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Atreides (summer work is evil)

Member #179718 created: 2006-08-02 01:24:01Simple URL:   

Photo missing.

Drawing missing.


Welcome to my house

i'm new, so u could say it's still under construction


My House is a Safe Zone.

Yes! my house is a safe zone. If you want to be an ignorant discriminating pig then go somewhere else.

IF for some reason you aren't already a safe house, you should be! and if ur shallow enough to discriminate, get off Elftown! They have Fake for people like you.


What I'm here for
I'd love to join any role playing things or wikis. If you have a really cool one, tell me about it and I'll check it out. As i said, I'm new so I'm not sure about what there is to do here, though my friends seem to find enough to do to be completely obsessed....

The internet is far too obsessive


REALLY nifty wikis that other people made that you should visit

Evolution Debate Page

go debate evolution! the wiki just stopped being dead, and needs more people. At the very least it will be interesting to watch

The wscfbs


Calling all sofa fort enthusiasts!


you can't argue with a guy with a sofa fort!

Role Playing!

I currently do not belong to a role playing wiki, leave me a message in my guestbook if u have any suggestions


Random Stuff

Why do you go to a bathroom and not actually bathe?

If practice makes perfect, and nobody can be perfect, then why practice?

Why do you click on start to exit Microsoft Windows?

Why do we say bye bye but not hi hi?

Age: 14Year of birth: 1992Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 15

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Elf

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-New Jersey

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Computer interests
chatinformation seeking


Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 168

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