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BlondieXcorE (Bleeding Mascara)

Member #167751 created: 2005-11-18 15:55:11Simple URL:   

Name: Stefanie




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Um, yeah..
my names stefanie...
i'm 17.
i have blonde and black hair...
i have blue eyes..
um... i have one tattoo...
and i have one peircing..
my ears are gaged to 0's now...
i guess you could call me fun..
i try to make the best out of everything i do.
my aim is : morbidredxx or murdermydolli666
feel free to Im me
my MSN:

Um, i hate being lied to.
i reallly hate it.

i love my friends..
if you mess with them, you mess with me, which isnt cool.

my favorite colors are :
purple, black, blue, and lime green

my favorite flavor is:
strawberry <3

some thing i liek to do:
i like to burn things ... ALOT
i like to write random things.
i like painting my nails bright colors.

my favorite drink is:
mountain dew <3

i LOVE getting messages..
so message away:)

i have a myspace so if you do.. ADD ME:

Cold was my soul
Untold was the pain
I faced when you left me
A rose in the rain....
So I swore to the razor
That never, enchained
Would your dark nails of faith
Be pushed through my veins again

Bared on your tomb
I'm a prayer for your loneliness
And would you ever soon
Come above onto me?
For once upon a time
On the binds of your loneliness
I could always find the slot for your sacred key

Six feet deep is the incision
In my heart, that barless prison
Discoulours all with tunnel vision


Sick and weak from my condition
This lust, this vampyric addiction
To Her alone in full submission

None better...

it all makes sense, we're capable of beauty..

good friends list:
Tom <3
dylan T
dylan S
And alot moreeee....
{if you would like to be on my list..just ASKKK :}}}} }

i hurt so silently inside
the tears i have are so easy to hide
my heart is broken
so i began smoke'n my life away

i cut myself to remember the pain
is that a sign that i'm goin' insane?

scars last forever. they'll always be there-
no one can help, eventhough they care.

now i lay me down to sleep
give me peace so i won't weep turn on your gaurd, o lord, please

I’m laughing and smiling
But inside me, I slowly make
A cage of glass,
To lock me in

I feel the glass getting hard, more solid
Stronger, it closes up
It keeps sounds and feelings out.
All I see is other's smiles and tears.

In here, I’m safe
I know I miss a lot
But nothing is mine to care about any longer.
These solid walls protect me.

Suddenly I see
That my cage of glass doesn’t lock me up,
Its protective shell is gone.
The panic gets hold of me

Because now I realize,
That the cell that holds me,
Never was mine.
It was built around the others, It is now protecting them.
From me.

he's the prettiest B-movie scream king.

XXthey were mutual.
those loving words.
it was more than.
just making loveXX

walk past my grave in the dark tonight,
saw the stone and the note you left for me,
to answer your question i just had to leave,
i just had to leave...

One night a young couple were coming home from the movies. The girl told the guy to pull over cause they needed to talk. She said she didn't think him and her were going to work out and she told him it was time to move on. A silent tear rolled down the boy's face. He reached in his pocket and gave her a note he had wrote earlier in the day. At that time a drunk driver was racing down the same street. He swerved right into the driver's side. The boy died and amazingly the girl lived. She remembered the note in her pocket. She pulled it out and it read: "Without your love, I would die." IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE, POST THIS IN YOUR HOUSE.

{thats SO sad}

oh and i do draw i just dont know how to put my work up...
Music i like:
murderdolls <3
marilyn manson <3
D.O.P.E <3
Kittie <3
red jumpsuit
rob zombie
motis operenda
visions of hate (my ex's band)
old avenged sevenfold
SEX pistols
the clash
the cure
cradle of filth <3
36 crazyfists
slowly taking lives
wensday 13
lamb of god
lacuna coil
funeral for a friend
x sister z
pshyco stick
and alot more.

Age: 19Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 14

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human

Elftownworldmap missing.

Town: i live in a house..

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests

gothgrungeheavy metal

Other interests
fashionpornrole playing

Civil status: married

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 163

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