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Kurenai_Wings (All things turn to ash)

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Name: Tracee I. M.


I finally have a picture. . .

I am on the right. . .

This isn't the greatest picture of me I think I need a new new one...


Here`s a drawing I made then edited

The quote is from one of my Kingdom Hearts Sequel Fan Fiction

Elftown titles and orders
BeggarStreet childAdventurer

Lastest Poem...
Bloodstains and Butterflies

Crimson rain puddles upon earth and petal
Black flitting souls float around broken metal.

Souls of warriors lost, free of their suffering
In their ears never again shall fear and metal ring.

Never again will they take up sword and fight
Fight through beauty, day, and horror, night.

As dawn’s sun rises high in morning’s blood sky
The warrior’s soul now floats away as a butterfly.

Tips of crimson upon each wing on which it flies
As long as there is war, there will always be bloodstains and butterflies.

Here`s a poem I made

Once we were friends
laughing together
with you, my spare time I`d spend
no matter the weather

You turned your back on me
when someone new came in
It made me want to flee
and Darkness welcomes one such in

You turned on me, So I turned on you
we stand on different sides
You chose to stay with friends anew
because of that, the rage won`t subside

Once friends now enemies
in darkness and light
Our lives now nothing but seperate pleas
you reside in day, and I in night

Our lives and friendship lost
jealousy got the better
and now we face the cost
Our frienships lost forever

Once we were friends
laughing together
with you, my spare time I`d spend
no matter the weather

That`s the end of it.

<img:2706_1128818519.gif> <img:2706_1128818519.gif>

Meow. . . a topic. . .
ahhh yess. . . my friends
these are there real names

1)Jess Neville

2)Mallory Blake
3)Amanda Clements
4)Katarina Scagnetti
5)Tara Ward
6)Katie Sologuk
<img:2706_1128818519.gif> <img:2706_1128818519.gif>
Okay... ummm....
this is just something I made out of bordem

"Who am I
am I my own person

I am a collage of others,
of their personalities,
to find out who I am I remove the layers
to find I am but
an empty shell
without the lies

So why do I exist"

I'd like your thoughts on it

<img:2706_1128818519.gif> <img:2706_1128818519.gif>

" You can never win, never break even, and never give up"
<img:2706_1128818519.gif> <img:2706_1128818519.gif>
This is a story in progress please let me know what you think!!!!!

Fangs in the Moon

"My howl will cut through the night air, like my fangs through your flesh"

The Story begins . . .(prologue)

A Golden Retriever sat in her yard, starring at dark woods, it's shadow in the fading sun danced at her feet. It lay just beyond the chain-linked fence that surrounded her yard, her border from the mysterious, yet ominous forest. " I wonder what is in there that is so great, what makes them want to live there", she sighed to herself, lying down as the shadows became like a blanket upon her.

The near by brush shifted and two sets of eyes glowed with a strange glow, the glint of the hunt reflected with the moonlight. " I can't believe Zaris would send me on such a mission, an abduction is no job for me", a dog in the brush growled. This dog was a lean muscular Akita, whose silver coat was stripped with black. Her golden eyes focused on the Golden Retriever that lay in the yard sleeping peacefully and completely unaware of her stalkers.


A dog pack was in a cave, the cave was dank, dimly lit by the moonlight, and not very inviting. " You are to bring me the target of Saber's cronies, a small house dog. I want to see her alive she is a rare bread,. . . a mix of some grand fighters of these forests", Zaris ordered. Zaris was a Shiba Inu he was larger than normal Shiba Inus. His black fur was adorned with scars, symbols of his power and leadership. Though all that could really be seen clearly from the dark ledge, where he lay, was his crimson eyes. " Take Oran with you he'll serve as your muscle, I trust you have no problems with this, do you Talin", Zaris stated, smirking his fangs glinting. Talin just turned without answer. Oran a black and brown Doberman was waiting at the mouth of the cave, the two took off into the forest that hid the cave from the view of enemies and hunters.

{End of Flashback}

"Talin, it's time to move", Oran commanded.

"Then move", she growled in return tightening up the muscles in her legs she sprung forward and over the fence, Oran followed only seconds after. Talin looked around as Oran gripped the pup's scruff in his powerful jaws. Snickering as she looked from the puppy, that still slept, to the pup's bowl, " Pumpkin, that is no name for their legacy to have, to me you are Kin", Talin stated giving Oran the signal to run.

"Oh howr hoomuns lovve to humiliate urs", Oran muttered through his clenched jaw. Talin smirked then went first followed by Oran and his captive. They began for their home deep within the dark forest, of which no man should enter for it is the territory of the dogs of Fang. . .


They were running still their target only a little off from where they were. All was good until strange dogs attacked the group. These dogs showing traits from many fighting dog breeds, though some had wolf traits and none showed the true appearance of one. One went for Kin while four went at Oran. Talin intercepted the attack on Kin by tearing the throat of the attacker, Oran dropped Kin and then crushed the skulls, of two of his attackers, with his great paws. Talin took the other two out with a similar method to her first kill of the fight.

Kin awakened as she hit the ground, but didn't come out of the daze she was in until the fight had ended. Her mind refused to conceive that the five dogs that lay there beaten and bloody were dead. "Why are they laying there? Are they okay? Are they getting up?” Kin asked pawing the ground desperately for an answer.

“ . . .“ Talin stated.

“I hope not”, Oran replied.

“BUT, THEY ARE DOGS TOO” Kin yelled.

“In this world it’s kill or be killed, and I choose to kill. And I hate whinny little brats who don’t know their place. If you want to live just stay low in the brush and run to the mouth of that cave, stray and you will die,” Talin barked almost savagely then looked away, “ I’m going to hunt.”

Kin looked at Oran, “She seems mad at something, and I don’t I think it’s me.”

Oran sighed, “She actually was a house pet, but an abused one, she was used as a fighting dog.” The two stood silent mere seconds before running to the cave.

As they entered a cold laugh resounded, “It seems little Talin couldn’t take the anger I wonder what she’ll do,” the laugh and voice was that of Zaris.

That statement seemed to rile up the pack, their combined howls and jeers seemed to be too much for Kin. A loud ferocious bark silenced this nonsense, “ Silence our guest seems to be scared of what just kidnapped her,” Zaris said his voice harsh with spite.

“Leave her alone,” Oran growled as Zaris jumped done.

“ Unlike the other clan this one is no democracy. So unless you can take her as your responsibility she is mine to control,” Zaris growled and sneered.

“She’s my responsibility

“What . . . NO”

“So it seems wittle Talin wants a purpose,” Zaris stated his eyes glowing with a strange interest. Talin stood at mouth of the cave a bird in her mouth; no one gave single sound, except Kin who whimpered as Zaris put a heavy paw on her back.

Talin dropped the bird, growling, as she jumped at Zaris, “She will not be mistreated, she is still innocent.”

“Says you, wretch”

Talin stopped just in front of Zaris; “I won’t make a scene but remember I chose to follow this side as a wish from my parents, . . .and despite that I will take her now or I will leave.”

“Talin c’mon don’t do this” Oran pleaded.

“Well Zaris, what will it be?” Talin seemed to be almost enjoying Zaris’ surprise.

“Take her she is your problem” Zaris replied seeming as though he was defeated, but determined to keep what was left of his pride.

“Come now Kin, or I will give you back” Talin commanded going back to her catch. Kin followed Talin into a smaller cave at the back of the larger one.

A new understanding …(Chapter 1)

“Why do they treat like that? Did you do something?” Kin asked looking at Talin with some look of respect mixed with fear.

“The way they treat me is neither with malice or respect, it is ……… as if I am I traitor to the clans,” Talin said musing with the remains of her meal.

“The clans?”

“They were once one clan that ruled the forest with three leaders, one for protection, one for hunting, and one to keep justice amongst the other two. But the ways of old began to fray with the last generation of leaders and with the current generation they were torn apart, the leader of justice had no interest in continuing a losing battle and the other two took advantage of this. They pulled together their own armies of followers and with that clan was split into two enemy clans, that of warriors and that of hunters. The leader of justice was blamed for this war by those who saw it this way, and those who saw it this way ran from the forest or face the risk of killed by either clans as punishment for not joining them.” Talin crushed the remnants of the bird under her paw when she finished what she was saying.

“Wait… was the leader of justice…”Kin began but was interrupted by a strange voice.

“I suggest you stop pestering her before she does to you, what she did to that bird”

“What? Who are… you’re a cat!” Kin was taken aback by this discovery.

“Yes, I am Nymph…” a black cat replied her golden eyes seemed to pierce the flesh and facades, “I am here to report that Joan, Cyan and Suna have been captured by Saber’s minions.”

“ Nymph go to Zaris, I’m in no mood to kill anyone right now….” Talin had curled into a corner while Nymph and Kin stood beside each other.

“He sent me to get you, something about Sage”


“Who’s he?”

“He’s the one who killed your parents….” Nymph said, “and Talin’s parents a year before yours.”

“Kin stay here… I have to rid this forest of a monster” Talin had become riled up she was bristling, she ran through the small opening into the main cave and as she left for the mouth yelled for two others.

“Yes ma’am” a large Great Dane replied. He was deep brown, with black on his muzzle, paws and ears. His name was Rage, and he had earned this name because of his battle skills.

“Coming….” A Black lab-Nouffie cross bellowed. His size was great and his agility and instincts just as amazing if not more on the account of his size.

Age: 16Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 23

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: Canada - Ontario

Town: Timmins

Known languages

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat
strategy gamesvideo

heavy metalhip hopnew age

Other interests
board gamesbookscard games
crime storiesdogseating
huntingpoetryrole playing

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 171

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