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Zain Darkar (reminiscing of times when i used this daily...)

Member #172920 created: 2006-01-24 15:00:52Simple URL:   

Name: Vetal, or Zain. Most know me by Vetal others know me by Zain. Which ever.


My Cummins

Hmm...I really need to update things on here. I havnt for a LONG time and lots of things have changed.

I am 6ft. Black hair. 100% full blood native american. brown eyes. light tanish colored brown.
I enjoy hanging out with friends in various spots around town.
I love working on cars, trucks, small engine, or anything automotive. I love nature and animals. Dogs, cats, horses, and birds are my favorite animals to be around. My favorite animal of all time is the siberian tiger. I love tigers. tigers, panthers, cheetahs, leopards, or anything along those lines.
I have a golden lab named Zach. but my parents own 6 chihuahuas. 2 are brown and light brown. 2 are whire, and 2 are a carmel color. We also have 7 minature horses, 2 minature donkeys, 6 minature cows, a huge pack of chickens, and geese that are hatching young at our farm.
We own a ranch and a 3 story house in town. we own 6 trucks, 4 cars, and 2 vans.
I have 9 brothers and sisters. ranging from 23 to 13 years of age. And just my luck I get stuck right smack dab in the middle....
and I have an amazing girlfriend named Mariah!
update more later...

Age: 27Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 10

Gender: male
Elftownworldmap 42°44.028'N 104°18.468'W

Town: capital of south dakota!

Home-page URL:


Civil status: married

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: muscular

Height: 183

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