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She will Have her way. (Hungover ...)

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Name: They call her. Cassie..The insane


:) Vines


Myslef and Laura

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Raawr Hello Friend. Nice to see you.
[Freaks from turkey.]
[No i don't want to meet with you. Send me any dirty messages or cybering requests and i will castrate you with a spork GOT IT]


Mkay about me. My name is Cass
I'm 14 AT LAST

Llamas are kick-ass and will one day rule the world!
I still do maths on my fingers. get over it.
Sometimes i laugh so hard i cry.
I'm shy around new people.
I love the colours red and black.
i dont care what you say black IS a colour okay!!!
I like shiny things
I like writing poems (no not emo ones)
I beleive in eqality we are all equal!!
I'm a poser, so what?
i hate it when people breathe loudly through their noses.
I hate it when people chew with their mouth open
Cheese< is an awesome word/
I like being random :D
i really dont care what you think about me.
but if its nasty/ keep it to yourself.


[nopenope] is the reason I'm here, and the reason this profile looks so wicked. Love you, Rachie <3


My Poems!

War is terror

A young girl sat
and she thought about her life
free of terror, hatred and strife

She thought about the others
those who lived in fear
she knew about the hard times
but never realised they were so near

As the war begun the girl thought
again, im sure it could be worse,
she was right of course

war and terror hatred and stife
is all she saw when she thought
again about her life..

The poem i wrote for Rachael[nopenope]

Something for Rachael...

wet met just 3 years ago
but longer than that it seems
we went to see the spongebob show
and we had many dreams.
our friendship has grown and grown
since those days when we were young
many things your done for me, many songs ive sung
this is a poem just to show
how much i really care.
and just to let you know.
i will always be there.

A friendship my dear that i hope will last,
a friendship my dear that goes so fast
Hold on to me, never let go
i'll hold on to you and let you know.
that I am yours and you are mine
in my heart my dear you shine.
We may argue we may fight,
but this poem for you i write
because i love you, you will never be lost
because i love you no matter what the cost..

This one is an award winner Chyesss!!

this child young of age,
being 6 saw the world in shades of grey
those about her only saw a picture of black and white.
Looking out her rain spattered window.
The shimmering white street-lamp her only light,
which coloured the blackened world about her.

She examined the nights azure for her star
but thick smoke and dust
covered her perfect sky
Gun shots echoed now and then
adding to her anguish
Each breath Vexatious

Screaming sounds of war-planes
stole away her nights silence.
closing her eyes to blind away the explosions
she was drowning in a pool of red
bullet shot and trigger-pulled.
a silent gasp her last notion

Goodnight house
goodnight trees
goodnight moon
goodnight sun
goodnight mother
goodnight father
goodnight world
goodnight war

This was inspired by an article i read about a girl during the war who looked out her window and got shot.. kinda sad really

Steal my poems and DIE a very very painfull death

Slightly gothic poem almost.

her pale form, weak and fagile,
the struggle hidden under a mask.
Her scarlett lips bent in a twisted smile.
her raven black hair limp, lifeless.
soft rising and falling of her chest,
her each gasp laboured.

green eyes sparkled, in dazling light.
crystal tears spilling.
she turned her pale face away.
so they could not see her pain.
falling to the floor in a sudden wave of heat.
she silently passed on.


All poems belong to ME and Me only. Dividers belong to [nopenope] only.

Age: 14Year of birth: 1993Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 13

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf

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Place of living: Australia

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Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
musicstrategy gameswebcam

new agepoppunk

Other interests
bookscatschasing the preferred sex
poetrysingingsoap operas

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 160

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