New York, once). I loved my trip, more than words can say. I left my heart in Germany, when I'm lonely I speak German to myself, I read in German, listen to the national anthem (which is very pretty), and fantasize about watching movies in German, but I can't see any, because they aren't available here, except war movies and Goodbye, Lenin! Travelling is a very costly passtime, so when I win a million dollar, I'll give a quarter to Amnesty International, a quarter to Doctors Without Borders, a quarter to the people I love, and I'll spend the rest on travelling...

My favourite colour is yellow, I love cats and frogs. My favourite meal is roastbeef and mashed potatoes. My favourite drinks are beer and milk, but not together. I like politics, but hate Stephen Harper (the Prime Minister of the place some folks call a country), I voted in the last federal election, I will vote in the upcoming provincial election. Politically speaking, I am very much on the left wing. I hate pink, I have gay friends, I don't like cleaning my room, I can't cook or sew, I'm left-handed, everybody thinks I'm nuts, and I joined the demonstration against increase of the scolarity fees here in Québec last year. Someone painted a big blue X on my face for the occasion. I think that's about it, random facts included. Pepsi or Coke? Haha, Root Beer. Silver's better than gold, and I always wanted the Coyote to catch that annoying Roadrunner.

Age: 18Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 29

Gender: female

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