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talse (<img:img/mood/ook.gif> I'm a monkey!)

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Name: Peter Haugen


Thats me with my sister and mom in front of what i think is a government building in amsterdam. it might be a museum now. When we were there everything was closed until july 1st for some reason.

you know, upon close inspection, the world seems to be a bit tilted in this picture, surely this is a sign of some future calamity that will undo the fabric of reality. or my dads handling was a bit uneven. it could really be either one, honestly.


thats my character's head, he's got no left eye. he was kindly invented and drawn by sentia.

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guess what, i'm a cartoonist now! It makes me happy not just in the pants, but practically all of my organs tingle with joy. you should so check it out here,
Ok, lets talk games. so, nintendos released pics and and some info on their new controller for the revolution, it looks damn sexy and could possibly be one of the biggest innovations in the field in the last 10 years. some people have rather negative reactions after just seeing the thing, even i did, scratch that, almost everyone has violent reactions after looking at it, anyone who has familiarity with a controller of normal systems anyway.

but some of the cool features we're talking bout here is that the interface system, the most important aspect of a system, is being designed to be much more responsive. i think this'll be pretty darn neat.
Ok, no ones brought this up on elf town, and the people who do mention it probably ain't looking here. BUT! if you were going to make this assumption and then rag on me, get this clear, i make no claims to have "good" taste in music. i like bare naked ladies, young blood brass band can swing and the blues brothers are pretty awesome. this is how i do, so shadup whibble snibbles the munchkin. note: when the person who this is adressed to reads this and sees me in the cafeteria i will live for aproximately 5 more minutes of airlessness, or 50 years of depression as i will have lost the use of my hands in a violent lunch box mishap.

I like telling stories, listening to stories, laughing at stories and having good times with people. thats why I write, currently I'm writing the webcomic Moonshine in cooperation with Sentia.

... what? You're still here? Fine, heres 80-odd possibly useful tidbits about me.

01-Full Name: Peter T. Haugen
02-Nicknames: Pete, Shadow or Talse, Talse is the most used.
03-Country of Living: USA, Iowa.
04-Birthday: October 9, 1988.
05-Height: 6'2".
06-Eye Color: Brown/Hazel, I can't see my eyes too well, seeing as they are like, right at the edge of my field of vision, funny how that works, isn't it?
07-School/Work: I go to school at West High School, do a few clubs and stuff, but I also work. I'm a writer for a webcomic that is still in need of web space. It's called Moonshine.
08-Do You Smoke: Nope, I deplore suicide.
09-Hobbies: I do martial arts, biking, rock climbing and like to play most sports recreationally, but not on teams.
10-Brothers/Sisters:I have 1 sister, she's 21 this year and is a lot smarter then me.
11-Relationship: Free at the momment.
12-Piercings: I've never been comfy with metal inside of me.
13-Tattoos: Nope.
14-Favorite Country to Visit: The Netherlands, espcially Amsterdam, the terrain is perfect for biking, and the sammiches are delicious.
15-Are There People You Won't Reply to: People who swear, a lot, for no reason other then you're breathing the same air they are.
16-Nicest Person(s) You Met This Year: My nylf group from chicago, those folks down right hospitable, collectively, I would have entrusted the world to them.
17-Person You'd Rather Not Have Met This Year: oddly enough, can't think of any, must a been lucky so far this year.
18-Who Would You Like to Meet: Friendly folk are always welcome.
19-Who Do you Admire Most: Webcartoonists I always hold in high esteem, they dedicate so much of their time and lives to try and bring a little sunshine to people for just about free.
20-Most Attracted to: women that think and act. idealy one i could go on a 5 mile bike ride with and then have a fun and enticing lunch with afterwards. physical atractiveness wouldn't really matter if that was happening.
21-Favorite Car: 24 speed trek road bike with bontrager tires, my ride. to heck with ye gas guzzlers.
22-Favorite Movie(s): Boondock Saints, Wedding Crashers, and Second Hand Lions come to mind as exceptionally good movies..
23-Favorite Music/Bands: If it's got solid bass i'm sold, also, understanding the lyrics if they're in english is a plus. I typically don't have faveorite bands, but dispatch is often very nice listening.
24-Favorite Songs/Albums: Dum didley by the black eyed peas is quite good, alcohol by bare naked ladies is fun, get the cool shoe shine by the gorillaz. there are more songs of course, but theres only so much space on the net.
25-Favorite City(s): Iowa City, Dublin and Amsterdam.
26-Favorite Magazine: Discover makes for interesting reads at times.
27-Favorite sound: that noise that a loud, low frequency explosion makes, like a big buh whumpf kind of noise, so cool.
28-Favorite TV-Shows: Family guy, justice league, harvey birdman attorney at law and the daily show.
29-Favorite Writer(s): Larry niven is very nice.
30-What is on Your Mousepad: Lap top, no mousepad necesary, whee!
31-What is Under Your Bed: lots of rubbish i've lost over the years, pens, socks, soda cans. I found my bike key after looking for a month under my bed, how it got there, god only knows..
32-Favorite Color: Blue, khaki and black.
33-Favorite Foods: Potatoes, bannanas and sammiches, the ultimate foods.
34-Favorite Class(s) in School: Science, it's the/a bomb.
35-Favorite Drinks: orange soda or water, as long as it's cold, i defer to strong bads priniciple of ones on this point.
36-Lucky Number: I like the number 2 cause it's the oddest prime, also, i like the numer 42, cause thats what you get when you multiply 6 and 9
37-What do you Think is Greatest About Yourself: My courage and my light attitude.
38-What Deodorant do you Use: I don't pay attention to the name, but it's this blue stuff in a bar form.
39-Favorite Shoes:Skater shoes are pretty comfy, you can feel what your walking on almost, but i really prefer to go el' natural and barefoot it.
40-What Time do you go to Bed on Weekdays: 10 to midnight.
41-Most Romantic Moment in Your Life so Far: rommance has played a substantially unrepresented role in my life up to this point, i've been meaning to talk to it about that.
42-Most Embarrassing Moment in your Life: One that comes to mind is in 6th grade, my class was going to do a musical, and this little rattish fellow signed me up for a shampoo comercial skit and he got away with it because the teacher couldn't tell the two of us apart, grrr, still boils me a bit, of course i met sentia that way, so it wasn't so bad in the end.
43-Rather Spend Your Time Inside or Outside: outside, assuming it's below 90 or it's very dry.
44-What do you do on the Weekends: Chill, read, play games and write.
45-What Classes in School do you Dislike Most: English, english and gym.
46-Your Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and a nice glass of orange juice.
47-Pets: A lot of dead fishes when I was in elementary school, now i take care of my bike.
48-Laugh or Dream: Laugh about dreams, those crazy manifestations of our subconcious.
49-Serious or funny: serious tasks are best acomplished with a light heart so you can preform uninhibited by fear, so i'm playing the funny guy most of the time.
50-Fast or Slow: out pacing the low flying birds on my bike is a wonderful feeling, being able to reach out your hand and pick one up.
51-Do You Prefer Being Alone or Having a Relationship: I'm a people person, can't help it really.
52-Simple or Complicated: thats far too cut and dry, i like it interesting, and simple of complex things can be interesting.
53-Where to be Buried When Dead: viking buriel for me, put me in a boat and set it aflame.
54-Sex or Alcohol: I don't like the taste of alcohol, also it's poison and sex is supposed to be very good for your health, i'll take some good ol' monogamous lovin'.
55-Stay up Late or go to Bed Early: there are merits to late nights and early mornings either way you cut it.
56-Light or Dark: it's a mixed bag, can't get one without the other..
57-Speak or Silence: silence is markedly famous for acomplishing very little when change is needed most.
58-Tall or Small: people's is people's neh? thats good enough for me.
59-Newspaper: Interesting, but less reliable then it has been in the past.
60-Hug or Kiss: Kiss while huggin, best of both worlds!
61-Happy or Sad: Happy.
62-Life or Death: Death is an illusion, all endings are just beginings to something entirely new.
63-Gig or Disco: if gig is dance like and irish jig, then gig, but if it's like harddrive memory, i'll take disco
64-Left or Right: Politically? lefty, hand wise? righty.
65-Sausages on Top, or on the Side: um, in my belly?
66-Hair Color: dark brown.
67-What Would you ask God if you Could ask him One Single Question: When is humanity going to start doing things right?
68-Do you Believe in Reincarnation: after life is a sort of reincarnation. you're incarnated here, and then you're incarnated top side.
69-Do You Believe in Aliens: in a universe this big? anything which is possible will happen eventually.
70-When you Die, What Will be Your Last Words: It's alright.
71-Does True Love Exist: Of course, it's been happening to my family for generations, it can't have just disapeared.
72-How Many Kids Would you Like to Have: two, three tops, gotta leave space for other peopels kids after all.
73-What is the One Thing you Can't Stand: Water, i never figured out how jesus managed to stand on it, either.
74-Best Feeling: Doing something and seeing the resultsl.
75-Worst Feeling: Dedicating your life to something, and realizing it's been warped to do harm.
76-What are you Afraid of: You will almost never get a guy to answer that question, but i'll tell you this, I'm only afraid of one thing and you'll never be able to use it against me.
77-Are you an Emotional Person: Yes.
78-Do you Ever Cry During a Movie: Yeah, once or twice, i actually walked out of mission to mars because of the scene when the guy took his helmet off so his wife would stop trying to save him.
79-Your Goal in Life: To have done something that helps others.
80-What Was the Promise you Made to Yourself at New Year's Eve: Eat more pineapple? i dun know, don't think i made one.
81-Favorite Art/Artist(s): Sentia is an exemplary artist, through and through.
82-As What Animal(s) Would you Like to Reincarnate: Ze butterfly, nobody suspects, ze butterfly!
83-What is the Most Beautiful Part of the Body: eye's are nice, but the human body in general is wonderful piece of trial and error.
84- Most Original Place to Have Your Love Ask you to Marry Them: Don't think anyone's done it in a pool of lava before, but you never know, some people are pretty crazy.
85-Do You Think Someone Can Stay True Forever: Both my grandparents, my parents, and loads of other people have, not much a thinking experiment as a demonstrated fact i'd say.
wanna contact me? heres a good ice breaker, answer the q's and a message is sure to have substance.

1.) whats more terrifying, being attacked by sasquatch or having a brontosaurus fall on your plane mid flight?
2.) when confronted with 'the cool thing' what is the ideal mode of retreat?
3.) When is a volcano fully dressed?
4.) When drinking soda, the probability of a radioactive scorpion leaping from it's gloomy depths is best represented by what percentile?
5.) Ice cream is power source of power when coupled with what state of mind?
6.) If a x-bot has an identity crisis in a populated city, does anyone beleive you?
7.) from where did i get this 6 reference suite?
quick fact!
antidisestablishmentarianism (29 letters) is easier to spell the faux pas (7 letters, pronounced fo' paws) isn't english screwed up

Age: 21Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 9

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Halfling
Elftownworldmap 41°9.996'N 92°30.996'W

Place of living: USA-Iowa

Town: iowa city

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: Yes

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Elftown crew wannabe: No

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Computer interests
action gameschatemail
information seekingMacstrategy games

eurodiscofolk musicjazz

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Body shape: fit

Height: 185

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