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beachbabe_07 (im board)

Member #138522 created: 2005-05-25 21:16:51Simple URL:   

Name: Nikki.... its my name dont where it out...


he's hott!!!


he's kool

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Street childAdventurerTravelling bard

Nick name:Nikki
Hair clolr:Brown
Eye color:green
Fav.sports:Basketball,baceball,football, volleyball.
Fav.thang to do:Chat online cream

1) Dated one of your best friends:yes
2) Loved/Liked: Too many times
3) Cried: yes
4) Drank alcohol: No
5) Done drugs: No
6) Broken the law: no
7) Broken a bone: no
8) Cheated on a test:yeah
9) Skinny dipped: yeah...
10) Played Truth or Dare: yes
11)Ridden in a fire truck: No
12) Come close to dying: yes
14) Given someone a piggy back:yes
13) Burned yourself:yeah
14) given a piggy back ride: yes
15) Eaten a worm/mud pie:no never
16) Stayed up till four on the phone:no
17) Tipped over a port-a-potty: No
18)Fell asleep while eating:yeah
19) Met someone famous: nope.
20) Been in a school play:yeah
21) Cried in public: Yes
22) Seen someone die: no
23) been in a fist fight: no
24) given someone a bruise: Yes
25) gotten a bruise: who hasn’t???
26) knocked somone out: no
27) been knocked out: no
28) flipped any vehicles: nope
29) cut someone: not on purpose or knowing it
30) been cut: idk
31) burnt any buildings down: no
32) sex in public:no
33) mooned someone:yeah
34) acted kidnapped in a car: no
35) flashed someone: yeah
36) kissed an ass: no
37) blew something up: no
38) caught your yard on fire: yeah
39) threw a firecracker at someone: yeah
40) been in any wars:no
41) stayed up all night:yes
42) slept all day: yeah
43) watched the sunrise:yeah
44) rode a motorcycle: yes
45) driven a car:yes
46) wrecked a car: no
47) gotten a tity twister:no
48) given a tity twister: yeah
49) posed for a nude pic:no
50) been suspended: nope

[i would hug you but
a hug leads to a kiss
a kiss leads to a lick
a lick leads to a suck
a suck leads to a fuck
Wanna hug?!

   Answer these please and send to me

1. Who r u??

2. R we friends??

3. Wen and how did we meet??

4. Do u have a crush on me??

5. Would u kiss me??

6. Give me a nickname and explain y u picked it

7. Describe me in 1 word

8. what was ur first impression of me??

9. Do u still think that way about me now??

10. What reminds u of me??

11. If u could give me anything what would it be??

12. How well do u think u no me??

13. Whens the last time u saw me??

14. Ever wanted 2 tell me sumthing u couldn't??

15. R u gonna put this on ur house and see what i say about u??

fish fish fish]
[fish about fish]
[fish talk fish]
[fish to fish]
[fish lozer fish]
[fish this fish]
[fish got fish]
[fish i fish]
[fish long fish]
[fish how fish]
[fish look fish]

Take my hand
Off we go
To the room
Shut the door
Hit the lights
Grab me close
Raise me up
Kiss me slow
Lips tongues touch
In a dance
I’m turned on
By your glance
Hands slide up
To my neck
In my hair
Pull me back
Trail your lips
Down the path
One plus one
Do the math
One kiss here
One lick there
Two hard nipples
Equals wet underwear
Lick me slow
Suck you deep
Make me cum
Till I’m asleep
Lose your pants
Take my shirt
Nipples so hard
That they hurt
Slide my panties
With your teeth
Not just wet
But soft heat
Take your dick
In my hands
Better get ready
I’ve got plans
Raise me up
Over your face
Put your tongue
In that place
Spread me open
Part my lips
While I kiss
On your hips
Take you in
I’m open wide
You taste me
I’m so high
Suck your tip
Flick my clit
This sixty nine
Is so exquisite
Take you deeper
Make me moan
Feel my lips
At your bone
Tongue me softly
Feel my flow
Now how fast
Can I go
Back and forth
Up and down
Swirl your tongue
Round and round
Feel you all
In my depth
Can’t seem to
Catch my breath
Stroke your shaft
Hit my spot
Make you harder
Make me hot
While you search
Seek to find
The pleasure in
This tongue grind
I’m taking you
All the way
Through the night
Into the day
I’m getting close
To the end
But I’m getting
My second wind
Suck you smooth
Jack you tight
All that cum
Is mine tonight
You’re getting tense
Back is arched
Throat is dry
Now I’m parched
I can’t wait
For another minute
Cum for me
Give me it
That’s it, baby
Give to me
Let it go
Set it free
Oh my God
What’ve you done?
Baby now I’m
About to cum
Ooh don’t stop
I can’t believe
We’ve cum together

Thanx For Vising
Come Back Soon!

Age: 14Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 11

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 33°40.140'N 85°51.054'W

Place of living: USA-Georgia

Town: cumming

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishFrench

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elfwood URL: wat

Fanquarters URL: the

Wyvern URL: hell

Home-page URL: is

Weblog URL: this

Favorite URL: ???

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
web design

countryhip hoppop

Other interests
animalsartboard games
bookscard gamescats
chasing the preferred sexchesscooking
shoppingtheatrewatching sport

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 163

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