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darkvampiress666 (okay i guess)

Member #146340 created: 2005-07-05 03:52:37Simple URL:   

Name: Void


me yes i used to be vampiress666 but i lost the password


this is half of me and that little green angel is my baby Wuv

Elftown titles and orders
Street child

Since I dont come here very often you can check me out in my myspace:
Void, thats what you can call me, Just another face in the croud...


I love Soilwork!!
He believes in silence
He believes that this is the end
He can't hear the sirens cause
silence is the greatest sleep of them all.
-Cranking the sirens
I feel it coming, my thoughts are running
Cause I can't do nothing about it
I'm turning, turning away from filth
on my journey, stepping aside
from the breed that is burning
How did you get so unbearably stupid
How did you get your demons to rest
One final option, a senseless adoption
of a self-made confidence

Bow, to get rid of this
Bow, another fear to kiss
Bow, this is my soulful departure
Walk the lifeline with no regrets
Wasting it all on what you cannot get
Forever painful and so goddamn deranged
Make no difference don't make a sound
Make your choice out of what you've found
Forever painful and so goddamn deranged

Cause I might as well choke
Listen to the sound
cause I can't do nothing about it
Another round of their hysterical laughter
Plaguing my ears, causing my tears

Let's give another hail to the ones
that finally failed
Holding on to the truth 'til the very end
facing their very last stand.
I love Kinky people....
Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me so throw me down and tie me up and show me how you like me!

I have prefernace for being the Dominant one unless I really know and love you I dont play the submissive one!!
<img:img/drawing/138351_1119310612.jpg> Imma mistress
Imma lil sado massochists and BDSM kicks ass!!!
_______________________________________<img:> I love kissing girls specially when its kinky
I bet he liked bondage
took it too seriousley one day though....
_Something Kyl (my friend) said once I thought it was cute
Im ownedf be total k o but im sure he will share
______________ _________________

Dedicated to all of those who havent seemed to notice my presence on this planet or any other, someday I will look down apon those long lost moments spent wishing for you as wasted time over the dead....

By Void

My words cascade over your soul just as letters do on the page,
for once our souls linger with familiar possibilities,
I watch from a distance but never come close enough to touch,
for touch brings lust and lust brings that all too familiar rejection,
In my minds eye I see us together without dissruption,
but in the real world that will never happen,
Only distance will be shared between us,
a distance that I'm not sure our even aware of,
I wait for the day in wich you will acknowledge my existance,
for now its just a glance or a smile, destined to be nothing more,
all of those possibilities are only that, and nothing else,
I warm them with my thoughts and in my world you fly away, dissapear into the distance,
to return to me nevermore,
I mourne the relationship that has never existed and then forget,
Goodbye lover of my dreams,
together we never have been and never will be,
On this day at this moment I will lay our nonexistant love to rest,
I see you once again in my mind but only as a body in a coffin rotting away,
for you I will shed no tears of loss,
In the real world you are still alive,
but in the world in which my sould lives you are just another decaying corpse in the graveyard of lost memories,

Hair : Reddish black w/ blonde underneath and two streaks of blonde in bangs
Eyes dark Brown
Sex:(yes please) Female
Smoke: Clove Ciggs
Piercings: 5 in my right ear 1 in my left not gauged, and belly button, used to have right side of lip Scarification:KHK on my right calf, godsmack sun on insole of left foot goddess symbol on back of neck,
Choice of weapon: Depends what I'm usin it for XD I love twin daggers, and I really love whips.. I like my fights to be personal... no guns involved!!
what I do: work at Appleton Sign design Video games and RPGs... weld, paint, draw, sculpt,

AIM: Whipschains4me6

If you wanna see any other pics or just to talk I.M. me ummm.... I dont have any nude pics so dont ask... I really dont... Not like i would show em to you n/e ways!! hehe
Random and strange comments on me...
I wanna be a medical examiner when I grow up, yes I know thats like a coroner and I know what I would be taking on,
Im an artist, I love to draw paint and weld,
my favorite person to paint is Angelina Jolie I am absolutely obsessed with her,
I also live CSI (the original the most) and if you've ever seen the two episodes with Lady Heather ( Lady Heathers Box and Slaves of Las Vegas) in them, she is like the hottest woman and I also idolise the character of Lady Heather, she's sexy, and sensitive as well as strong minded and tough


Darkness ensues in this onslaught of misery,
heart pounding, pushing, faster, faster,
Will death come this time, finish off my pain,
I breathe taking on slow breaths,
think of you and how I lost you,
you said you'd never leave me,
so waht am I supposed to do when your gone?
Never, never, never, will I give my heart away again,
I have nothing left and now your gone,
nothing but emptiness

________________Favorite________________________ _____
Yeah Im a bit feminist...
Food: yes!uhhh I love food!
Drink: Blood
Movie: Saw!!
Color: Purple is my favorite real color black is my alltime
animal: panthers and tamarack- anteater
loves: HOT CHICKS+GUYS! Psychopathic records(Dark Lotus especially) painting,, My birdies, animals, gardening, sculpting, metal work(welding plasma cutting ect.) drawing, boxing, wrestleing, yoga, eating, music, singing, hanging with my friends+lovers, sex, uhh.... my clan, Slipknot!! and most other metal bands as well as gothic industrial and techno and lotsa other stuff....
My favorite psychopathic songs: Cropcircles, Rosemary, She Was, First Time, Juggalo Family,Hurt Myself, Sexy,I wanna Die,All the way, the great Milenko, Halls of Illusions, theres alot more just cant think right now

Hates:Homaphobes,my mom when she tells me that i need to go on a diet(thats almost all the time) posers, groupies,I HATE BI-TRENDY BITCHES!!!(yes ive tasted pussy, no i wasn't drunk high or anything else), Eminem and 50 cent/ uhhh any rap that isnt psychopathic,ummm... (no that does not mean that i hate you if you listen to it.)
anyone that messes with my clan, umm did i say posers? the list goes on an on...
Shit this thing is long....
Oh well nothin better to do so... Yeah.

Age: 16Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 31

Gender: female
Elftownworldmap 44°15.000'N 88°22.998'W

Place of living: USA-Wisconsin

Town: my own head

Known languages
Sign Language

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests

gothgrungeheavy metal
new ageprogressive metalrock

Other interests
carpentrycarschasing the preferred sex
crime storiesdancingdrinks
religionrole playingsinging

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 168

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