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Name: Dirk Reganald Fields you hate my name then FUCK YOU!!


um this is me and lauren took i love u lauren


this is my women Brittany

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Street child

Im, 6ft, blonde hair with blue eyes, and im a punk goth. I love rock and roll. Almost all i do is draw and listen to music or im with my girlfriend Bittany Ficklin,
I wear black nail polish, im dyin my hair some kind of odd color (not sure)
My fav band of all time would probably be slipknot. THEY FUCKIN ROCK!!!!!Th guitar ohhhhhh the guitar i some wut play i wouldnt call myself a guitarist but i love to play when i can, me and [t8r king] use to have a band u will read more about him the further more u go down. so keep goin!!!!!!!

Hmmmm....... some of my fave bands:
Autumn before eve
Lucana Coil
Drowning pool
The doors
Blaze ya dead homie
system of the down
Audio slave
Rob Zombie
Linkin park

pretty much any rock music i dont really like rap at all!!! Im not afraid to be myself in front of people. If you say i wont do something then ill most likely do it just to prove you wrong.

Hmmm.. i love my girlfriend. My favorite types of things to draw is anime dark

My nicknames are: DIRKA DIRKA ,Nutbug, D-unit, Scarecrow. They all have storys behind them but i dont feel like explaining them.
Favorite types of movies would definantly be horror.My personality well i like bein alone and im a dark mysterious person and im capable of many things. I like to play magic and D&D.

The greatest tv show ever is Family Guy and Invader Zim. If you dont like them then you goin to hell with 3/4ths of the world.
Ya so deal with it. So n e one can send me a message to make me feel all special.HEHE. If you have a pic of you or a cool anime pic email it to me and i love ya. lol.

During the day i pretty much avoiud any one and everyone. But at night im a party freak whoooohoooo. Im definantly goth if someone calls me a poser then tyhay suck ass. I believe im going to hell. As for heaven well me and Satan are still working on the plans for that one. If you want to take over the world and heaven with us press 666. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

For all those out there who love Jesus well you just plain suck ass.

Um as for drugs and alcohol, well those are the greastest thing ever.

I am so a freak, most of my friends are freaks also. People that are anti social and doesnt talk much and stays in doors are my type of people.

you know your liken stewy. HAHAHAHAHA

I would like it if fuckin people would e-mail my ass by the way. And just so everyone knows im not emo even though i hate the world and god, and except the people that actually care for me.

I bet when you see my profile you like well that person sounds crazy but im not im just lonely in the world.

But hey i have a best friend check out his page its [t8r king]. His real name is tim smith and he is practically my brother and i love that guy. Hes datin one of my other good friends Jenny Owen and she is practically my sister. but they have been there for me and if they are reading this I love u guys.

Ok just wondering for the ppl reading this whole thing thx. Hmmmm im bored.

Why r u still reading??
Go on and read........................................
cmon u know u wanna.

Well just so we all know i am bi and im not ashamed everyone has there own opinion. But u can keep it to your damn self!

Ok heres the deal my g/f just broke up wid my dumb ass cuz im movin. But we will always love eachother. im comin back for her though. LAUREN I LOVE YOU!!!

So your still readin eh?
keep goin.
Down here. follow the lines
kewl u followed.hahahahah dumb ass.
no your not.

u wanna be my friend then e-mail my ass.
Tater u see lauren u tell her i love her.

i have fav things to say

Shit shit wut the fuck
u know u wanna
cock juggling thunder cunt
u big stupid stupid head
Fook off
Toodles and son of a. tater gave me those

My friends-well they r the coolset ppl u will ever meet and they r weird in there only way but there my kind of ppl.

Hmmm im athiest. if your wonderin why i dont believe in god well wut has he ever done for me? Not a damn thing!!!!!

IM also a Anarkiest, cause the government are a bunch of lyin bastards.

I am also part of the tater kingdom, with are king bein (tatertim) and the his queen jenny. I am the jester because i represent the wicked clown shit for life. ICP fuckin rocks!!!!!! I like to listen to my music really loud.

THE WICKED CLOWS BITCH!!!! this sign represents me and my friends. I LOVE ALL OF U GUYS.

Age: 105Year of birth: 1900Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 13

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Duck

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-Indiana

Town: Richmond

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gameschatemail

heavy metalprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
card gamescarschasing the preferred sex

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: muscular

Height: 183

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