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Name: Hrishi


This is at a wedding reception in Atlanta. P.S. I am not photogenic and hate having my picture taken.

Drawing missing.

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First off, let's get the name out of the way. The way you say it is "Rishi". Yeah, that'll do. If you're wondering, I'm from India originally, but have been living in the States since 1996. Maybe I should put my full name on here to further intimidate people. :p

Let's see, I'm about 5'9" and average build. I wear glasses, since I couldn't get those damn contacts into my eyes, and if I shaved, I still have a goatee and a soul patch.

I think I live my life on logic and the rules of probability. That's not to say that I'm never spontaneous. In fact, whenever I have a chance, I will try to crack a joke or two (not all of them will be funny) to break the monotony of a conversation. I like there to be at least an element of intelligence in whatever I talk about or do, even when I'm blathering on like an idiot. I've been told that I'm easy to talk to. I hope that it's true because I feel comfortable talking about just about any subject, from politics and philosophy, to religion and morality, to sexuality and relationships, and life in general. 

I think music and politics are the two biggest influences in my life. I am inert without my music. I dabble mostly in rock, blues, and jazz. I'd be hard-pressed to be able to name my favorite band, but here are a few: Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Revolver, Soundgarden, Nirvana. Oh yeah....I play guitar, too, hence the name.

I am not apathetic about what's going on in the world and like to approach every subject with an open mind and a dash of reason. I am fascinated by politics (poli sci is my major, ask me which way I lean :p), and everything that governs the art of government.

Well, I can go on and on, and I think I've made you read enough. I've never been that great at describing myself. If you want to know anything else, I'm an open book. Feel free to ask. :D  

I will, however, provide you with a list. Everyone loves lists!! I jacked it off a friend of mine (and I'm sure he did the same)

[Political Stances] (yes, I also stole this list from my friend and tweaked it a little): I have been told that I am very politically minded. I take these stances quite seriously. However, I keep an open ear and mind. If you want to debate, question, or ask me to elaborate on any of my stances, feel free to message me.

Abortion: PRO-CHOICE, it has to be done sometimes
Same-sex marriage: STRONGLY SUPPORT
Euthanasia: SUPPORT
War In Iraq: OPPOSE. If you have more questions, message me.
Gun Control: SUPPORT. The 2nd Amendment's punctuation makes it clear that it is talking about the National Guard.
School Vouchers: OPPOSE
Affirmative Action: SUPPORT
Drilling in ANWR: OPPOSE
Universal Health Care: SUPPORT
Evolution being taught in public schools: SUPPORT
Death Penalty: OPPOSE
Ten Commandments Being Displayed In Government Buildings: This is ridiculous. OPPOSE!

001: Name: Hrishi
002: NickName: Gibber-Hrishi, I think
003: Country of living: US, in Minnesota
004: Shoe Size: 11, I think
005: Birthday: 4/8/87
006: Hair Color: black
007: Eye Color: brown
008: School/Work: College
009: Smoke: nah
010: Hobbies: friends, conversations, music, politics, philosophy, guitar, computers, breathing polluted air
011: Brothers/Sisters: only child
012: Relationship: been single for a while now
013: Piercings: nah
014: Tattoos: don't need one yet
015: Favorite country to go to: Australia, I think
016: Are there people you won't reply to: probably not
017: Nicest person you met this year: hard to say
018: Person you’d rather not met this year: no one. Even if I didn't get along with someone, it's another notch on my belt
019: Who would you like to meet: A nice girl that can find pleasure in simple things
020: Who do you admire most: hard to say, but I'll say former Minnesota senator Paul Wellstone (R.I.P.)
021: Most sexy person(s): Catherine Zeta-Jones, Heidi Klum
023: Favorite car: a rusty old piano :p
024: Favorite Movie: hard to say, Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs, Dogma, and others
025: Favorite City: not sure
026: Favorite Music: Hard rock
027: Favorite Stuffed Toy: stuffed PANDA I got from WWF (that has to do with wildlife, not wrestling)
028: Favorite Cologne: none for me, thanks
029: Favorite Magazine: don't have one
030: Favorite sound: the voice of love
031: Favorite Tv Show: The Simpsons, maybe Family Guy
032: Favorite writer: George Orwell? If we're talking songwriters, Chris Cornell
033: Favorite Nickname: GHephant
034: What is on your mouse pad: Dell logo...I need a new mouse pad
035: What is under your bed: dust, old Kleenex and a timid monster
036: Favorite Color: not sure, but blue makes me quite happy
037: Favorite song: I can't decide
038: Favorite song at this moment: I can't decide
039: Favorite Food: not sure
040: Favorite class in school: American Govt. and Politics
041: Favorite Drink: water?
042: Lucky Number: don't believe in luck
043: What do you think is the greatest about yourself: that's not for me to answer...
044: What deodorant do you use: I think it's Gillette right now. The important thing is that it works
045: Favorite Shoes: The kind that go on your feet...
046: What time do you go to bed on weekdays: around midnight
047: What word do you use most: I don't know, but it's probably longer than eight letters
048: Most romantic moment in your life: none that I'd like to recall
049: Most embarrassing moment in your life: hard to say
050: You spend your time outside or inside: I'm an introvert, but I try to get outside
051: What do you do on the weekends: hang out with friends, work, etc.
052: What class in school do/did you dislike most: art, biology
053: Your Breakfast: toothpaste
054: What do you really, really dislike to eat: I did not like that eggplant parmesean (sp?)
055: Pets: none
056: Laugh or dream: little from column A, little from column A2
057: Serious or funny: healthy combination of the two
058: Fast or slow: I'll have to think about that one
059: You prefer being alone or have relationship with someone: I can't say I prefer one over the other
060: Simple or complicated?: talk to me and tell me
061: Cremate or Buried when you die: creamated
063: Stay up late or go to bed early: stay up late
064: Light or dark?: what? If you mean skin complexion, brown
065: Speak or Silence: both
066: Do you like a Tall or short woman: shorter than me, I think
067: Newspaper or Television: both
068: Hug or kiss: both.
069: Happy or Sad: don't have distinct moments of either these days
070: Life or Death: in what situation
071: Gig or Disco: gig
072: Left or Right: wouldn't you like to know? I am left-handed, though
073: Sausages on top, or on the side: I'm a vegetarian
074: Brunettes or Blondes: brunettes
075: What would you ask God if you could ask him 1 single question: what the HELL were you thinking??! However, I can't really speculate on what I'd say to a fictional character
076: You believe in reincarnation: nah
077: You believe in Aliens: well, I think they exist, sure. I'm not sure we've seen any here
078: When you die, what will be your last words?: I'll decide when I get there
079: Does true love exist: yes
080: How many kids would you like to have: not thinking about that right now
081: What is the one thing you can't stand: ignorance
082: Best feeling: too many to list
083: Worst feeling in the world: regret something you did not do (as opposed to regretting something you DID do)
084: What are you afraid of: unworthiness, loneliness, and a few other things
085: Are you an emotional person: I'd like to think so, but you usually won't see it
086: Do you ever cry during a movie: came close, but no
087: Your goal in life: make at least a speck of a difference
088: What was the promise you made to yourself at New Years Eve: wouldn't you like to know? :p
089: Favorite art-artist: not sure I have one
090: As what animal would you like to come back as: don't believe in reincarnation
091: What is the most beautiful part on the female/male body: eyes
092: Most original place to ask your love to marry you: I'll tell you later
093:What do you think of Elftown: a little too green, but a good place
094: Is there something you miss about elftown:'d like me gone, wouldn't you?
095: Where did you get this question list: copy and paste
096: Besides elftown, what do you do most on your PC: IM, games, school stuff, music.
097: Is there a question you missed in this all: nah
098: Whats the most annoying thing that people ask you: "How do you say your name?" It's understandable, but still annoying 
099: Do you get in trouble a lot: no
100: Is there a question you missed in this all: whoa...did you just see that Camaro go by again??!

Age: 18Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 8

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 40°12.000'N 76°45.996'W

Place of living: USA-Pennsylvania

Town: Middletown

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gameschatemail
graphicsinformation seekingmaths and engineering
musicpr0nstrategy games
videoweb designWindows

bluesgrungeheavy metal
jazzprogressive metalreggae

Other interests
bookschasing the preferred sexcooking
crime storieseatingeconomics

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 176

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