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~The Abnormal Pirate~ (great apple)

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tis me


..i took this....but thats

Elftown titles and orders

I pull it around me like a cloak
And watch youthrough its folds
It muffles every word and gesture
Every move I make
If you were to strike me
I would feel shadow-blows
If you were to hold me
I would feel shadow-comfort
My distance is my security
But its refuge is cold and numb

People put on ET how much they are worth...sum test or w/e but me im PRICELESS so ya....booo ya
wow srry bout that lame

~The Abnormal Pirate~'s questionairies

im not gay but still its not right to cast out our own kind com on were all pll here love is love doesnt matter wut race , religion , or gender!!!!!! SUPORT SAME SEX!!!!!!! and just becuzz u suport same sex doesnt mean ur gay! (WOO HOO GO TYLER luv ya lots)

man poop...yes poop...also known as trd......ok im giving up this is just me typing to fill space ...i have nuthing on this page at all...there is a lil funny bit of funny things on here but nuttin seriously crack u sides laugh out loud make u fall on the ground dying from laughter things on this page ...more like laugh in ur head but if any1 saw u laughing at it they would think ur stupid............AAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..........OK I DIDNT REALLY SCREAM LIKE THAT CUZ MY MOM IS HOME BUT ANY OTHER TIME I WOULD ....!!!! u kno y im screaming in my head now...cuz things sux they always will u take any1s life and they will always say suthing is wrong ...i didnt get a pony bf dumped my.....i have aids *not me* .... well the ting is life sux there are these lil points in life were ur happy...but deep inside ur still sucky...u might be great un till that lonley place were its just u and ur thoughts...laying on ur bed aobut to drift to sleep but u cant cuz all u can think aobut is sucky things that happened that night.....u might sya thats not tru but really its tru ...but breanna i wasnt think ing aobut sucky things last nught i bet u were ...even if u were thinking about ur bf or gf u start to think a danget i should have grabbed his hand when we were doin that or i should have kissed him or i should have turned around when he was running after me thoughts like that go thro ur head all the time and dont u deni it...thats my thought about sucky things .... thoughts like that go through my head all the time and i kno im not the only person out there ....this may have started out as just me tlaking about poop and stuff but it really has become serious to me.. i hope if u think im right or u want to say im wrong tell me talk to me let me kno .....

(Image deleted by the guards) ok some ppl say "im just me" but then they go and put on there elftown or msn or aol or w/e look im punk or this is me emo! not cool man not cool at all!

.................ummm ya that was funny right there i dont care who u r thats funny right there i luv larry .....i like shoes...i sent an email about a shoe ...its was funny...hi truffles....melon goes smooshy....slapt!! braclet unravels.....M*A*S*H rules!!! chya it does... u kno if every race did it with each other we'd all be gray and then there would be no more racism....chya ....wut makes a favorite color..y r ppl attracted to 1 color....i like the show ER awesome..... chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turckey = yumm yumm!!!i like to pop zits....can i pop ur i am bored...really really bored.....taz is my dog..taz is big...i used to have a dead i have donkeys and zedonks * a zedonk is an offsprong of a zebra and a donkey* i used to raise otriches when i lived in TEXAS!!!! i miss TEXAS!! i saw a mountian lion in the mountin behind my house and i saw a porkupine *sp* was freakin old dog bit it like 5 times..stupid when i lived in TEXAS we had workers on our farm and they were mexicans anyways 1 of them was afriad of snakes so we killed a dimondback rattler and threw it on was funny.....we used to raise emus too...they lay green eggs...and we raied pigme goats...and pot belly were a weird familywe breed cats and dogs too i had headgehogs ....and a chinchila...OOOO and we had llamas!!! pretty sweet right o ya....and we had sheep but they suck so w/e OOOO and we had never realized how much animals i should get a camel...ya i should...i want a camel.... eww this old guy called me honey like 5 times....i didnt kno him... o well i guess the old guys got the hots for me....i wonder if any1 has read this far...?/?/? hey U if ur reading this far u should like talk to me wuts the point of reading this far and not send me a message...roar....i like to roar......... man im so bored right now i could eat cheese....but i wont cuzz i odtn have cheese at my house...well i do cept its the runny kind that comes in a jar....hey well im goin to go watch ER!!! later!!!

i love this song!!! dont know y but i Marilyn Manson is awesome

yes it is tru i talk about poop a lot.....its just how i am.....

<img:> O HELL YA!!! FUCK YA i love it

Age: 17Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 2

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Duck

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Place of living: USA-Iowa


Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

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Computer interests
action gamesartemail


Other interests
animalsartchasing the preferred sex

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: sumo

Height: 163

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