Elftown secret service has made this comment about this member:

This member is a complete and total fake.

This member has had several different accounts on Elftown, some know this member as [Soldrinker], others as [ThreeHawks] and others as [Tuquah]. They are all the same person. It took some time to track down the locations of the websites "Cami," "Chuck," and "Stephinie" were stealing pictures from, but it has finally been uncovered. 

Nearly all of the pictures he/she had up on Body Beautiful, which he/she claimed were from his/her private collection actually belonged to the owners of www.femjoy.com and www.met-art.com . If you enjoyed those photos, please visit those sites and compliment the REAL photographers who hold REAL US copyrights to those images and never authorized their use on this site by anyone.

If you did artwork using any of these pictures as references, the owners of the pictures simply ask that you credit the actual sites for your inspiration and are flattered to have such a fanbase. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Also, if there are additional accounts associated with this account that you suspect are clones, please notify me. This user has tried under many names to get people to move across the country to be with him/her, or travel with him/her, which is dangerous.


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