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Case♥ (Casey's PIctures)

Member #130569 created: 2005-04-15 20:54:13Simple URL:   

Name: Casey.... Got it? mmkay... Or if u prefer Kc... so be it.


My car ^
I dyed my hair.. yay



- Gotta keep going, gotta keep fighting, too much time wasted to look back and cry. There's always a tomorrow, always a smile.

Elftown titles and orders
Street child

Casey's Pictures<-- Go there. =]


<<Heavenly>><<Broken>> Me on Left


[x..::Casey's Best Friends::..x]

[~The Abnormal Pirate~]
[Dance Louder, Sing Harder]
[that chicky thing]


[x..::All About Casey::..x]

[full name::] Casey Michelle Funcke
[Age::] 15
[Height::] 5'7
[hair colour::] Blonde, Black
[Eye colour::] green/brown
[Number of siblings::] 1 1/2
[Glasses/contacts?::] glasses && contacts
[Piercings::] nose,4 on left ear... 3 on right
[Tattoos::] I get my first one at the end of July.. yayy!!
[Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?::] sure do
[Have a crush on someone?::] yeah
[If so do they like you back?::] obviously.
[Your best friends?::] Kelsi, Mo, Shayla, Danny, Tyler, Randi, Tim, Matt, Nic, Kelsey, Christian, Kurtis, Cody, Kyle, Emilee, Emily, Corey ((my brother)), Jayden, Daniel, Cory S, Cari, Manda, Jenn, J.D., JB, Andrew, yeahh.. soo the list goes on and on and on.. these are just my favorite <3

Thats How I Roll My Car My Pride && Joy 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T Thats right.. its turbo charged baby


[x..::Favorite Bands::..x]

- Coheed and Cambria
- My Chemcial Romance
- Panic! At the Disco
- Walking Ashland
- 10 Years
- The Veronicas
- Nickleback
- Crossfade
- Shinedown
- Hinder
- 12 Stones
- Papa Roach
- Hawthorne Heights
- Green day
- Relient K
- The Click Five
- Pillar
- Graduated Failure
- Flaw
- Led Zeppelin
List goes on..


[x..::Favorite Quotes::..x]

- Wanting him is hard to get. Loving him is hard to regret. Losing him is hard to accept. But with all the hurt I've felt, letting go is the most painful yet.   

- All our young lives we search for someone to love. Someone who makes us complete. We choose partners. We dance to a song of heartbreak and hope . All the while wondering if somewhere, somehow, there is someone perfect...who might be searching for us.

- Gotta keep going, gotta keep fighting, too much time wasted to look back and cry. There's always a tomorrow, always a smile.

- Although you may not love me, although you may not care, If you shall ever need me, you know that I'll be there. Your love may all be taken, your heart may not be free, but when your heart is can always lean on me. I'll never stop loving you, I know because I've tried. All the oceans in the world can't hold the tears I've cried


- I hate the way you're always right, I hate the way you lie. I hate that you make me laugh, even worse that you make me cry. I hate that you're not around, and that you didn't call. But most of all i hate the fact that I don't hate you at all.

- If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me.


Add my Messengers!!!
Aim- FuNcAkE13



---- Go there! It will make me happy... plus you get to see more pictures of gorgeous me! <33


Do Casey, It looks good on you.

I do NOT want to cyber!

Age: 17Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 26

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Halfling
Elftownworldmap 41°40.998'N 93°1.998'W

Place of living: USA-Iowa

Town: MonRoe

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elfwood URL: Dream as if

Fanquarters URL: you'll live forever,

Wyvern URL: Live as if

Home-page URL: you'll die tomorrow.

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gameschatemail
musicstrategy gameswebcam

gothheavy metalpunk

Other interests
artchasing the preferred sexdogs

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 173

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