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Mkoll (The Ends Always Justify The Means)

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Ok this one is something slightly modified from my caged eye. Dedicated to my girlfriend the title is captured heart because that's wat she did...


Was gonna put some other stuff for the banner, but haven't had time so far but I will update it soon.............. I swear ................. lol

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I am worth $2,263,092 on - Just had to prove that I was worth more than my lover :D

Ok, so I spose I should write a bit more about myself here.....

That should be about enough, anyway im a big fan of Farscape, WoT and SoT. I do most of my modelling in my spare time, when I'm bored....

If anyone wants to use my images MSG me and I'll send you a version with a watermark, I'll also send some wallpapers to people if you want them....

Just don't steal art... its wrong.. very wrong *shakes finger* :P otherwise enjoy the rest of my art - if you can call it that..

P.S. The server I'm using to host the images is being a bit weird, so I'll see if i can fix it, but stay tuned!


(Left) The 3rd Model I did, looks ok, I wanted to try to create a Straight Katana but it was too hard, the hilt is the nicest part...

(Right) This is just an alternative to the one I have at the top of the page... The drawing im not gonna put im because I haven't really worked it properly + it doesnt look that good.

<img400*0:> <img400*0:>

(Left) This is the caged eye... I modified it slightly for the picture at the top, but I still prefer this image...

(Right) This is the cloak my character would have... If I ever got round to making him, its actually bunched at the top and sweeps out at the bottom. Also I tried to vary the Green, so that it could be used as camouflage

<img400*0:>    <img400*0:>

(Above) Both of the above are pretty much the same picture, apart from camera movement. I just used a light source for the sun on the right, and lowered the fog level. The Picture on the left obviously I had large fog levels and only ambient light.

Thanks for looking at the pictures....

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Fantasy race personality: Elf
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