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Name: Casey

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I am creating an online forum based Wraeththu RPG with Amy [awallflower], Will [xidu] and Carl [Heru].

The game will take place during the early years of Wraeththu in a large, unnamed, city somewhere in Megalithica. The game will be set in the very early years, when hara fought against the military and inceptions were a hit and miss affair, only years after Orien was incepted.

Somewhere along the line our unnamed city is hit by a nuclear warhead amongst all the general infighting and chaos that is tearing the country apart. This changes the hara within its boundaries and also affects the humans (i.e the humans start dropping like flies). The hara, on the other hand, do not start dropping dead. They begin to develop strange mutations not seen outside of the tribes which were within their city when the blast occured. Currently we are not working on the mutations but more on the overall plot of the game and would be thrilled if any one would like to help contribute.

Within the city are three factions. The military, Wraeththu (and their tribes), and the humans caught in the middle.

So, that's the basic set up. Here are our rules (please bear in mind there aren't many yet as we are only two and need the input of others):

-Only original characters would be allowed into the game, as we feel that involving characters from the canon would unnecessarily complicate matters.
-The RPG takes place just after Wraeththu have first begun to spread through the unnamed city. At about the same time that the Wraeththu within the city began to incept others, the city CBD was almost completely wiped out by a nuclear bomb and is under military control when hara first start being noticed.
-Players will be allowed to play one human (male or female) or one har to begin with.
-Players must bear in mind that if they play a woman they are likely to lose their male companions to either Wraeththu, the military or death.
-Females cannot be incepted.
-The radiation caused by the nuclear warhead being dropped on the city should have effects on hara. Small mutations, nothing large. They may be merits or faults. (Example: A character is blinded due to a mishap during inception and the nuclear radiation that flows through everything. Upon awakening after Althaia, he is heart broken but after his change is sealed with aruna he finds that he is able to 'see' the shape of things in his mind's eye. Over time (and with much practice and experimentation) this ability grows.)
-Abilites and mutations must start out small. A system will be devised by which a character's abilities (and mutations) can progress. This system will also, most likely, incorporate caste progression as well.

The game will not start until we get applications from prospective players. This is in order for us to choose other mods to help us develop the game a bit more. You may start with one character. Please keep in mind that we are only accepting characters with moderate abilities unless we feel you can handle playing a more powerful character. Try and be as detailed as you can when you are writing the application. Keep in mind that your characters will not have been har for very long.

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Please send all applications to You can also contact me (Amy) via AIM (bouncingfroggy) or Yahoo (shes_got_subscriptions). Or Casey at AIM (PrettyCassaCat) or Yahoo (poisoned_innocences). We are friendly and don’t bite (unless asked) so feel free to drop us a message.

(Or message us here.)

We look forward to hearing from you!

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