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Another Nobody (

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The nothing that is the nothing that could be and the nothing that happened.


As soon as you have nowhere to run
everyone is yelling
and you can't stop crying....
Thats when you're allowed to yell at me too.

Hello, visit my website and support my idea. I just want to show people's work such as poetry or stories. You can get your very own page if you have enough to submit. Monthly I have Publishers looking at my site for people that wish to be published.

I have a suggestion for you...
You should break my heart one more time.

Just for good luck.

Sarine Mila Darkmoon

Is that my real name?
Who wants to know?   
Well, There is a message box                         
If you dare to ask. Classically unafraid to tell you that you suck.                          
Press affiliated stress.
Post Traumatic Stress
Unwilling to share
No one caresNo one shares           
No one dares.                          
I am unafraid. I am spineless.                         
I am in love, and poetic.                          
He doesn't care. Guilty PleasuresWith you.   
Dance with me?                         
Love Hate me.                          
Dance with me.                         
UnafraidOver jealous.     
Poems of Thought                         
Nothing happened                         
Point blank                         
My secret to you all                         
Hidden blib about that last one, there is a password. And If you know a common nickname for girls. Its small.                          
Come on, they purr.                          
Not full grown.                          
I'm not perfect, I won't lead on to be.                         
I am stubbornPiggishChildish           
So much more. But really, why tell you?                         
Lets be frank with one another, unless you scroll down and decide somehow that you want to leave me a message...                         
Nobody Cares.
Now lets get one thing dead on the map...Got it?                         
I do care.       
ButI won't run in tiny little circles, dashing my head around for you to confuse me.          
Another thing...                         
Talk to me!...                         
HahahaFooled ya there. Well there you go. I'll await a message.
Not really...Who would hold their breath for that?         

My old page
In case you want to see it!

Age: 17Year of birth: 1993Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 14

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-Wyoming

Elfwood writer: No

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 168

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