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lost_adonis (Sleepy)

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OK so this in my live Bio... I’m an interesting guy really I am.... ok so I don't think I’m interesting but some people have told me I’m interesting... well really I think I’m just a dork that has been around the bend a few times. I was raised in Southern California Santa Barbara area until about 15. then I moved in with my dad and stepmom... oh did I mention my parents divorced when I was like one or something? well, I guess I just did. so what was I saying... oh ya, so my mom and I lived together when I was young and she was great. a hard worker and always gave me my space... I wanted a hug and to be next to her all the time but that is another story... she is still a great person, she gave me everything she wanted as a kid and did the very best she could do having had me at the ripe old age of 19. So I moved in with my dad at the age of fifteen... so than high school happened... ok so then I was trying to hold down 3 jobs and go to college and that didn't work because humans need sleep and people began to wonder if I was human or not. so I joined the army to pay for college and get some experience in life... to be cont… ok

I’m continuing… what was I saying… ok so I joined the army and had basic training in Oklahoma. What to say about that experience… ok it is windy in Texas because Oklahoma sucks like crazy! Then I got sent to San Antonio Texas for my Medic training as a 91B10 combat medic, a medical specialist. And at this point, it occurred to me that it must be like hurricane winds all the time in México! Actually, towards the end, I had earned off-post privileges and lost my virginity to a no good girl… well, I didn’t lose it really but she didn’t disserve it and she took my sweater…I miss the sweater. My grandmother gave it to me for Christmas one year… I miss my Grandmother… she died in 2004. Ok so that was a sad train of thought. Back to my life story.

I got sent to Korea to be part of the 2nd of the 9th infantry Manchu warriors! If any of you want to join the military please talk to me first or at least read all the fine print. INFANTRY!!! was not what I was looking for when I joined. Well, 363 days, 12 hours, 37 minutes and 162 road marched miles later I was on a plane home! (a lot happened in Korea but I will get into that later)

I met a girl in southern California near my dad’s house through a friend and fell in love during my 27-day vacation after Korea. Her name was Clarice and I thought she was great! She was a very nice girl with some anger issues and I wanted to know her for the rest of my life… well, that didn’t work. After my vacation, I was sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC.

So I was a 20-year-old young man going from the lockdown of the INFANTRY to the 9 to 5 job of WRAMC. Financially this is like going from the bunny slope and having a hard time getting on and off the ski lift to a black diamond route on the same day. (a nod to causticus who help teach me to snowboard much the same way.) I flailed about a lot until I got an apartment with my good friend Elliot who worked in the ER and had similar tastes as me. Basically, we got talking about D&D and played RPG’s so much together that it just made sense to live in the same place. We moved again after meeting Jerry and lived in a BIG house with Zach. So this was the real world silver spring Maryland! We had the open-minded California boy (me), The very liberal lovable big black gay man from the east of Delaware (Jerry), The troubled dark Jewish man from the desert (Elliot), and the Republican Mormon red neck from Utah (Zach) all living in the same house. We are to this day the best of friends!

So I kept up this long distance relationship with Clarice during the 2 years I lived in DC and after I got out we got married four months later we got separated… like Sept. 1st, 2001 something elts happened around the 11th of that month but I wasn’t watching. Ok, I was but it was a very hard month for me because of Clarice. Then my grandfather on my mother's side died… this was an all-time low for me…some people who didn’t know me thought I was acting more normal than usual but the good friends of mine missed the manic and optimistic Jason.

Elliot called one day, a few months of therapy later and I was moving up to some place called Reading, Reddin, or something up north. So I’m thinking like you know Lompoc or maybe just south of Sacramento because we all know that California ends at Sacramento. Well, Redding has been a strange world considering the traveling I had done. I thought I knew what middle America was until I found Redding

things I like... a list of sorts:

acting, albinoblacksheep, Amélie, anime, anti-george bush, anti-war, arcade games, armor, art, author, Ann Rand, b&w, back scratches, backpacking, barbequing, battle angel, being happy, being in love, being with friends, biking, books, breasts, camping, candlelight, candles, candy, cats, chemistry, chopsticks, cinematography, computers, cooking, cuddling, daggers, disney, downloading, downloading music, dragons, drawing, dune, dvds, eating, electronica, erotica, fae, fantasy, fantasy art, fiction, film, flirting, free mp3s, friends, geeks, genetics, ghost in the shell, girls, god, google, gut-level honesty, gymnastics, happiness, hiking, independent film, industrial, internet, japanese, karate, kendo, kevin smith movies, kittens, knives, knowledge, laughter, learning, lingerie, love making, magic, magnetism, manga, martial arts, masturbation, medieval, medieval reenactment, modernism, monty python, motorcycles, mountain dew, movies, mp3s, music, nature, nerds, nudity, objectivism, pacifism, paintball, paintballing, painting, peace rallies, people, performance arts, philosophy, photography, physics, pictures, piercing, pink floyd, poems, poetry, politics, porn, reading, red hot chili peppers, religion, rhps, rocky horror picture show, role playing, roleplaying, rpg, rpgs, run lola run, sarcasm, science, science fiction, sex, singing, sky diving, sleeping, snow, snowboarding, sushi, swimming, sword fighting, swords, tattoos, techno, technology, thunderstorms, tom petty, trance, vinyl, walking, women, writing, x-men

Oh and another thing I'm here because I'm in love with an Elftown Junkie who started her own Wiki and insisted through pouting that I join... so here I am... ok bye bye!

Oh ya, I'm typing and all that in the The City of Eliy every one joins in we need some normal people and less god powered folks. I hope for some good descriptive writers and low egos! ok well loves!

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 34°18.990'N 120°6.330'W

Place of living: USA-California

Town: Fillmore

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishSpanish

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesvideo

housenew agepunk

Other interests
beerboard gamesbooks
card gamescarscats
chasing the preferred sexchesscooking
poetrypornrole playing

Civil status: live together with partner

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 170

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