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CoMpLeTe HaWtNeSs (

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Name: Jaileigh AKA Leigh, Leigh-Leigh, Jai, and Jai Baby

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Town DrunkBeggarAdventurer

I gotta new AND improved crush -lol- *Cough*MATT*Cough* -lol-

Yahoo: Lakeview_volley_chic
Cell: {269} 841-2448
my name is Jaileigh i am 15 yrs old turnin 16 i am bout 5'5" n i have now long brown hair n hazel eyes (changes) n i am tan I have my nose pierced and i have an athletic body and a big ass bootay! -lol-

(1) ur gender: female
(2) Straight/gay/BI?: straight
(3) Single?: yes
(4) Want 2 b?: kinda
(5) ur b-day: 10/16/89
(6) Act ur age?: umm no
(8) ur height:5'8
(9) da color of ur eyes: hazel
(10) Happy wit it?: no
(11) Da color of ur hair: dark brown
(13) Left/right/ambidextrous?: left
(29) Wut's ur job: nothin im 2 lazy
(30) Piercins?: nose , belly
(31) Tattoos?: no
(32) Obsessions?: music, my fone
(35) Do u speak anotha language?: yes
(36) Have a favorite quote?: id cross da world 2 find a perfect place n i found dat place in ur arms

DEEP THOUGHTS bout life n u in it
(38) Do u live in da moment?: no i liv 4 it
(39) Do u consider urself tolerant of othas?: depends
(40) Do u hav any secrets?: of course every1 does
(42) Do u lik ur handwritin?: no
(43) Do u hav any bad habits?: yes
(44) Wut is da compliment u get most 4rm ppe?: hey ur really sexy
(45) If a movie were made bout ur life, wut would it b called?: da naked truth
(49) r u a loner?: may-b
(51) If u were anotha person, would u b friends wit u?: of course im so awesome
(52) r u a daredevil?: HELL YA
(54) r u passive or aggressive?: aggressive
(58) der r 3 wells, lov, beauty n creativity, which 1 do u choose?: lov
(59) How do u vent?: Writin n listenin 2 music
(61) Is der anything u regret doin/not doin in life?: no,everythin happens 4 a reason
(64) Wut do u lik da most bout ur body?: everythin lik ppl say im so sexy
(65) n least?: my stomach i wan 2 b skinnier
(66)Do u think u r good lookin?: yes
(67)r u confident?: yes
69) Do ppl no how u feel?: all ppl dat no me well
(70) r u perceived wrongly?: yes many judge me b4 dey no me 1st which really fuckin sucks

DO U...
(71) Smok?:sometimes
(72) Do drugs?: sometimes
(73) Read da newspaper?: sometimes
(74) Pray?: kinda
(76) Talk 2 strangers who IM u?: yes
(77) Sleep wit stuffed animals?: no
(78) Take walks in da rain?: yes so ppl cant c me cryin
(79) Talk 2 ppl even tho u hate dem?: yes
(80) Drive?: yes
(81) Lik 2 drive fast?:hell yea...wan 2 rid..LMAO

(82) Likd ur voice?:yes
(83) Hurt urself?: yes
(84) Been out of da country?: yes
(85) Eaten somethin dat made otha ppl sick: yes
(86) Burped?: yes
(87) Been unfaithful?:no
(88) Been in love?: yes
(89) Done drugs?: yes
(90) Gone skinny-dipping?: Hell yea
(92) Had a surgery?: no
(93) Ran away 4rm home?: yes
(94) Played strip poker?: yes
(95) Gotten beat up?: no
(97) Been picked on?: no
(98) Been on stage?: yes
(100) Slept outdoors?: yes
(101) Thought bout suicide?: yes
(102) Pulled an all-niter?: yes
(103) If yes, wut is ur record?: 4 days
(104) Gone 1 day witout food?: yes
(105) Talked on da phone all nite?: yes
(106) Slept 2gether wit da opposite sex witout actually havin sex?: yes
(108) Killed some1?: no
(109) Made out wit a stranger?:yes
(110) Had sex wit a stranger?: no
(111) Thought ur goin crazy?: yes
(112) Kissed da same sex?: yes
(113) Done anythin sexual wit da same sex?: yes
(114) Been b-trayed?: yes
(115) Had a dream dat came true?: yes
(116) Broken da law?: yes
(117) Met a famous person:yes
(118) Hav u eva killed an animal by accident?: yes
(146) Stolen anythin?: yes
(147) Been on radio/TV.?: yes
(148) Been in a mosh-pit?: yes
(150) Considered religious vocation?: HELL NO
(151) Been criticized bout ur sexual performance?: no
(152) Bungee jumped?: yes
(153) Had a dream dat kept comin bac?: yes

(157) Wut r u normally wearin 2 school?: aeropostale shit lik dat
(159) Wear hats?: yes
(160) Judge otha ppl by der clothin?: no
(161) Wear make-up? yes
(163) Favorite article of clothin?:Bra n panties
(164) Do u think ur trendy?: yes
(165) Would u ratha wear a uniform 2 school?:if its a skirt lol

(175) Lov at 1st siet?: yes
(179) B-leve its possible 2 remain faithful 4eva? yes
(180) B-leve ders a pot of gold at da end of da rainbow?: no,already checked
(181) Do u wish on stars?: no
(182) Did u get frightened or uncomfortable c-in dat as a section title?: no
(183) Do u remember ur 1st lov?: yes
(184) Still lov him?: fuck no
(185) Do u consider lov a mistak: depends on da boy i fall in lov wit
(186) Wut do u find romantic?: depends
(187) Turn-on?: when guys mak da 1st mov
(188) Turn-off?: bad smile, ugly eyes, bad body , not confident
(189) Do u base ur judgement on looks alone: no
(201) Do u prefer knowin some1 b4 datin him or goin on a date: doesnt matta cuz dey wont no n e thing bout me unless wur datin
(202) Hav u eva wished it was more "socially acceptable" 4 a grl 2 ask a guy out?: no
(203) Hav u eva been romantically attracted 2 some1 physically unattractive?: yes
(204) Do u think da opposite sex finds u good lookin?: hell ya
(205) Wut is best bout da opposite sex?: der easier 2 get along wit
(206) Wut is da worst thing bout da opposite sex?: der cocky
(207) Wuts da last present some1 gave u?: a kiss
(208) r u in lov?: no
(210) Wut wood u do if u wur walkin down da street n saw som hot guy standin on da sidewalk?: go up talk 2 dem giv dem my numba grls no da routine lol

(212) u wanted 2 kill?:? My Step Mom
(213) dat u laughed at?: Jordy
(214) at laughed at u?: Shawna
(215) dat turned u on?: Matt
(216) u went shoppin wit?: Dad
(217) dat broke ur heart?:Thomas
(218) 2 disappoint u?: Thomas
(219) 2 ask u out?: Glenn
(220) 2 mak u cry?: Myself
(221) 2 brighten up ur day?: Thomas
(222) dat u thought bout?: Matt
(225) u talked 2 through IM?: Jenny
(223) u saw a movie wit?: Myself
(224) u talked 2 on da fone?: Voicemail
(226) u saw?: Kasey
(227) u lost?: My Brotha Josh {R.I.P} and Will
(229) u thought wur completely insane?: My Step Mom
(230) u wanted 2 b?: ONLY MYSELF
(232) u trusted?:Thomas
(233) u turned down?: I got turned down -lol- Tear Glenn

(234) Smiled?:3 seconds ago
(235) Laughed?: 3 seconds ago
(236) Cried?: week ago
(237) Bought somethin?: Last nite
(238) Danced?: Last nite
(239) Were sarcastic?: Just a min ago
(240) hugged some1?: 2-day
(241) Talked 2 an ex?: I spent da nite at his house yesterday...Chris Sanchez
(242) Watched ur fave movie?: Yesterday
(243) Had a nightmare?: i dont no
(245) Talked on da fone?: last nite
(246) Listened 2 da radio?: rite now
(247) Watched TV?: now
(248) Went out?: 2-day
(250) Were mean?: yesterday
(252) Saw a movie in a theater?: da hell if i remember
(253) Said "I lov u"?: 2-day
(254) Missed some1?: 2-day
(255) Fought wit a family member?: Last nite
(256) Fought wit a friend?: All da time
(257) Had a serious conversation?: yesterday
(258) Got drunk?:Yesterday
(259) Had sex?: last week
(260) Been kissed?: 2-day


I'm a mind shockin , body rockin , sittin high , lookin fly , pretty slick , sexy chick
gorgeous eyes , in2 guys, devilish stare , life's not fair , sweet, sexy , 1-of-a-kind,
der's no doubt, I'LL BLOW UR MIND!
.BiTcH i DoN HaTe U..I DeSpIsE u...I CaLlEd U a HoE cUz It DeScRiBeS U...NoW u SeEn WaT diS AdORAbLE ChIcK'S all bOuT...So CliCk Da [X] n Get da fUcK Out...

Bein a bitch is betta den bein a slut cause I would ratha b reconized 4 *wut* i do not *who* i do

:: Da Dirty Lookz::Da Jealous Stares::Da Best Part Is::U T h i n k I C a r e ::

*¤*.¸¸.•´¨`»*«´`»*«´¨`•.¸¸ .*¤*
¤:..:¤ SiNgLe N SeXy¤:..:¤
.:¤¤:. fLiRtIn LiKe CrAzY .:¤¤:.
¤:..:¤ JuS MeSsIn rOuNd ¤:..:¤
.:¤¤:. I aInT NoBoDy'S BaBy .:¤¤:.
*¤*.¸¸.•´¨`»*«´`»*«´¨`•.¸¸ .*¤

Im A bOoTay ShAkIn,HeArT bReAkn,PrEtTy HoT,NeVa StOp,ShOrT sKiRt,LuV tA fLiRt,AnGaL bAbY,SpOiLeD mAyBe,PeRfEcT CuTIe,wIt A bOOty,GlOssY liPs,n SpaRklIn EYeZ,LeaViN aLL Da FeLLoWs ,hIpnOtiZed,BaNgiN' Hot,1 of A KiNd,GoT All Da FeLLas sAyiN ,she so damn fine!

u kNo da AdDrEsS u kNo da PlAce DoN TaLk sHyT BHiNd My BaCk bYtcH jUs bRiNg iT
2 mY fAcE

~Im a bitch,N I got class ,Mess wit me ,I'll kick ur ass,All u hoes,dat think ur cool,Jus remember ,Bitches rule !
got a problem wit me-S0LVE IT! Think im Trippin? Tie my shoez.Cant stand me? Sit down. Cant face me? Den turn da fuck round!

**PrEtTy iN PiNk , BeAuTiFuL iN bLuE , GoRgEoUs iN GrEeN , n a LiL SeXi 2 , iT DoN MaTtA , WuT CoLoRz , oR sTyLeZ i RoCk , CuZ u HaTeRz , WiLL NeVa HaVe WuT i GoT!**

I say wut i wanna say I do wut i wanna do if u got a problem I got 2 words..FUCK U!!!

*CrAzY NiTeS ~ iNsAnE gRo0vEs**bLaZiN cLoThEs ~ SeXy MoVeS* *NeVa FaKe ~ aLwAyS tRuE* *2 aLL mY FRiEnDz ~ i LoVe u*

"RuMoRs R ViCioUs..TaLk iZ chEaP
WoRdS R mALiCioUs : seCrEts u ShuD kEEp
GoSSiP iS FaKe n iLL maKe dA dEEpEst CuT
sO LearN fRom Da PasT ...N keep Yo MouTh ShuT"

*LiVe EaCh DaY LiKe iTs Ur LaSt, PaRtY uP -n-HaVe A bLaSt.SnEaK oUt LaTe 2 mEeT da gUyS, MiSbEhAvE -n- TeLL sOmE LiEs.TaKe SoMe ShOtS -n- DrInK sOmE bEeRs, RaIsE uR gLaSsEs TiMe 4 cHeErS. SpOiL dEm BoYs WiT KiSsEs -n- HuGs. ChILL wIt Da FrIeNdS u ReALLy LoVe, FoOL RoUnD wIt Da GuYs wE kNoW, nEvEr TeLLiN HoW fAr We gO. StAy OuT LaTe -n- CaUsE tRoUbLe 2. dEs R dA tHiNgS uS *cRaZy* GiRlZ dO!

U say u HATE me...grl plizz don confuse HATE wit jealousy....u can love me,hate me,rate me
da bottom line IS.....U AIN'T ME!!!

    »¦«*BoRn 2 TêAsE*»¦«

    »¦«*TaUgHt 2 PLeAZe*»¦« 

"B" is 4 how Beatiful i am
"I" is 4 how Incredable i am
"T" is 4 how Tough i am
"C" is 4 how Cute i am
"H" is 4 how Hard i'm gonna hit u if u call me a bitch again!

*Im a hyper hunny n a crazy cutie* *a super sweetie wit a bangin booty* *sweet, sexy,hot n vicious* *Oh im just so bootylicious**


I'm a BoOtY ShAkIn, HeArT BrEaKeN, MaDd HoT, NeVeR StOp, ShOrT SkIrT, LoVe To fLiRt, TiGhT JeAnZ, CuRvY HiPz, gLoSsY LiPz, MiNd ShOcKiN, BoDy RoCkIn, BoOtY ShAkIn, MoNeY MaKeN, MaN TaKeN, SiTtIn HiGh, LoOkiN FlY, PrEtTy sLiCk, CuTiE ChIcK, AnGel BaBy, SpOiLeD MaYBe, PeRfEcT LiL BiTcH

U kNo Im FaBoLoUz..CaNt HeLp Im ScAnDaLoUz..BuT iF aNyBoDy AsKz..TeLL eM iM AbSoLuTeLy*g * L * a * M * O * r * O * u * Z~

-¤- §oRr¥ u ÇaN'† [ Ð e F i N e ] Me
-¤- §oRr¥ I [ b R e A k ] da mÖld
-¤- §oRr¥ daT I [ s P e Ä k ] My MiNd
-¤- §oRr¥ dÖn dÖ wU† I'm [ T o L d ]
-¤- §oRr¥ iF I dÖn [ ƒ Ä k € ] iT
-¤- §oRr¥ I cÖmE sÖ [ R e Ä l ]...
-¤- I wIll NeVeR [ H i D e ] Wut I r€aLLy FeEl

.:~*CuTe & spoiled*~:..:~*CoOl LiL HuNnY*~:..:~*Me JeAlOuS oF U?*~:..:~*HaHa Ur FuNnY!!!*~:.

~Im a bitch , N I got class , Mess wit me
I'll kick ur ass , All u hoes , dat think ur cool , Jus remember , Bitches rule !

*~B.I.T.C.H~* BeAuTiFuL InDiViDuaL ThAt CrEaTeS HeLL~*

  ~*~SeXi SmiLe - RockIn styLe~*~
  ~*~BanGin HoTTie - SeXi BoDi~*~
  ~*~SweeTie BabI - FoXy LaDy~*~
  ~*~LuchUz ThiGhz - CandI EyEs~*~
  ~*~ToTaL CutIe - wIt a bOOtIe~*~
  ~*~LiL HuNNi - PlaYBoy BuNNy~*~
  ~*~TemPtin LiPz - KiLLa hiPz~*~

*da illest baby gurl* *dat Ever came Out* *Yall hoez wanna hate me?* *KnOcK Ya SeLf OuT*

My sTyLe iZ ¹ oF a KiNd eAsY ² jOcK bUt iMpOSibLe ² rOcK iTz jUs iNsAnE frUm HeAd ² tOe JuS GoTa UnDaStAnD i GoT Da HoTt AzZ FLoW

:*tAsTy LiKe a sUnDaE..wiT a cHeRrY oN tOp.. wiT a LiL cHoCoLaTe cOaTiNg..i dRoP iT LiKe iTs HoT!* 

i WannA b uR *BaBi guRl*Da 1 u cALl uR *Own*
Da 1 u hOld iN yA *aRmZ* nd` fAll AslEep WiT On dA *PhOnE*

I wAn mY OwN tHuG.. mY tRu gAnGsTa gUy da 1 wHo lOOkS aLL tUfF.. BuT wOnT eVa mAkE mE cRy U CoUlD b mY bAbY.. da 1 daT uNdErsTaNdS N eVeN wHeN hiS bOyS R DeR.. Ur liKe..wAnNa hOld MaH hAnD?

I'm §uGaR & §piCe & EvErYtHiNg N¡Ce... b4 yOu Me§§ w/ Me... yOu ße§t ThiNk twiCe

*All you girls think you're tough...Well all your stuff ain't that rough.You think you know the deal... But it's me & my girls who be keepin it real*

You know why? I am immature. I'm a teen. I have yet to mature."

It's like my mother always said: "Two tears in a bucket, motherfuck it."

:*:If ya gonna talk shit about me...Ima gonna put up a fight:*::*:If you dont like me...thats aight:*::*:I am what I am...I do what I do:*::*:'N if you got a problem:*::*:Then...:*::*:Bitch, Fuck You!!:*:

Say it 2 my face not behind my back cuz if ur talkin shi* bitc* ur gonna get smacked.!!!!!

Booty shakin, heart breakin, mad hot, never stop, short skirt, luvs 2 flirt, tight jeans, very mean, high class, nice ass, shakin thys, candy eyes, lucios lips, killa kiss, tell me can u handle this???????

"There is nothing you can say
Sorry doesnt cut it babe
Take the hit and walk away,
Cuz I'm gone
Doesnt matter what you do
Its what you did that's hurting you
All I needed was the truth,
Now I'm gone

Payback's a bitch.

You're not his type. He's not big on sleaze

-X-_She may be SMART_X_ _ -X-_she may be HOT_X_ _X-_BuT No OtHeR GuRL__X_ got what i got!_

*LiVe EaCh DaY LiKe iTs YoUr LaSt, PaRtY uP -n- HaVe A bLaSt.SnEaK oUt LaTe To mEeT tHe gUyS, MiSbEhAvE -n- TeLL sOmE LiEs.TaKe SoMe ShOtS -n- DrInK sOmE bEeRs, RaIsE uR gLaSsEs TiMe FoR cHeErS. SpOiL dEm BoYs WiT KiSsEs -n- HuGs. ChILL wIt Da FrIeNdS yOu ReALLy LoVe, FoOL aRoUnD wIt Da GuYs wE kNoW, nEvEr TeLLiNg HoW fAr We gO. StAy OuT LaTe -n- CaUsE tRoUbLe tOo. ThEsE aRe dA tHiNgS uS *cRaZy* GiRlZ dO!

Age: 15Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 16

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 42°44.028'N 85°1.278'W

Place of living: USA-Michigan

Town: Battle Creek

Known languages
Sign LanguageChineseEnglish

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: No

Elfwood URL: HAHA

Fanquarters URL: Being

Wyvern URL: Single

Home-page URL: FUCKING

Weblog URL: ROCKS!!!

Favorite URL: Damn Straight!!! -lol-

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat

heavy metalhip hoppop

Other interests
card gamescarpentrycars
catschasing the preferred sexcooking
singingsnow scootersshopping
watching sportwriting

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 164

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