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~_*Samara*_~ (for got i had this)

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Name: choni thompson


heres a more resnt pic not my fav but my baby likes it


this is [xtipsyx] my cuz brake her heart ill brake ur neck!

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Town DrunkStreet childAdventurer

*I LOVE GODSMACK!!! (Sully Urna... YEA BABY!)

Hi, My name is Choni, but i go by shorty i am 21 years of age...i have blue eyes and red hair.....into dark and mysterious things. ... and LOVE vampires!im a party girl.i love a suker 4 a fast rather go to a killer party than the moves im alway throwing partys diring the summer.i love nothing more than to hang out with friends and drink a cold mike's next to a fire.
well heres aliitel more about me im married have been for three years....

yes i have yahoo no i do not have msn.
u can ask me eny thing.ill answer.if i dont get right to u that means im out partying but i will get to u.

only have 2 rules to my house.

1.dont mind geting messges say hey ur cute but it gets old fast.

2 ask what ever u whant ill answer truthfuly.

if im a littel out of it is nothing personel im just crazy!!!

i have and ego its not very big but its thair.if ur just looking for some on to talk to or bitch at im here.

my cuz [xtipsyx]is my best friend and my twin. Me and her are so close w/e one doesnt think of the other will! were alway in turble.thair isnt alot we havent done and goten away!

♥So maybe we're not perfect...
we laugh too hard, anything can ammuse us, we yell alot, we fight sometimes, we trip eachother, we sing when we shouldn't, we knock stuff over, we make total fools out of ourselves, we make fun of eachother, WE EAT ALOT but doing all of this together... is what makes friends forever!
Me and my cuz cuz!


At this moment i am wearing my black tank and my fav par of black pants and listening to dark gothic music!

A girl and guy were speeding, on a motorcycle, over 90 mph on the road..

Girl: Slow down. I’m scared.
Guy: No, this is fun.
Girl: No, it’s not. Please, it’s too scary!
Guy: Then tell me you love me.
Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down!
Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.

*Girl hugs him*

Guy: Can you take my helmet off & put it on yourself? It’s bugging me.
(In the paper the next day)
A motorcycle crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on it, but only one survived. The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized that his
breaks broke, but he didn’t want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved
him & felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so that she would live even though it meant that he would die.

.*..If you love someone this much put this on your site..*..
This can mean alot to one person and maybe even to you as well

"kiss lango"
I'm feeling: in love
You'll find me: at home
Kissing Language (Yup, it's real!) If a kiss is The Language Of Love, then we have a LOT to talk about....The Method of Love...
*Kiss on the ear----"I'm horny"
*Kiss on the check--"We're Friends"
*Kiss on the hand--"I adore you"
*Kiss on the neck--"We belong together"
+Kiss on the shoulder--"I want you"
+Kiss on the the lips--"I want you"/ "I love you"
+Holding hands--"We can learn to love each other"
~A Wink~"Let's get it on"
~Slap On The Butt~"That's mine"
~Putting With The Ear~"I can't live without you"
*Holding On Tight* "Don't let go"
*Looking In Each Other's Eyes* "Let's get romantic"
+Pulling Hair on Head "Tell me you love me"
+Arms Around the Waist "I love you too much to let go"
Advice= If you're kissing someone, close you're eyes. It's not nice to stare...
Requirements= Post this again after reading or you'll have a bad relationship this year (You don't want that)
If you REALLY LIKE (LOVE) Someone right now and MISS THEM and CAN'T get them out of your head then re-post this within 1 minute and whoever you missing will suprise you tomorrow.

if u cant trust family or friends.than trust ur beer.

party poem

i was here but now im gone i levt my name to turn u on thos who now me now me well thous who dont can go to hell.

sex is like math add the bed subbtrat the clous divied the legs and pray to the gods u dont maltaply!

ok if u like what u see leve a messeg or sin my guest book

fav sayings

just be glad im not ur kid

ur just pissed cuz the voices talk to me

if u ant gone to hit it pass it

May the God Anubis Smile upon YOU!

     ~*Samara*~ [Choni]

Age: 21Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 27

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 44°40.572'N 85°37.572'W

Place of living: USA-Michigan

Town: Bum Fucked Egypt

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: No

Elfwood URL: walk on the wild side

Fanquarters URL: do u wona

Wyvern URL: party girl

Home-page URL: i love liquor

Weblog URL: beer run

Favorite URL: have u seen my pimp?

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
webcamweb design

adult popcountrygoth
heavy metalhip hopnew age
popprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
board gamesbookscard games
carscatschasing the preferred sex
cookingcrime storiesdancing
politicspornrole playing
smokingsnow scootersshopping
watching sportwhiskywine

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 165

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